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Wolf is Widow's second bodyguard, encountered during Act V: The Greatest Temptation. He appears in a black marauder's armor, and has flowing white hair.

Just like Widow's other male bodyguards, he has been charmed by her. After his defeat, Wolf reveals that, overwhelmed by Widow's charms, he had murdered his tribesmen in order to win her affections. Wolf uses swords in battle and - just like Widow's other bodyguards - is named after an animal of the cold regions.


  • I'm the last of my tribe. The spirits showed me the way to the most miraculous woman I've ever seen. - Wolf's first words
  • I sacrificed much to attract her attention; I can't allow you to steal her from me now! - Wolf challenges the player
  • She came from nowhere as we hunted. We were dumbstruck. When I finally came to my senses, blood stained my hands, and my brothers were no more... - After defeating him


  • He is the second bodyguard to use Swords as his weapon, the first being Dandy from Act I.
  • Just like All other of Widow's bodyguards, he shares his name with an animal from the cold regions.