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Wings of Perfection are a pair of weapons in Shadow Fight 3 which were introduced during Sanguine Forest event. They are a Legendary War Fans and belongs to the Dynasty faction. They has 3 perk slots for Perks and one special slot for Special Move. It carries the Command Shadow Ability.

War Fans are a pair of weaponized fans used for combat. They have a moderate speed and range, but can be strengthened by shadow winds so that it can drastically increase the speed and range of this weapon.

They are the weapons wielded by Widow and her fans.

Wings of Perfection and it's set items can be obtained during Sanguine Forest (28.02.2024) and Maze of Immortality (01.05.2024) events, available at the event Battle Pass (Premium) or in-game offer for a determined price. In the Wolfblood (03.02.2024) event, it is also available on the Treasury Lucky Board, alongside with Hand of Magmarion.

Attack Overview[]

Move Name Controls Base damage
War Fans Opening Stance Start of Fight
War Fans Slashes SF3Punch, SF3Punch, SF3Punch 1.5 Base damage
3 Base damage
2.5 Base damage
War Fan Heavy Slash Hold SF3Punch 8 Base damage
War Fans Spinning Slashes SF3B + SF3Punch 1 Base damage
4 Base damage
5 Base damage
6 Base damage
War Fans Upper Slashes SF3U + SF3Punch 4 Base damage
7 Base damage
5 Base damage
5 Base damage
5 Base damage
War Fans Low Slash SF3D + SF3Punch 4.5 Base damage
4.5 Base damage
War Fans Victory Pose After win

Shadow Ability[]

  • Command SHADOW FANS

The user teleports while flicking the fan, commanding the shadow wind to lift the opponent in a wind vortex, then slamming them to the ground.

Special Move[]

Icon Name Controls Move
Insult SF3F + SF3Punch Insult

Item Set[]

Widow's Favorite[]

Weapon Armor Helm Ranged Weapons
Wpn fans 01
Arm agl 40
Helm agl 40
Rng needle 01 07
Wings of Perfection Imperial Silk Wreath of the Chosen One Widow's Hairpins




Widow's Favorite

The fairest of demons protects you with the power of shadow winds: control them with shadow moves


  • War fan is a weaponized Japanese hand fan designed for use in warfare. Several types of war fans were used by the samurai class of feudal Japan and each had a different look and purpose.
  • Widow's Hairpins is the second item that is a cross-faction item (the Needles are actually Heralds' ranged weapon). The first one is Coveted Vessels (Dynasty flask from Raven of the Looming Night set).
  • Currently, Widow's Favorite is the only demon set (and recent set) that isn't an imported content from Shadow Fight 4: Arena. Widow's Favorite and Widow's appearance itself is originally from Shadow Fight 3.
  • Due to Imperial Silk carrying the Tornado Shadow Ability, which is actually from Rare Dynasty weapons, there are some bugs regarding to it:
    • The players could not use their Shift shadow ability if they were also equipping a weapon with Tornado ability.
    • Both the Tornado abilities from the armor and the pre-selected weapons will begin their cooldown even if one of the abilities was used.
    • If the player selects a weapon wielding the Tornado shadow ability while equipped with this set, they will be able to use the ability only once.
    • The Tornado ability on Imperial Silk will lose it's hitbox and vfx if the player is barehanded. The character will still spin forward but it won't do anything.
  • The war fans opening stance is strongly resembles one of Kitana's intro called the Flat Spin from Mortal Kombat 11.
    • The name "war fans", the weapon and the set bonus ability to control the wind are most likely inspired by Kitana.

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