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Weapon is one of the four types of equipment that are available in Shadow Fight 3, along with armor, helm, and ranged weapon. Weapons increase the damage done through attacking with "punch" button, also changing the animations.

Weapons are classified based on their rarity: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The higher the rarity, the better the weapon (they have better shadow abilities and more perks and special moves can be attached to them). Common weapons do not have Shadow Ability. All rare weapons of a faction share the same Shadow abilities. Epic and Legendary weapons come with unique Shadow ability.

Weapons can be bought from the store. Otherwise, they can be obtained from chests won in duels, booster packs, looted from defeated opponents, or being sold in offers. If the players receive a weapon that already owned, a part of an upgrade bar will fill up, and a number of Shadow Energy will be given. When the upgrade bar is fully filled up, the weapon will be upgraded, increasing its attack power. Better chests and booster packs may contain weapons with higher rarity. As for the drops from opponents, the players may obtain weapons with random rarity; it is possible to get a weapon with Epic or Legendary rarity, but the chance is small.



Legionary will not lose balance when the interval takes effect.

Strong, heavy weapons which are introduced in Chapter I. When performing some attacks with Legion weapons, there will be a short interval occuring, indicated by the character glowing white. During the interval, any hit taken will not cause the user to lose balance, allowing them to finish their attack. The user will still take full damage, and the interval cannot protect them from Critical hit, Shock knockback, Shadow abilities, and boss' special abilities. They are based on weapons which was prevalent during the Late Middle Ages.
Name Picture Type Rarity Critical chance Shadow ability Slot(s)
Crude Sword
Wpn onehanded sword 01 01
One-handed Sword Common 10% N/A 1
Plain Swords
Wpn dual swords 01 01
Swords Common 6% N/A 1
Iron Lance
Wpn spear 01 01
Spear Common 8% N/A 1
Riffle Hammers
Wpn hammers 02 01
Hammers Common 10% N/A 1
Battle Sword
Wpn twohanded sword 01 01
Two-handed Sword Common 6% N/A 1
Solid Hatchets
Axes Common 8% N/A 1
Wpn axes 01 02
Axes Rare 10% Crush 2
Metal Sting
Wpn spear 01 02
Spear Rare 6% Crush 2
Silver Squall
Wpn twohanded sword 01 02
Two-handed Sword Rare 8% Crush 2
Signets of War
Wpn hammers 01 01
Hammers Rare 10% Crush 2
Spiked Maul
Wpn twohanded hammer 02 01
Two-handed Hammer Rare 6% Crush 2
Double Skivers
Swords Rare 8% Crush 2
Ornate Two-Hander
Wpn twohanded sword 01 03
Two-handed Sword Epic 6% Rift 3
Wicked Twins
Wpn hammers 02 02
Hammers Epic 10% Mash 3
Wpn axes 02 03
Axes Epic 8% Hack 3
Wpn giant sword 01
Giant Sword Epic 10% Tumble 3
Storm Hammer
Wpn twohanded hammer 02 02
Two-handed Hammer Epic 6% Anvil 3
Ash and Light
Ash n Light
Swords Epic 8% Pierce 3
Light Brim
Wpn onehanded sword 02 02
One-handed Sword Legendary 10% Lunge 3
Ripping Kit
Wpn dual swords 02 01
Swords Legendary 6% Pierce 3
Wpn hammers 01 02
Hammers Legendary 8% Mash 3
Ancestors' Wrath
Wpn giant sword 02
Giant Sword Legendary 10% Tumble 3
Wpn twohanded sword 01 04
Two-handed Sword Legendary 6% Vane 3
Sun Splinter
Wpn spear 01 04
Spear Legendary 8% Pricker 3



Dynasty strengthening.

Dynastians use fast weapons which offer the highest combo and agility, introduced in Chapter II. Dealing a combo of 3 hits when equipping any Dynasty weapon will put a buff on the user that makes their next strike inflict double the damage, indicated by a blue aura around their hands. The buff will be gone if the user receives an unblocked attack or after 5 seconds. However, it will not goes to waste if the user's attacks are blocked. The buff only increases weapon attacks and weapon shadow abilities (like Tornado, Thresh, Twirl, etc), and does not affect unarmed attacks, ranged weapons, or non-weapon shadow abilities (like Peg-Top, Burst, Ricochet, etc). Despite this, the user can use these attacks to help them maintain the combo. The buff cannot stack. If the user is Shocked, then they cannot utilize the buff for the rest of the round. They are based on weapons used in several Chinese martial arts styles.
Name Picture Type Rarity Critical chance Shadow ability Slot(s)
Double Scimitars
Wpn sabers 01 01
Sabers Common 5% N/A 1
Wpn nunchaku 01 01
Nunchaku Common 1% N/A 1
Metal Shuang Gou
Wpn shuangou 01 01
Shuang Gou Common 3% N/A 1
Common Staff
Wpn staff 01 03
Staff Common 5% N/A 1
Crafted Sting
Wpn chain knife 01 01
Chain Knife Common 1% N/A 1
Peasant's Guandao
Peasant's GD
Guandao Common 3% N/A 1
Lightweight Sabers
Wpn sabers 01 02
Sabers Rare 1% Tornado 2
Wooden Staff
Wpn staff 01 02
Staff Rare 5% Tornado 2
Deerhorn Knives
Wpn deerhorn 01 02
Deer Horns Rare 5% Tornado 2
Sentry's Guandao
Wpn guandao 01 02
Guandao Rare 3% Tornado 2
Four-sided Blade
Wpn chain knife 01 02
Chain Knife Rare 1% Tornado 2
Rebel Nunchaku
Nunchaku Rare 3% Tornado 2
Weightened Nunchaku
Wpn nunchaku 01 04
Nunchaku Epic 5% Flail 3
Aerial Lotus
Wpn chain knife 01 03
Chain Knife Epic 1% Torrent 3
Gilded Staff
Wpn staff 01 01
Staff Epic 3% Thresh 3
Crane's Wings
Wpn deerhorn 01 03
Deer Horns Epic 5% Twist 3
Golden Bud
Wpn dadao 01 03
Dadao Epic 1% Loop 3
Ancient Legacy
Shuang Gou Epic 3% Slide 3
Emerald Claw
Wpn guandao 01 04
Guandao Legendary 5% Twirl 3
Eagle's Dive
Wpn chain knife 01 04
Chain Knife Legendary 3% Torrent 3
Prosperity Staff
Wpn staff 01 04
Staff Legendary 5% Thresh 3
Crown Defender
Wpn shuangou 01 03
Shuang Gou Legendary 1% Slide 3
Dragon's Roar
Wpn dadao 01 04
Dadao Legendary 1% Loop 3
Flying Jade
Wpn nunchaku 01 05
Nunchaku Legendary 3% Flail 3


Heralds use their weapons in a precise manner and their critical chances are unmatched. They are introduced in Chapter III and are primarily based on weapons commonly associated with the practice of ninjutsu.

Name Picture Type Rarity Critical chance Shadow ability Slot(s)
Keen Katana
Wpn katana 01 01
Katana Common 13% N/A 1
Steel Sai
Wpn sai 01 01
Sai Common 11% N/A 1
Acute Naginata
Wpn naginata 01 01
Naginata Common 15% N/A 1
Wooden Kama
Wpn dual kama 01 01
Kamas Common 15% N/A 1
Stinger Claws
Claws Common 9% N/A 1
Hermit Katana
Iaido Katana Common 13% N/A 1
Steel Claws
Wpn claws 01 02
Claws Rare 11% Dash 2
Slick Naginata
Wpn naginata 01 02
Naginata Rare 15% Dash 2
Razor Edge
Wpn glaive 01 01
Glaive Rare 13% Dash 2
Lightweight Kama
Wpn dual kama 01 02
Kamas Rare 15% Dash 2
Jagged Kusarigama
Kusarigama Rare 11% Dash 2
Classy Katana
Iaido Katana Rare 13% Dash 2
Dark Cogs
Wpn sai 01 03
Sai Epic 13% Prod 3
Fate Slicer
Wpn glaive 01 03
Glaive Epic 15% Harpoon 3
Purple Peeler
Wpn katana scabbard 01 03
Iaido Katana Epic 11% Windmill 3
Shadow Piercer
Wpn naginata 01 03
Naginata Epic 15% Dash 3
Iridescent Slicers
Claws Epic 9% Pounce 3
Kamas Epic 13% Ripper 3
Wpn katana 01 04
Katana Legendary 13% Displacement 3
Cyan Talons
Wpn claws 01 04
Claws Legendary 11% Pounce 3
Fate's End
Wpn katana scabbard 01 04
Iaido Katana Legendary 15% Windmill 3
Improved Pruner
Wpn naginata 01 04
Naginata Legendary 15% Dash 3
Blood Reaper
Wpn kusarigama 01 04
Kusarigama Legendary 11% Trip 3
Nocturnal Clutches
Sai Legendary 13% Prod 3

Special Weapons

Special weapons are limited-time weapons that can only be obtained from the marathon. They are only available during special events update and cannot be obtained anymore when their respective events are over. Once the player has obtained a weapon, then the weapon will stay. Their rarities are classified as Unique and they come with 3 slots.

Name Faction Picture Type Event Shadow ability Price
Monkey King Staff Dynasty
Wpn monkey king staff
Staff Lunar New Year Thresh N/A
Sin Eater Legion
Wpn executioner sword
Two-handed Sword Sanguine Forest Vane N/A
Iron Foliage Heralds
Wpn glaive sakura
Glaive Blossom Festival Harpoon N/A
Swamper's Grinders Legion
Wpn mace swamper
Maces Menace of the Swamps Skeet 1,100 Trophies
Snowstorm Blades Dynasty
Wpn sabers frozen dragon
Sabers Dragon Lesson Turmoil 1,100 Trophies
Call of the Cursed Legion
One-handed Sword Creepy Party Lunge 1100 Trophies
Icy Reaper Heralds
Icy Reaper
Kusarigama Winter Frenzy Trip N/A


  • During the tutorial, the players will receive and must equip the Crude Sword while being instructed regarding equipment usage. They can keep the weapon after the tutorial is completed.

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