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Battle of Laws is the name of the fifth character adventure in Synchronizer. In order to unlock this adventure, the player has to beat Bolo the Sixth boss fight in Chapter III: Heralds of the main quest, and at least have connection level 2 with Void Speaker.

List of Quests[]

Battle of Laws adventure contains 17 fights; some are normal 3-round fights, survivals, or boss fights.

No. Quest Enemy Rule(s) Synchronization Required Rewards
1 Ambassador Accelerator Guards
  • Ill-Mannered Ambassador
  • Vicious Circle
0 75 Shadow Energy
2 Girl Lost in Time Take a look around
  • Quest
75 20 Rare keys
3 Call From the Void Adept of the Void
  • Telepath Practitioner
  • Shadow Juggernaut
150 20 Rare keys
4 Unexpected Visitor
  • Void Riders
  • Seers
  • Telepath Practitioner
  • The Silver Witch
  • Ill-Mannered Ambassador
  • Open Wound
250 10 Epic keys
5 Rulers of the Rift Persuade the Insusceptibles to leave the Rift
  • Telepath Practitioner
  • Quest
350 20 Rare keys
6 The Law of Fire Sven
  • Telepath Practitioner
  • Northern Leader
500 10 Legendary keys
7 Traces of the Void Sly Traders
  • The Silver Witch
  • Hydra
650 10 Epic keys
8 Red Dog Get information about the Collector
  • Ill-Mannered Ambassador
  • Quest
800 20 rare keys
9 He Sees Everything His All-Seeing Eye
  • Ill-Mannered Ambassador
  • Born in the Void
1000 10 Legendary keys
10 The Law of Ice Talk to your companions
  • Telepath Practitioner
  • Quest
1150 20 Rare keys
11 Unbearable Bureaucracy Guards
  • Ill-Mannered Ambassador
  • Life Fountain
1300 20 Rare keys
12 History of the Empire Help the Emperor to decide
  • The Silver Witch
  • Quest
1500 20 Rare keys
13 Battle of Laws Indigo
  • Battle of Laws
  • Burning Sword
  • Freezing Blade
1750 10 Legendary Keys
14 Liberation Say goodbye to your father
  • Telepath Practitioner
  • Quest
2000 20 Rare keys
15 Mister Kitten
  • Ill-Mannered Ambassador
  • Telepath Practitioner
  • Demon Prince
  • Demon of Wrath
2300 10 Legendary keys
16 Infinite Battle Destroyer of Epochs
  • Chorus of the Void
  • Destroyer of the Epochs
2600 10 Legendary keys
17 Falcon Gorge Talk to your companions
  • Telepath Practitioner
  • Quest
3000 10 Epic keys


A long time ago, in the future, Marcus comes to his companions to see that they have dealt with the Erasers. June, however, deeply regrets letting Moira go alone. Itu advises her to stop panicking. Their friends must be able to stop Shadow in time if the Void Wardens do not delay them too much. June does not know who Void Wardens are. Jet then advises June to rest as she can barely stand and takes her to a safe place to do so. Marcus then asks Itu if Void Wardens really do exist, everything was fruitful for the Legion and if Project Hive was a success, to which Itu answers not quite. Meanwhile, the attack on the Accelerator continues. Indigo comes to the Accelerator looking for her captured friend Ishtar, where she does not find her. She keeps calling her name out, but to no avail. Suddenly, she spots Moira (a pipsqueak according to her) and asks her if she knows where Ishtar is. Moira counterquestions her, asking who she is, why she attacked them and warns her that Shadow will return soon. Indigo then tells her to disregard the matter of her finding Ishtar, as she sees an Accelerator guard approaching them and advises her to not get in her, so she can live. Indigo then deals with the Accelerator guard who has come to them and is victorious over him. After dealing with the guards, she finally spots Ishtar. She introduces herself and offered to take her out of here. Ishtar did not understand her as her senses were still not fully recovered, which Indigo realizes. She asks her for how long she has been in a coma, which she does not answer. Indigo warns Ishtar that they do not have much time and she has to come to her senses quickly, which is why she injects her with a stimulant, after which she stands up, trying to see the stranger more clearly. But suddenly, Ishtar hears quiet sobs of a little girl. Indigo told Ishtar to leave her be, or else Shadow will destroy them if they took her with them. She then ask her condition, if she knows her own name, to which Ishtar answers positive.

Indigo understands that Ishtar is confused and apologized for rushing. She then asks what does she remember. Ishtar replied that she hear voices calling for help. Indigo explained that they're from the Void and she could hear them because she's a telepath. She then gives Ishtar a helmet (Scolopendrae) so she could use it if the voices are unbearable. Indigo continued by telling her that her memories will gradually return and Ishtar won't like them, but she is here with her, so she doesn't need to be afraid. Still confused, Ishtar asked who Indigo is and why is she helping her. Indigo answered by saying that she's her best friend, that everything else can wait and she could rely on her. From that moment on, Ishtar relied on Indigo in everything, until the day Indigo disappeared. Ishtar searched for her and travelled into the past. Seven lone years have passed.

One day, Ishtar scolded Shibata because he barged in during her training with her students when she told him multiple times not to as it distracts them and telepaths need concentration. Shibata reassured her that he's not taking taking much time and just want to do a short survey. Ishtar knew what he meant and told him she doesn't want to recall events of the future. Shibata still insisted by telling her that her connection to the Void is important for his research of the Void Room and started asking about her parents. Ishtar told him to get lost and Shibata finally decided to leave. She continued training with her students until she heard Indigo's voice inside her head calling for help from Falcon's Gorge. Okada came to bring good news that he have obtained some new data on the Sumi-E model then realized that Ishtar is leaving. Ishtar told him to test the Sumi-E model without her as she had to be somewhere else.

Ishtar arrived at the Falcon's Gorge and met the Silver Witch. She started questioning Indigo's whereabouts and what she did do to her. Silver Witch replied that it would be polite if Ishtar introduce herself first, while introducing herself as mistress Song, and that she's just minding her own business picking lilies. However, she hid the wounded Indigo in the halls of the temple. Before the Silver Witch could ask anything, Ishtar spotted Void Riders that have come for Indigo and told her to get ready to fight. In the middle of the fight, Indigo appeared and asked Ishtar if she's making a fuss again as her wounds aren't that bad. Ishtar doesn't know how to respond to her. Silver Witch saw more rascals coming. Not wanting to ruin their reunion, she apologize to them and told Indigo to fight if her wounds aren't deep. After the fight, Indigo laughs and recalls their past, saying that they're still a great team even after 7 years. Ishtar questioned her whereabouts all those years. Indigo actually already prepared a long and interesting story of her adventures (or she's being sarcastic) but since she knows that Ishtar wasn't in the mood to listen, she cuts to the chase and told her that she was in the Realm of Infinity and found her brother, and now they finally were able to start the Battle of Laws. Hearing this, Ishtar turned speechless. Indigo complains that Ishtar is going to sulk now, as they've been wanting and waiting for the Battle of Laws for so long, but then stopped, saying that she has the right to be offended. The Silver Witch that was listening to their conversations was interested in their topic and asked them for the details.

Later on, the Silver Witch came to Ishtar and Indigo to tell them that she had made a deal with the Frozen Dragon School students, allowing them to stay in Falcon's Gorge for as long as they want. Indigo thanked her and explained that there are no other place to hold the Battle of Laws aside of the foot of the Bridge-Between. Ishtar told Indigo to stop her celebrations and reminded her that she has the Collector's lapdog on her tail. Indigo swore she would tell everything, while reassuring her about the 'doggie' as she will talk through with him. However, Ishtar refused her ideas as she doesn't want to negotiate with the Collector's minions and come near him, saying that Indigo had gone mad. The Silver Witch cut off their conversation asking their intentions with the ritual for as it is dangerous and could cause unpredictable consequences. Ishtar asked her back what they need the ritual for. Indigo answered that it is to free the Void, which Ishtar continued saying that the Void must be freed. After a few explanations, the Silver Witch asked them if she's correct that the Battle of Laws only can start by Ancients. Indigo replied saying that Ancients are not the current problem for her, but the fact that Ishtar being a 'stubborn donkey' is. Ishtar doesn't understand how her effort in protecting her is stubborn. Indigo ignored her and explained that her brother is ready for the ritual, but the shadow rift that he usually enters to Ishtar's and the Silver Witch's world has been occupied by local bandits and told her to get rid of them. Ishtar recognize the rift she's talking about and rejected saying that the rift is their land so they can't just kick the Insusceptibles out. Indigo corrects her by calling them 'Insusceptible bandits' and let her to do anything she wanted as long as she made sure no one is rummaging around as her brother cannot be seen in plain sight - it's too risky for both him and for those whose around as well. Indigo then ordered the Silver Witch to get shadow jade as witches know where shadow jade is circulating. Ishtar then went to the rift and persuade the Insusceptibles to leave.

One of the Insusceptibles there was Yukka, who was searching for her cat Shade. She asked Ishtar if she saw a skinny, pop-eyed cat. Confused, Ishtar asked what cat it is. Yukka understands that Ishtar doesn't know what it is, so she told her she won't confuse him with anyone. Ishtar then asked about the rift. Yukka explained that the rift belonged to the Insusceptibles and as long as they control it, the Emperor won't be able to ignore them. She used to hate the rift, but it gave the Insusceptibles something they never had: power. Ishtar requested Yukka and the others to leave. Yukka refused as the rift is what they only have and the Northerners want to take it away from them. Ishtar then asked about the Northerners. Yukka explained that they are cultists, they pray to firebones and want to burn the rift. They are complete psychos to Yukka. Ishtar is sorry for their condition. Out of honesty, Yukka told Ishtar that she looked like the creatures that crawl out of the rift but unlike them, Ishtar doesn't have any tentacles on her head and looked nicer. Ishtar thanked her for the compliment. Yukka then asked Ishtar if she ever dealt with the Northerners because she herself did. She revealed that the Northerners ate cats and that made Yukka question Shade's whereabouts. Ishtar volunteered to find Shade. Yukka already searched everywhere for him but allows her to try. Ishtar then talks to the other Insusceptibles, Sable. Sable told Ishtar that she doesn't belong there and she should leave before the rift eats her alive. Ishtar wants to ask something, but was cut by him, telling her to stop bothering him as she is not one of them. Ishtar decided to listen to him. Sable cursed that may the rifts be damned, and all the Insusceptibles along with it. According to him, Yukka doesn't understand a single thing. He almost lost his leg when he fell into a trap set by the Northerners. He realized that the Northerners would make their lives unbearable and thinks that they should get out of the rift. Ishtar then asked about Yukka. He replied she lost her mind with the rift. He still thinks that they need to find a new place: sow, build, and protect as they cannot wander forever. Ishtar then asked him about his homeland. He explained that there's nothing left there and told Ishtar to look around. His sister is expecting a baby and he doesn't want the rift to turn the baby into a mutant. Ishtar agreed with his statement. Sable told her he's angry and he doesn't like to be angry, and told her to get out of the rift again. Ishtar then asked about Yukka's cat. Sable revealed that he's sleeping in his dugout. He caught shadow bugs for him as they're his favourite food but Yukka doesn't allow him to eat them. He told Ishtar to let Yukka stay worried as she takes Shade, a cat, into battle. Ishtar admires that idea. Sable is sure that Ishtar and Yukka would become friends, as they are both clearly mad to him. Ishtar then talked to Yukka again. Yukka was considering that Sable's right that it's time to move on with their lives, but wouldn't leave Shade with the Northerners. Ishtar told Yukka that Shade's safe in Sable's dugout. After hearing his location, Yukka was furious and called Sable a scoundrel as Shade needs to be in perfect shape and not overfed. Yukka then made her decision: she wants to move without any shadow-related things excluding Shade, because to her, he's the best. Ishtar then wished her good luck. Yukka doesn't know what Ishtar (who she called 'Tentacle') did but Shade came back and says she doesn't care about anything else. She told her that she can stay but reminded her not to enter the rifts or she'll be reduced to shadow coal. She also told Ishtar that if something gets into the Northerners' heads, she can't stop them. They're knife-bearing guests, the Northerners, will arrive soon.

Sven arrived at the rift and introduced himself as the Prince of the North, shepherd of the forests and streams, swamps and stars. He then asked who Ishtar is as she does not look like any of the vagrants (the Insusceptibles), to which she replied that she will be the one who force him out of there. Sven called her lively and asked what was she fighting for. Ishtar replied saying that the Northerners live in the forest because they want to, while the Insusceptibles have lost their home to a shadow disaster, and if the shadow rift unites them, she will protect it and won't let Sven get past her. Sven haven't heard such speeches in a long time, and told her that her heart is on Fire, just like his. He then told his people to stand aside as he wants to see what Ishtar's capable of. After an exhausting fight, Ishtar came out as victorious. Sven admits defeat telling her to have mercy on him as he knows that she's a dangerous opponent. He then asks what is she doing in the middle of nowhere. Ishtar replied that she needs the shadow rift for the Battle of Laws and that the Insusceptibles have agreed to help her. Sven's late mother ever mentioned it but Sven doesn't remember the details, so he asked Ishtar if it was a ritual. Ishtar explained that their little world is but a part of the vast world of the Void, and the Void cries under the usurper's oppression, lost in hope. The Battle of Laws is a signal of help, that its call will be heard across the Void, and that the ringing of the victor's weapon will awaken the hearts of unseen warriors: victory in the Battle of Laws is a manifesto that will echo in their hearts, and they will come as allies to help free the Void.

Ishtar told Sven that even though the Insusceptibles have different ideals than hers, she still respect them as she respect those who live for their dreams, and that she's glad that neither Sven nor her have to fight them. To Sven, Ishtar's words sound like the wisdom of Millennium Wolf, and hoped that Ishtar would be blessed by the Fire. He then asked her and her parents' name so his drevars would bless her family during their night prayer. She then introduced herself and his father, that would someday will be named Hive. Sven found the name unusual as the name like 'Hive' are not given from birth. He then asked what kind of person he was. Ishtar explained that the name was given by the Legionaries, that he is a skilled, dangerous telepath that could take a person's mind and make it a part of his own forever. Sven said it is a powerful ability and asked if he is able to save one from death, to which Ishtar approved, but her father brings death instead. Sven understands the condition and affirm Ishtar not to be afraid of her roots as past calamity and sorrow are the best fuel for Fire, that they make it burn the brightest. After their conversation, Indigo appeared and questioned what was she talking about with the ram prince Sven. Ishtar figured that Indigo was spying on her and told her that the problem of the rift has been solved. Indigo realized that Ishtar is still mad at her and comment her that that's rude. She thought that Ishtar would be glad to meet her as they haven't met for a long time. Ishtar admits that she is both glad and angry at her, and told her not to talk about it at that time. She then asked where mistress Song is because she had told her she could wait for her. Indigo responded that she went to get some shadow jade as they need a lot of energy to summon weapons for the Battle of Laws, much to Ishtar's surprise as those stones are very dangerous and mistress Song is an old woman. Indigo revealed that mistress Song is a witch and is denying that Ishtar really believed that mistress Song was just happened to collecting lilies when she appeared in Falcon's Gorge. Indigo added that she was there for a reason, playing her own game, and could definitely take care of herself.

Meanwhile, in the Marketplace, Ling questioned Silver Witch's mind and told her to leave her neighbors alone because they're busy preparing for the festival. Silver Witch told Ling to not play dumb as her guts told her that they are back to their old ways again and questioned him if he missed guard raids too much. She then shouted at the traders, demanding them to quickly hand over their jade and not be greedy as she's going to use it for good cause. Ling tried to convince her to listen to him, while reminding her that she destroyed all the jade she took from them for some reason before. He would've make amazing armors using the jade, fetching him a fortune, but Silver Witch silenced him and fought the sly traders. After defeating them, Ling asked what good intention that caused her to use the jade, but she didn't tell him and instead told him to keep his mouth shut since she would not forget this until she gain access to the rarest ingredients of the Void. Suddenly, Emissary Wei appeared due to having a good reason to believe that the trade in shadow jade has resumed there and insist everyone not to leave the market until he gave permission to do so. Ling propose to let Silver Witch go as she has a patient waiting for her, to which she added that it's a very important one in the palace. Wei agreed to let her go while the rest needs to stay put and let the guards do their work.

Back in Falcon's Gorge, Ishtar still wondered about the Silver Witch's whereabouts and complained about the unbearable smell around her, to which Indigo answered that it's the smell of the one who is pursuing her on Collector's orders. He's getting closer, which is why it smells like Rot. Ishtar confidently said that they both can defeat him, but Indigo told her that he's His All-Seeing Eye, one of the Collector's best investigators and a master of Rot, a dangerous opponent. Ishtar questioned why she's so sure and how could she know about all of that. Indigo assured her that she'll tell her sometime later, and told her to not attack him right away and pretend that she forgot about her existence for a long time. Indigo planned to get as much as information as possible out of him because His All-Seeing Eye is very ambitious and that can be used against him.

Ishtar reassured Indigo that she won't do anything without her command so she doesn't have to worry about it. Indigo told her to wait at the temple. Ishtar refused, saying that she won't take her eyes off her.

Indigo then talked to His All-Seeing Eye, who referred her as Ambassador and told her that it's a pity that they weren't able to finish their last conversation and could continue on their way to the Collector. Indigo then asked about their last conversation. He honestly said that her betraying him isn't a big deal as he never trusted her in the first place. But Indigo betrayed the Collector - and that cannot be forgiven. Indigo then asked about the Collector. He informed that his Immortality is growing impatient and wishes to hear her story about the secrets of the Realm of Infinity. Indigo then either courtly refuses or courtly insults him. His All-Seeing Eye reminded her that she's going to die anyway but the Collector needs her data, so she will live for some time and it's up to her to decide for how long. Indigo cracked a joke. He said that Indigo is in good spirits, and he's disappointed but not surprised that apparently her crimes against the the Collection does not weigh on her.

Indigo asked him about her crimes. He then listed them: Conspiracy against the Collection and theft of its exhibits, hijacking the Beacon, divulging the secrets of the Collection and a total lack of proper manners.

Indigo asked about the Collection. His All-Seeing Eye explained that the Fatherly Immortality, the Collector, assembles the Collection with care and diligence not for the likes of her to skittle away its treasures. Indigo sighed. He reminded her that she swore an oath on the Collection Code. She could have chosen a dignified death like the rest of her kind, but she didn't, so she has only herself to blame.

His All-Seeing Eye told her that now is not the time for it, but he admits that he is deeply hurt that she used him as a tool to get close to the Collector. Indigo ordered him to get to business. He offered that if she would be humble and cooperate, he would ask General Jai to add her to the mercy list, giving her a chance to survive. But he warns her to not try to deceive him. Indigo asked in what way she needs to cooperate. He answered by saying that he would take her to custody and deliver her to the Collector and tell him how she managed to enter the Realm of Infinity. Indigo asked the consequences if she refused his offer. He replied by telling her that she will die now, then her brother next. He then reminded her that her brother is still imprisoned in the Ruby Palace. Indigo asked him to give her some time to think.

Indigo decided to talk to Ishtar again. Ishtar, who was listening the entire time, was speechless about every new information about Indigo. She then starts to mention them: about Indigo working with the Collector, involving with a Collection officer, and her brother being in the Ruby Palace as she was been told something else by her. Before Ishtar could finish talking, Indigo told her to stop and be silent. Ishtar guessed that Indigo would tell her everything later, like always, but this 'later' never comes. Indigo then either cry or act offended. Ishtar demanded Indigo not to manipulate her again as she needed answer and won't leave her now. Indigo made a promise with her. Ishtar then asked her plan and His All-Seeing Eye. Indigo continued Ishtar by saying that His All-Seeing Eye either fell from grace or is bluffing. Ishtar agrees with her, saying that he's desperate. That the fact Indigo was able to run away is his failure and this mission is his last chance to rehabilitate himself in the eyes of the Collector. Indigo nodded. She then cheered Indigo on, telling her to finish him.

Indigo then talked to His All-Seeing Eye one last time. He asked if she made her decision to either come with him or to die there. Indigo answered by saying that she could take him to the Realm of Infinity. Not believing on her words, he made sure if she truly can take him there. Indigo replied that the Collector wouldn't know. He then realized that it's too risky as His All-Seeing Eyes are everywhere, especially in Falcon's Gorge. He then explained that the Collector comes from this world, that he ruled the land before he became an Ancient. Indigo persuade him to deceive the Collector. He agrees, as the Realm of Infinity holds the secret to power over all worlds and he would become more than just a Collector. The very existence will obey him. Indigo tell him that only both of them would go there. He refused, knowing that she would betray her. He then asked about the Word of the Realm Gate and he will let her go. Indigo answered that the Word is 'Goddiputs'. He then repeats the Word, trying to memorize it while saying that he has to write it down and he has to hurry because the storm is gathering upon the Collection. He says that it's the work of the Demons, that they're coming back. He told that he Collector's paranoid, then repeating the Word again because he almost forgot about it. Indigo then asked one last thing. He prepares to listen to what she would say, only to realize that 'Goddiputs' is actually 'stupid dog' written in reverse. Indigo then either told him that he smells like a stupid dog or apologizes to him. Angry, he told her that consensus is impossible. Indigo then prepares to fight him.

Before the fight, Ishtar asked in disbelieve that the entrance of the Realm really is secured by a silly code word. Indigo asked back if she was joking, or that she really thought that those who ever lived there before the Ancients were crazy. Ishtar then told her to give her a sign. Indigo then asked which part of "I'll figure it out myself" that she don't understand, to which Ishtar replied that Indigo would but she can help her fight His All-Seeing Eye. Indigo refused, as fighting together against him alone sounds unfair. She then told Ishtar to just support her from the sidelines and shout encouragements, like shouting that she's the best. Ishtar won't do it, saying that it's just her wish. Indigo then demanded His All-Seeing Eye to listen to her and tell what she would say to the Collector: That she's the Ill-mannered Ambassador of the Council of Seven, Master of Connection, Bender of Worlds, Infinity Beacon Beam. She knows that he is no match for her and he knew it. She reminded him that he counted on her being weak on the world but he forgot that he is also weak there too. She then told him to hear the Will of the Seven: death to the Collector and his entire kennel, starting with him. That the Free Void has already been born. She then fought His All-Seeing Eye and defeated him despite having deadly abilities. After the battle, Ishtar admitted that she didn't know that Indigo had so many colorful titles that Sven's titles are just a boy next door to her. Suddenly, Mnemos appeared, explaining that those are just a few of her titles and that she has eleven of them in total - for each millennium of her life. Indigo is glad to see her brother, and so does he in return. He is also glad that she managed to get into the world.

Mnemos is also delighted to see Ishtar, revealing that Indigo had spoken about her so many times that she could be considered as a friend to him. Embarrassed, Ishtar told him it's mutual while calling him as master Mnemos. Indigo complained to Ishtar to drop the 'master' part and leave it to the servants of the Collection as embarrassment would kill her. Mnemos reminded her that Ishtar had spent seven years in the epoch and knows the local customs better, so she cannot judge her. Indigo then turned her back and scoffed. Mnemos is sure that both Ishtar and Indigo have a lot of questions, so he invited them to talk but they don't have much time.

Indigo hoped that Ishtar didn't expect her to actually kill His All-Seeing Eye. Ishtar either answer that she really didn't or she did expect it a little. Indigo revealed that the saying "death to you and your house" is just a formality for those who live in the Void. Ishtar asked if she's serious, to which she answered positive. She then continue to tell that eternal torment, endless labor, cruel trials, woeful imprisonment and losing ones body happens but the actual erasure of the soul is beyond the power of anyone except the Void itself. Ishtar said that it's a good thing. Indigo would argue with Ishtar's statement, but in any case that would still be true until the Collector reaches the Realm of Infinity as he can change the laws of the Void there. Ishtar agrees that that's bad news. Indigo assured that they will succeed now Mnemos is with them.

Ishtar scolded Indigo for her decisions. Indigo understands what she's saying but she explained to her that working with the Collection was the only way to really stop them especially in her case. Ishtar questioned what Indigo meant about her case. Indigo hoped Ishtar remembered that she was able to get out of the Ruby Palace only by sheer luck.

Ishtar supported Indigo. Indigo thanked Ishtar for being there with her and said openly that sometimes she only appeared to be brave.

Ishtar then asked a few questions to her.

Ishtar asked about her brother, Mnemos. Indigo tells her that he's amazing and that she couldn't imagine how handsome he is without his mask. But both of them almost never took their masks off because it's too dangerous for them.

Ishtar asked about her being an officer of the Collection. Indigo admitted that His All-Seeing Eye is right in thinking that she had used him, but he's an idiot that he's practically asking for it. Ishtar doesn't know if she's telling the truth or being sarcastic.

Ishtar wants to know about their plans. Indigo explained that now Mnemos is there with them, they can start the Battle of Laws as soon as the Silver Witch returns with the jade. Indigo then made sure if Ishtar had chosen her Law already.

Ishtar is wondering about the Demons. Indigo is sure that His All-Seeing Eye was simply delirious and maybe the Collector is as well, so the Demons would never pose a threat to anyone again. Ishtar still questioned if it's true as shadow energy is so powerful. Indigo didn't answer her and hums.

Mnemos told Ishtar that she was exactly the way he imagined her. He then asked what's on her mind and occupying her thoughts, allowing her to ask anything to him.

Mnemos explained that his sister is a one in a million in every sense of the word. He knew that she sometimes may be cruel to her and other people and apologizes for her behavior. Ishtar told him that she changed. Mnemos knew it was hard to go through as they haven't seen each other for many years and their paths have diverged greatly. He then thought that Ishtar may bring their paths together again. Ishtar asked him Indigo's path. Mnemos revealed that it's the Law of Ice. Indigo usually had a warm heart like Ishtar, but several millennia had passed since then.

Mnemos questioned back if Ishtar is asking about the Northern Prince because if so, he knew him. He then asked back about her impression of him. Ishtar told him Sven is a noble or strong person. Mnemos explained that his Fire made him like that and the name of his immortal soul is Shepherd of Hearts in the Void because he always makes the pain of his people his own.

Ishtar questioned her own Immortal Name. Mnemos revealed that no one should know their own immortal name: it is woven from fate, but should not determine fate. Mnemos then told Ishtar not to tell Sven his. Ishtar begged Mnemos to tell her, but Mnemos told her not to try to imitate Indigo. Despite her being eleven thousand years old, Ishtar is much more serious and mature to Mnemos.

Mnemos questioned which girl was Ishtar talking about, to which she responded that she's asking about the child in the Accelerator. Mnemos found it strange since Indigo didn't tell him about it and asked why is she thinking about her. Ishtar responded that she was alone or that they didn't save her. Mnemos openly said that he's confused for the first time in several thousand years and would think about what she said.

Mnemos told Ishtar that she doesn't need to be afraid of the future as sooner or later everything would be fine. They will try their best for it to be sooner.

Ishtar then wanted to know what will happen then. Mnemos told her the Battle of Laws will begin. It was the reason for coming there after all. Ishtar is worried about it. Mnemos feels it too, but told her it's a risk he's willing to take. The Collector's victims do not number to even thousands. There is no one stopping him, so they will have to be the ones to do it. Ishtar agreed.

Mnemos told Ishtar that he's not as interesting as she thought, and Indigo has probably already told her all the important things. Ishtar doesn't believe him. Mnemos agreed that she's right to do so, but he can't talk about himself. If Ishtar knew the reason, she would understand him.

Mnemos is sure that Ishtar probably knew that he and Indigo are sworn brother and sister. He then explained that such bonds in the Void are stronger than family connections. Ishtar asked him to explain. Mnemos then revealed that they studied from the same master - and the only ones who survived out of all of his students. Since then, they have almost always been together. Ishtar is curious about Mnemos's master, but Mnemos told her that his name won't tell her anything.

Ishtar wants to know about the Void. Mnemos told her that the Void is vast and asked her what exactly does she want to know about.

Mnemos couldn't tell her the exact number of them as the knowledge itself is already forbidden. Ishtar pleaded Mnemos to tell her about it. Mnemos still couldn't because the number itself contains one of the keys to complete control over them.

Mnemos explained that the Realm is just an ancient city, but not just that. Ishtar told him that Indigo never told her anything. Mnemos said to Ishtar that Indigo went to a place where neither mortal nor immortal had set foot for millennia. He then told Ishtar to give her some time. Ishtar asked if Mnemos is worried for Indigo. Mnemos answered positive, and the fact that Indigo couldn't hide her tracks of visiting the Realm of Infinity from the Collector doesn't help. They say that His All-Seeing Eye's are everywhere. Ishtar wonders what will happen to Indigo if she got caught. Mnemos answered saying that nothing would happen, because she won't tell the Collector how did she manage to get inside the Realm, so Ishtar doesn't need to worry. Ishtar told him that it's not what she actually meant. Mnemos explained that unlike humans that are afraid of death more than anything, the Ancients are afraid of dishonor since it always follows them throughout their lives.

Mnemos told Ishtar that under no circumstances should the Telepath's Manuscript leave the Heart of the Void. Ishtar questioned why. Mnemos explained that if a copy of the Manuscript had not ended up in her world, there would be no Collector, and he doesn't believe this happened by accident.

Mnemos doesn't want to talk about it as he doesn't like the feelings the Collection evoked in him. He instantly felt degradation.

After the talk, Indigo told Mnemos to get down to business. They're ready to start the Battle of Laws. Mnemos asked back to Indigo if they really are and if so, he asked where is the Silver Witch that went to get some shadow jade. Indigo responded that the Silver Witch was suppose to bring it back only to realize what Mnemos is actually trying to say. Mnemos told her that the Silver Witch is loyal to the Dynasty, not to the Void. He revealed that the Silver Witch also once robbed the Order of Assassins, and Indigo had underestimated her. He assured her not to be ashamed because she is very smart, so she doesn't have the skill to deal with those who are smarter than her. Mnemos then told them to go to the Emperor's Palace and since no one knew what the Silver Witch is up to, he told them to hurry up. In the Palace, the Silver Witch thinks that Ishtar and Indigo would be there any moment and then the Emperor could make his decision. Emperor questioned her interest as she definitely came for a reason. She responded that her interest is the welfare of her family and neighbors, as usual. She revealed that had only seen the Telepath Manuscript in small portions, but she knows that the Divine Emperor of the Nine Seas lost all interest in the affairs of their world when he read it. The Emperor agreed, saying that his father was obsessed with the scrolls before he disappeared. He then wondered why the Silver Witch brought his name up. Silver Witch explained that she has a reason to believe that she herself know where the Divine Emperor is and if she's right, his power is greater than ever. Emperor admitted that her words hurt, but he wanted to know more.

Ishtar and Indigo then went inside the Palace. Indigo called out Deng Rao as 'golden boy' and asked if he saw the old witch Song as they need her. Deng Rao didn't answer and questioned their identity, accusing them for entering the Emperor's throne room uninvited. He then ordered the Palace's guards to take them down, but unsuccessful. Defeated, Deng Rao came to a conclusion that they took advantage of the situation as all the guards are in the market and demanded to tell him who did they pay and betrayed the Emperor. However, Indigo told him to get out as his screaming is giving her a headache. He then swore that he will be back and they would be in trouble. Ishtar repeated that they need to find mistress Song, but the Emperor came in told them that she's there with him. Both of them awaited for their guests from the Void's explanations.

Indigo offered to the Emperor that they does not need to explain the situation to them as they are in a hurry and only need the shadow jade. She also apologized about the guards, but told the Emperor that the guards attacked both Indigo and Ishtar first. The Emperor refuses, telling her that the guards were just doing their job and he believes that he deserved an explanation on what's going on. Indigo protested back, saying that they regretted trusting his witch. Ishtar then cut their conversation, apologized to both the Emperor and the Silver Witch and told them to excuse Indigo's ill-manners. The Emperor acknowledge her and told them that they're endangering the Frozen Dragon monks, not to mention that they're about to perform one of the most dangerous rituals known to history. Ishtar clarified that they did this all because they're desperate and requested them to listen to her. She then explained their situation and knew that it sounds fiction, but she assured them that she was really from the future - and saw the Dynasty destroyed with her own eyes. She then made sure if the Emperor is familiar with the Laws of the Void and told them that the Wheel of History is merciless to the Dynasty: the suffering the Dynasty inflicts on the world is too great and she heard voices of suffering every second in her head. However, the Emperor believed her as the man she's talking about is like the man he knew, and he hadn't changed. Ishtar is shocked that he knew the Collector. The Emperor then ordered them to stay while he consult with the Silver Witch.

The Emperor opened the conversation that the palace is became lively, saying that it's a good thing and love it when people are there in the Palace. The Silver Witch nodded. However, the Palace's watch let him down again. The Silver Witch agreed that all guards nowdays are like that. The Emperor knew she can read bodies and faces and that Ishtar is not that simple, so he asked what did she read on Ishtar's face. The Silver Witch responded that she saw sigils of pain: a secret, being a victim, and her father. The Emperor is curious on how she can see and understand it. The Silver Witch answered it's either due to her talent or her knowledge. The Emperor is glad that she's on his side because if she didn't, he knew she would be a very dangerous enemy. The Silver Witch bowed to him. Both the Emperor and the Silver Witch stayed silent for a while until he broke the silence, asking her what makes her think that his father is alive because no one saw him for years.

The Silver Witch answered that she knew because of his hounds. The Emperor agreed with her. He used to be afraid of them. The Collector once played a very cruel joke on him when he was little, and he still get chills when he hear dogs barking. The Silver Witch tried to be tactful and not pry. He explained that when the day the Collector disappeared, his hounds disappeared along with him. And although he was grieving, he felt strangely relieved. The Silver Witch nod in understanding.

The Silver Witch answered that she knew because of his collections. The Emperor agreed as it's enormous. He told her that he was probably the only ruler in the world with five treasures and that there are so many mysterious objects remained after the Collector. The Emperor still haven't touch them because his father collected them his whole life. That's why he doubted for a second that he was dead and questioned why he gave up such a collection and where did he disappear to. The Silver Witch told him that he went into the Void.

The Emperor didn't want to believe that the tyrant the Silver Witch is talking about is his father but he has no other answers. She reminded him about the terrible things Ishtar and Indigo described about him. The Emperor found it familiar as his father was also rude and cruel to everyone - advisers, subjects, him and his wife, to enemies. He was simply inhuman. The Silver Witch remembered that moment. The Emperor continued by revealing that his father also bullied June by pushing her away and mock her and was glad that she doesn't remember all of that. His father loved no one except his hounds. He then told her that if what Ishtar said was true, he has to do something. However, he is afraid of putting the Empire in an even more precarious position. The Silver Witch nodded. The Emperor then asked about her thoughts, whether if they're sincere or not. Whether the Silver Witch answered that she is sure or not, he decided to help them in the end as there was no other choice and Ishtar is his future subject. He then questioned himself the kind of Emperor he is if he doesn't trust his subjects. The Silver Witch agreed with him. The Emperor then asked to her why all of it is happening. She then answered that it's either because of the fate of the Empire or it was the punishment of the gods. He then told her that he will give a lot of thought to her words and ordered her to call Ishtar and Indigo. After calling them, the Emperor explained that if the Collector continues to do evil for the sake of the Dynasty's property, such prosperity will bring them grief. He believed Ishtar, allowing them to have all the jade they wanted. However, when everything is done, he ordered her to come to him as he wanted to know everything; of the future if the Dynasty and of those who will come to the call of her battle. He then ordered the Silver Witch to make sure that their ritual doesn't harm anyone in the vicinity and come back with a report. Before they leave, the Emperor told her to remember that they cannot change a dishonest fate but they choose their own dishonest friends. Feeling called out, Indigo told him that she's not dishonest while calling him an old geezer. Before everything escalated, Ishtar called Indigo to go.

Back in the Falcon's Gorge, Ishtar openly said to Indigo that she kept on thinking about how they met. She used to trust everything she said and to her, Indigo changed an awful lot. Ishtar then contradicts herself, saying that Indigo hadn't changed, but herself did. She did not want to see what kind of person Indigo is. Indigo told her that she is what she is and Ishtar's a mortal, so she won't understand her. Sick and tired of her self justifications, Ishtar said that her statement is what the worst scoundrels always say, but Indigo doesn't care. It's true that Ishtar is the Chosen One, but there are many others that were chosen but there's only one Worldbender. And to bend worlds, Indigo had to be heartless. But starting then, Ishtar forbid Indigo to be one. On the other hand, Mnemos felt nostalgic about the Battle of Laws that was about to begin like seven thousand years ago. Indigo called Mnemos too sentimental and told him that they're ready to begin the ritual. Mnemos then question the Laws of the Void their hearts follow. Indigo followed the Law of Ice: Fragile but constant that dominates everything; more powerful than kings and purer than a child's soul. Ishtar followed the Law of Fire: something that would melt Indigo's Ice to hell, and maybe then she would wise up a little. Ishtar then challenged Indigo to the Battle of Laws, to which Indigo accepted. What is meant to be will be fulfilled; Truth is absolute. Nothing is eternal in the Void; but the Void is eternal. Which Law that would prevail will be told by the Blade of the victor. Mnemos called the Chorus of the Infinite Void to listen to the Battle.

The Battle of Laws began. Ishtar and Indigo weld the power of Fire and Ice respectively. At first, Indigo thought that Ishtar wasn't serious in their fight, but realized that she wasn't just kidding. At the end of the Battle, Ishtar and the Law of Fire proved victorious. Ishtar then asked Indigo about the crying girl in the Accelerator. Until that day, she can't get her out of her head and didn't understand why she listened to Indigo and why they left her. However, Indigo didn't know what she's talking about. Disappointed, Ishtar scolded her that she was ready to sacrifice everyone for her goal and she doesn't want to live like that. Indigo swore to Ishtar that there was no girl in the Accelerator but her. She looked very confused and was crying at that time. Mnemos assured Ishtar that Indigo was not lying as her memories are in the palm of his hands forever. He then reminded her that time worked differently for telepaths than it does for normal humans as she could see the past or the future. Even so, Ishtar recalled Indigo talking to the crying girl, to which Mnemos countered by asking how she knew if it was Indigo. Before giving him an answer, Ishtar passed out and Indigo tried to call out her name.

Mnemos asked what she is doing, to which she explained that she is trying to get Ishtar wake up. Mnemos told her to leave her alone as she couldn't help her then. Indigo refused, saying that Ishtar's in pain, to which Mnemos countered by asking if it's really Ishtar and not her, then realized that Indigo is crying. Finding herself in the Accelerator, Ishtar searched for the little girl and found her there. She tried to persuade her to come by promising to protect her, but the little girl that was revealed to be Moira couldn't because she is not even there. Ishtar didn't believe her as she saw and tried to talk to her, yet Moira revealed that she was talking to herself, to which Ishtar needed to reclarify. Moira explained further that years before the Accelerator hadn't been built, Ishtar was crying there all alone because her father left her when she was just a kid. Now remembering what truly happened, Ishtar searched for her father before he left. Young Ishtar called her father before he left, which surprised him. Hive then questioned how she was able to leave her cell. Ishtar didn't answer and told him that everyone is dead, to which he explained that their souls are with him (inside him) and their bodies were the only remains. His actions would make it easier for them. Ishtar tried not to cry. He then ordered Ishtar to return to her cell and pretend to be asleep because the place would be full of guards. Ishtar asked what would he do, to then he explained that his mission to save as many of their people as possible is waiting for him so he must leave. Ishtar wanted Hive to take her with him. Hive refused, saying that he would have to do something in order to make it happen but didn't explain further, saying that it didn't matter. Ishtar had to stay and be brave. Ishtar begged her father not to leave, but he apologized since he can't. He told her that even though that life there is miserable, at least she would be alive. Ishtar kept on begging, but Hive bid her farewell. Alone, she cried. Ishtar remembered that he never saw him again, that he was a monster; a living hell, a murderer and a psychopath. Moira reminded her that he loved her. Ishtar continued saying that he left her alone to the Legionaries but missed him so much. Moira explained that if she was safer with him, he wouldn't have left her there. She then console Ishtar not to continue crying as she's not alone in the past and in the present. Even when she's lonely, the souls are always talking, just not with words. People's souls are like a big hive of talks and reminded her that she knew it better than anyone. Moira then asked if Ishtar hear voices of her friends calling her as they're worried about her, which she did. Once Ishtar regained consciousness, Indigo called her an idiot as she scared her so much and told her that they succeeded. Indigo reminded her again that she defeated her and the Law of Fire won while saying that she was proud of her. Knowing that she had said it multiple times to Indigo, Ishtar thanked her again for taking her out of the Accelerator. She then made sure that the one who will help them free the Void would appear after the Battle. Then they heard Kibo, the Voice of Light and Helga, the Voice of Shadows dreaming. The Voice of Light hated the dream while the Voice of Shadows found the dream strange and the fact she's on the Bridge-Between frightening. The Voice of Light must repay with her blood as the stars laugh at her and she is nothing. The Voice of Shadows is scared because the Light won't help and left her. Hearing the call, both would enter the Realm of Infinity and answer to the call of Light and Shadows respectively. Once they disappeared, Ishtar recognized both of them and wondered why were they the Voices and why weren't they like their usual selves. Hearing her question, Lynx appeared saying that the laws of the Void were always confusing with so many questions and little answers.

They came face-to-face with the Demons Lynx and Butcher. Indigo and Butcher recognized each other instantly, causing Ishtar to believe what she heard about her over the last seven years. Indigo couldn't believe Ishtar thought she would betray her as she could ask anything to her. Lynx demanded them not to fight as they came there when they feel like it and just dropped in a see what they're doing. Ishtar wanted Lynx to be honest. She knew that they came at the call of the Battle and they don't want freedom for the Void, but the power over it. Lynx said it's the same thing applying to her. Some time later, Mnemos appeared behind them and Indigo told him to stop as she and Ishtar are having an important conversation. She know that they hadn't seen each other for a long time which Ishtar agreed that they're now two new people. Indigo found her statement fair, but wanted to know her better by asking the type of guy she like, sad guys or sassy guys. Knowing what she actually meant, Mnemos told Indigo to stop. Ishtar preferred sad, so Indigo got the sassy one. Once again, Mnemos told Indigo to stop as Demons are too strong for her. Neither of them took his warning and fought them. The battle with the Demons weren't easy, but they were able to defeat them. The Silver Witch then reminded Lynx about not learning his lesson she taught him. Lynx remembered her and saw that he's not welcome there but told them they have time to think about working with them. The Collector took what belonged to the Demons and they would take it back, with or without their help.

Mnemos threatened to erase Lynx and Butcher from their world and others as they had done enough damage. Lynx corrected him saying that they hadn't even started and that the Ancients can't stop them as the Demons aren't scattered children across the universe anymore. Butcher added that they're not children as the Destroyer of Epochs had found them. Lynx continued saying that the Destroyer of Epochs has entrusted them to the Master and the Demons are returning home to the Shadow World. Ishtar thought that they're babbling nonsense. To Mnemos, Lynx and Butcher can't deceive them because he saw their Master die with his own eyes and defeated the Destroyer of Epochs. However, Lynx laughed it off, saying that the Destroyer of Epochs is waiting for him in the Void. When Mnemos got there, he saw Itu as the Destroyer of Epochs. He couldn't believe it and called Itu a fool. He then fought him, saying that the fate of losing to him won't change. Even though in the end Mnemos won, he knew that Itu wasn't the Destroyer of Epochs he knew and is in a denial that the new Destroyer was chosen by someone. Before he could finish his sentence, Lynx and Butcher answered it was their Master. Still in denial, he found it impossible for Stranger to come back from the dead. Lynx said that nothing is impossible to him, that he is stronger than time and fate, and that the Void is like an open book to him, or like mere meat according to Butcher. Lynx continued telling that he will swat the Collector like an insect and if they're not fools, they would've joined him. But in the end it's up to them to decide.

Back in the Falcon's Gorge, Ishtar, Indigo, Mnemos, and the Silver Witch is had a discussion. Indigo told them that the Battle of Laws made itself clear that Demons are their future allies in the fight against the Collector. Even Indigo herself didn't believe it, but she asked about the other's opinions. Mnemos still believed that the Demons can't be trusted as they are filth of the Void. To Ishtar, Mnemos's claim felt like a zealotry even though she also doesn't like demons. The Silver Witch found Mnemos's claim reasonable, saying that Demons will definitely use and betray them the first chance they get, which wouldn't happen according to Indigo if they betray them first. She then asked about the thoughts of the final person, Ishtar. Ishtar thought about what was written in the Telepath Manuscript, saying that those who keep filth in their mouths will not enter the Infinity Realm. Mnemos told that it's true, and that the filth are the Demons. Then they start to speculate about the 'filth'. Ishtar thought that the filth in one's mouth is when they call someone 'filth'. Indigo then guessed is just swearing in general or actual dirt. Impatient, Indigo scolded Ishtar that they have time for philosophy as the Demons are right there with them. Ishtar told her that she needed time to think, to which Indigo apologizes for rushing her again. Ishtar found it good that she realized and told her not to rush her ever again. Ishtar then decided to have a chat with everyone there.

Ishtar talked to Indigo. Indigo told her that they really did stir up some trouble. Ishtar agreed. Indigo openly said that she doesn't want to lose her. Ishtar told her not to panic.

She talked to the Silver Witch that never imagined to see the Ancients from the Manuscript with her own eyes. Ishtar reclarify if she had read the Manuscript. The Silver Witch admitted reading some excerpt and saw Indigo mentioned them, but nothing can be compared to meeting her personally. Ishtar thanked her for helping them. The Silver Witch told her she will have the opportunity to repay her.

She walked to the distressed Mnemos that was wondering his mistake and about the Destroyer of the Epochs and the Demons. Ishtar consoled him. Mnemos told her she has a kind heart and Indigo was drawn to it. At first he's not asking her to be lenient to Indigo, but he changed his mind.

She came to Itu, the Destroyer of the Epochs. He saw her ready to die for the freedom of the Void. According to him, the Shadow World is a natural habitat for ones like Ishtar and told her to rethink what Lynx said. Ishtar told him she has many questions. He refused, telling her she won't understand the answers even if he give them to her. She possesses boundless empathy, but she has to learn how to see it in perspective to understand.

Lynx told Ishtar not to bother the Destroyer with trivial matters because although she is the Chosen one, he is the Chosen amongst Chosen. Ishtar thanked him for the advice. Lynx questioned if she's being ironic because to him, his advice is sincere and he's the kindest person she'll ever meet. Ishtar just laughed. Lynx said that Ishtar is pretty special even amongst the Chosen because Ancients cannot understand Demons but on the other hand humans could. Ishtar asked whether Lynx was ever a human. He replied that it could be said like that but it better not to. He then continues saying that there are sealed Ancients and sealed Demons among humans. It is the first time Ishtar heard of that. Lynx then told her to listen closely, that a long time ago the Demons lost their home because Shadow was fooled by the Ancients to take it from them. Ishtar then listened to the heart. Lynx saw what she did and asked if she could feel it. He knew that she's interested in what he had to say, but everything she had heard about from the Ancients told her not to. Ishtar told him to shut up. Lynx didn't rush her as they still have time.

Butcher told Ishtar to believe Lynx because he's saying the truth when usually he spout all sorts of nonsense. Ishtar wanted to ask something to Butcher and he told her to be quick.

Butcher answered that both of them had a common cause; Collector, Void, Demons adn Ancients have nothing to do with it. Ishtar wanted him to explain, but Butcher told her there's nothing to explain as it only concern between him and Indigo.

Now that the Master chose a new Destroyer, the Demons will win.

Butcher told her the Master will be defeated, but the defeat only make him stronger in the future. Ishtar said to him that she's from the future, but he countered by telling her it's in a different future.

Butcher told her that she's not like the Ancient and she could understand if she tried. Ishtar questioned what she need to understand. Butcher told her that the Collector would destroy her but would be safe with them. Ishtar asked what he's after, to which he answered the Realm of Infinity and what power lies there. To him, such power cannot belong to the Collector or the Ancients alone, but should belong to everyone or no one. Ishtar wanted to say something but Butcher cut it off, saying that Lynx is right. She felt what they're talking about while her friends don't (yet). Ishtar told him she wanted to ask about himself. Butcher responded that she didn't succeed to do so. Ishtar then could send a smile to the Demon.

After talking to everyone, Indigo confessed that she actually had several opportunities to return to her. She imagined them meeting again so vividly; that she would pluck bring a flower in the Realm of Infinity, bring it to Ishtar like some stupid triumph prince and she would laugh. There was too much going on and she wanted to meet her for the first time in seven years but not like the way they did in Falcon's Gorge. Indigo thought that she wasted seven years, but Ishtar didn't think the same way: she had seen and experienced lot of interesting things, made friends and even have her own dojo. Hearing this, Indigo laughed at the thought of calling her Master Ishtar. She then told her what should they do as she would do as she say and her brother would accept her decision. Ishtar still doesn't know what to do as Demons are terrible but powerful allies. She then told Indigo that she knew someone who can help her; a good person and a good fighter. Hearing this, Indigo wondered if the person is her best friend. Ishtar said it's what she felt and so did a lot of people. Indigo believed that that's a good sign and told her to tell more about the person.

The Law of Void states that no one can bring harmony to it but Ishtar believes the player can do it. Void Speaker apologized for not telling them the everything from the beginning but now she's convinced that Mnemos is right about them as they mastered many fighting styles and knew the world like no one else, that they can make the right choice. She then asked for their help to free the Void when the time comes.



Adventure's Main Rewards[]

After completing all the adventure fights, the players will be able to receive Channel Shock and Seagull's Attack special moves and Blades Of Laws - Blazing Logic and Blizzard. Basic rewards (Channel Shock and Seagull's Attack or crystals) can be obtained for free, while the Premium rewards (Blazing Logic and Blizzard) cost 400 mnemonium.


  • This adventure has a completely different and unique story system than the rest of the game, introducing the player to a completely new and different kind of quests which involve merely "walking and talking to people" rather than fighting.