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Hello! My real name is Serdar. 😁 Firstly, Why my nickname is "TC Hiper"? Because, "TC" means Türkiye Cumhuriyeti = Republic of Turkey. "Hiper" is my imaginary character like Superman, Spider-Man etc. This character was made by me. But this isn't subject now. Hehehehe 😁. Okay... I'm 18 years old. I'm from Turkey. I don't play a lot of games because of special reason. I'm playing Shadow Fight 2 and Shadow Fight 3 on mobile now. Also, I sometimes play Leauge of Legends and Need for Speed series on my computer. My last sentences: I'm ready for make some friends in here. Because I think, you are very friendly. Thanks! 😃 By the way, I will reply messages in Message Wall don't worry. I'm waiting questions about me and Shadow Fight 2. Have a nice day everyone! 😃

My Favourite Shadow Fight 2 YouTubers: [The Epic Teenager] [ULTIMATE GAMER] [Surenda Singh] [ArifGameTR] My Favourite YouTubers: I can't count. Because there are a lot of...

My Shadow Fight 2 Stats

Hello! I'm Hiper. I started this story in 2017. I completed whole story and defeated Titan in a month. After, I tried to defeat Titan and his bodyguards in Eclipse Mode. It was really hard when I fought with May and Titan. But finally, I defeated all of them in Eclipse Mode. Why I always use Golden Katana? First, I have got old memories with this weapon. Second, It is my main weapon. Third and last, I completed most part of the game with this sword. So, I love this weapon so much. After I had defeated Titan, I started fighting in the Underworld's raids. In Underworld, my name is GOLGEHIPER. Sometimes, I beat some good players' damage score. Sometimes, I failed completely. But, finally, I have reached 7th Dan. I'm only fighting in raids for beat everyone's damage now. I'm not fighting for rank for now but I will fight for rank in the future. Actually, I'm continuing story's way in Underworld and in this way, you can see my epic achievements in photos. That's all about me in Shadow Fight 2.

<gallery> Weapon_golden_katana.png|EnchantmentFrenzy.pngEnchantmentTornado.png Armor_faceless_tunic.png|EnchantmentFrenzy.pngEnchantmentTornado.png Helm_faceless_mask.png|EnchantmentOverheat.pngEnchantmentTornado.png Ranged_circular_saw.png|EnchantmentFrenzy.pngEnchantmentTornado.png MAGIC_C2_Z2_MONK_ROOT_STUN.png|EnchantmentFrenzy.pngEnchantmentTornado.png

It hasn't been planned yet.

My Shadow Fight 3 Stats

Stats= This is secret information for now.

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