Shadow Fight 2 & 3. Keep Fighting!

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Current Events Held:


In the Shadows

Rumor has it, a shadow jade is traded. Supposedly, the gem give you strength... and steals your soul. Emissary Wei need to know who is mining it. He then asks player to cover him to find the one trading in that crap. However, the merchant managed to escape, but the player has a sanjiegun in his hand.

Sanjiegun is no simple weapon. It requires total mastery, easy to fold up and hide, and importantly, sanjegun leaves wounds, but not deadly.

I See You

The secret Watchers order may involved. Emissary was talk of the Watcher in his training squad. The main thing is that Watcher use the sanjiegun in battle, and the Shadow Jade merchant had one of those weapon in previous battle. He managed to learn the secret meeting place of the aristocrat.

Something big is happening. The Watchers' Speaker ran away and dropped his bag. He found a list of Guardian Dragons, a special title that bestows in the right to enter the Hundred Schools Tournament.

Dragon Tournament

Emissary Wei managed to get General Tao to talk, he tried to find the Watchers' trail, but then he gave up for some reason. The main thing to concern is the elite Dragon Tournament.

Guadian Dragon of the various ages are participating in the Tournament. The General suspect that this is where the Watchers recruit elite guadians.

Emissary Wei managed to get a fake Dragon license to the player. Now. the player must defeat all the Dragons ,and stay on guard. The Watcher is sure to take an interest to player.

Shadow Fight 3

New Update is coming:

  • New Weapons: Sanjiegun and Ninjato!
  • New Legendary rarity Glaive
  • New equipments set.
  • New Transformation: Itu's Plane

Shadow Fight Arena

Shadow Fight Arena will release globally at 3 November 2020. Look forward to the release!

Link (Not available for now).

Shadow Fight 2

  • Shards have been added to make it easier for players to collect Monk sets and Sentinel sets. The number of shards depends on the position of the player and the boss being fought.
  • Hard Mode has been added in the raid. Available for players who already have a clan.
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