This article refers to Trickster in Shadow Fight 2: Special Edition. For other uses, see Trickster (disambiguation).

Trickster is a character who appears in the Special Edition of Shadow Fight 2. He is the first bodyguard of Wasp, encountered in Old Wounds during Act IV.

He is dressed as a typical pirate in leather breeches and jacket, with a white undershirt and a sword on one hip. A red bandana is tied over his hair. He wields the Oriental Sabers as his weapon, and uses Throwing Daggers as his ranged weapon.


Do you believe in fortune? I think I gonna make my fortune today by takin' all yer monies. You think you'll have some luck, ol' man? - Before fighting him.



  • He is the second character in the game to be named Trickster, the first is the challenger Trickster from Act 1: Hero Reborn.
  • Trickster was based on Jack Sparrow from Pirates of The Carribean franchise.
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