Trickster is the first challenger that appears in Shadow Fight 2. He challenges the players to a fight once they reaches level 5. He says that he has heard of the player's skills, and offers a duel to test them. If the player wins, he will give them his weapon - a pair of Nunchacku. If the players lose then they can either

  • Leave
  • Retry by giving +3 gems for each retry (with maximum of 30 gems, after 11th try it will always cost 30 gems)


  • Trickster uses Nunchacku as his weapon.
  • He wears Red Doublet as his armor.
  • He wears Conical Hat as his helm.


  • OverheatEnchantmentOverheat

Trickster's Nunchackus are enchanted with Overheat, giving a chance in each strike to put a buff on him that makes his next strike inflict 200% more damage.

Quotes Edit

  • "Is all that noise about you? I was the main greatest sensation that happened to this town before you! Show me what you're good for, upstart!" (Challenging the player)
  • "You'll only be remembered as a vulgar copycat of Trickster the Great! I stake my nunchaku on you not being worth the dust on my sandals!" (Challenging the player)
  • "Coward! What kind of a man refuses a challenge?" (Challenge rejected)
  • "Money can cure a wounded pride. Shadow, I am sure this bumpkin will gladly show off once more, and earn some dough as well." (May, rematch offer)
  • "Right! My martial arts cost a few coins! Very well; I'll show you a feint or two. Watch and admire!" (Rematch offer)
  • "This guy sure is unruly, but... perhaps you could still learn something from him? Let's try!" (Rematch rejected)
  • "Fine. I admit, I was too excited. It happens, huh? Perhaps I need more self-control. Here, take my nunchaku. You earned it." (After defeating him)