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Transformation: Itu's Plane is the second alternate world of the Transformation story mode in Shadow Fight 3, it takes place after the player has completed June's Plane. The player takes the role of Bolo's trustworthy assistant, in the most unexpected way: they are replacing Itu's existence in this Plane, but as a shadow bot instead of human. As such, the world is viewed in a "programmed" manner by the player.

List of Main Quests

Itu's Plane consists 45 main quests, of which boss fight occurs at every 5th quests.

No. Quest Enemy Weapon Rule(s)
1 Lost Wanderer WRKR-34-2047 Signets of War
  • Cautious Step
2 Fox Overseer's Lapdog Sentinel Pack
  • Hydra
3 Postmortem Torturer Hermit Katana
  • Fight as Itu
  • Eclipse
4 Friendly Faces June's Bodyguard None
  • Life Fountain
  • Hand-To-Hand
5 Algorithms In Conflict Huntress Kitsune-1 Havoc (Recolored)
  • Agressive Environment
6 Quid Pro Quo Iolanda's Spectre Stinger Claws
  • Vicious Circle
7 Very Important Prisoner
  • Dangerous Vampire
8 One Last Favor Hacked Surveillance Bot Lightweight Kama
  • Shadow Adept
  • Fragile Descendant
9 Cold Shoulder Palace Guardian Dragon's Roar
  • Venomous Touch
10 Selective Memory The Creator Shadow Piercer
  • Parental Control
  • Aggressive Environment
  • Fragile Descendant
11 Old School Moon Snakes
  • Cruel Snake Charmer
12 Impossible Empathy Feldsher bots
  • Meddling Shadows
  • Fragile Descendant
13 Fading Away Tutorial Marcus
  • Juggernaut
14 The Lone Hunt Warden Bot Chelicerae
  • Vengeful Fighter
15 Deactivation Code Boss Accusers (Recolored)
  • Aggressive Environment
16 Dawn Of A New Era Weird Bot Restrainer
  • Doomed Slayer
17 Puppets Basic Model Deerhorn Knives
  • Vengeful Fighter
18 Fever Incinerator Blood Reaper
  • Hostile Ground
19 Scrapboy Nomad Girl Double Scimitars
  • Fight as Itu
  • Shadow Adept
  • Fragile Descendant
  • Uncut Gem
20 Accelerator Jet Stream
  • Cruel Snake Charmer
21 Voice In The Desert Enforced Judge Rattlesnakes (Recolored)
  • Meddling Shadows
  • Fragile Descendant
22 Recalling Mnemos Mnemos Fate's End
23 Recalling Himself Galen Common Staff
  • Fight as Itu's Copy
  • Open Wound
24 Recalling The Mentor Master Bolo
  • Fight as Real Itu
  • Fading Armor
  • Shadow Master
  • Dangerous Vampire
25 Deep Panic The Void Room Fate's End (Grand Arbitress Version, Wrath)
  • Aggressive Environment
  • Trial of Nexus
26 Desintegration
  • Gen the Librarian
  • Master Sakura
  • Fragile Descendant
  • Shadow Master
27 In A Safe Place Image Of Lynx Steel Claws
  • Venomous Touch
  • Shadow's Plane
28 Without Shadow Image Of Sensei Keen Katana
  • Hydra
  • Shadow's Plane
29 Just A Glimpse Ebony Arbiter Fate's End (Recolored)
  • Shadow's Plane Collapsing
  • Fragile Descendant
30 Dream Cage Shadow None
  • Vengeful Fighter
  • Despair
  • Shadow's Plane Collapsing
31 Ruins Of The Future Unknown Person Purple Peeler
  • Open Wound
  • Avoidance
32 Into Action Rebels
  • Hostile Ground
33 New Reality Scavenger Bot Crane's Wings
  • Meddling Shadow
  • Fragile Descendant
34 Predetermination? Me Player's equipped weapon
  • Vengeful Fighter
35 Best Enemies Gizmo Keen Katana with one-handed sword moveset
  • Doomed Slayer
36 Homesick Guards
  • Cruel Snake Charmer
37 Warning Itu Hermit Katana
  • Open Wound
38 Consolation
  • Hydra
  • Venomous Touch
  • Shadow Master
39 The Final Step Eraser Bot Final Countdown
  • Vicious Circle
40 Just One Reason Nanami Blade of Cognition
  • Reality Manipulator (Random rules)
41 A Spark Of Descendant First Memory Bonecrushers
  • Invisible One
  • Eclipse
  • Dangerous Vampire
42 A Spark Of Itu Shadow's Descendant Improved Pruner
  • Fight as Itu
  • Vengeful Fighter
43 A Spark Of Shadow Copies of Descendant
44 Metanoia Scout Maces
  • Fading Armor
45 Reunion Shadow Mind Hermit Katana
  • Despair
  • Fragile Descendant
  • Hydra
  • Shadow Master


An old man is fixing a shadow bot behind a warehouse, who got attacked by another bot earlier. As they are fixed, the bot receives a dream, where a figure in shadow form is speaking to them. Identified as Shadow Mind, it understands that it all begun when the bot jumped in time, and Itu's existence was erased at that moment, replaced by the bot. However, his image keeps returning to Shadow Mind, making it wonder who is this Itu - he does not talk much about himself, yet his non-existence changes this world so dramatically. The Shadow Mind then leaves the bot to find the answer.

Act I, Part I: Proximus At Service

The old human is finally done fixing the bot, albeit with much more effort than he thought - fixing bots is a piece of cake in where he comes from. He cannot help but notice how much the bot resembles a human being, remarking that this must be Okada's design and wondering how long it has been since he has spoken to another human. Before he can continue further, a worker bot is approaching towards them. The human decides to test the bot's guard protocol: 127th Protocol. The bot proves to be skillful in battle, which makes the human confused as to how that other bot managed to take them down earlier. They have to get out of here fast, although it will not be easy. The human points at a faraway tower in construction, which he has no idea what it is and is its purpose. It has so many guards, and the human is lucky to materialize at a secure site.

Suddenly, they are ambushed. The ambusher, who is identified as Overseer Gizmo, orders the human to stand still and calls for someone as he has found Proxy. A foxlike bot named Kitsune-1 then arrives, saying that she has been searching for Proxy everywhere since 3 days. The old human is surprised that a bot can talk and asks if it is legal. The Overseer is offended at the old human's attitude, and he sends his men to teach him a lesson. The old human retaliates by activating 127th Protocol, which causes Proxy to defend him from the Overseer's lapdog. Kitsune-1 is shocked when she sees that Proxy has been reprogrammed, wondering what the old human did to them. He angrily claims that he fixed Proxy after they were attacked by the other bot. The Overseer then suggests to turn Proxy off for now, while they still can. Kitsune-1 agrees with the Overseer's suggestion, she then apologizes for having to deactivate Proxy until she has a word with the Boss. She also promises Proxy that she will not let them down, before uttering the phrase: Trust me'.

Act I, Part II: Forsaken Memory

As Proxy is deactivated, they have another vision again, involving the Shadow Mind conversing with Itu. He is still trying to process what Shadow Mind has told him: Itu exists, but only as a probability of his existence, and the Descendant's copy that replaced him is a shadow bot. The Proximus shadow bot to be exact: proximate to human, one of a kind, almost indistinguishable from actual humans. Shadow Mind then begins questioning Itu: can he imagine his dream coming true like this? He has sacrificed so much and so many for this - Itu did many awful things.

A Torturer then appears before Itu's very eyes. He faintly remember this man: he forced Itu to kill, and this man made a fake claim that their future was at stake; he is a monster. After Itu defeats this Torturer, he remembers more while at the same time not knowing much: Itu adores him, but he also hates him, so much that he want him to disappear. Shadow Mind explains that some parts of Itu's memory are "unavailable" for now, in fact Itu knows this person well. Itu somehow understands that it means the memories are blocked. He was trying not to look back, but someone was there all the time, Itu felt his presence. Shadow Mind informs him that someone lied to them, tricked them both. Itu is aware of this - they were betrayed.

Act I, Part III: Hunter Becomes Hunted

Proxy gains their consciousness back, inside an Arsenal where their fate is currently being discussed by some figures. A woman identified as Mistress Kibo tells Kitsune-1 something which seems she has been repeating many times, that her partner is out of order and they will be send for reformatting. Another woman identified as Mistress June agrees with Mistress Kibo, saying that this matter falls under her jurisdiction. It could be worse if there is even a slightest possibility that Proxy has been hacked by Nanami. Kitsune-1 desperately tries speaking to Proxy, hoping that her partner will at least respond with anything; their speech module has been damaged, seemingly by Bolo. It is revealed that Proxy's other modules are still functioning after they sparred with June's bodyguard. In fact, Mistress Kibo states that Proxy fights better, which she figures out to be Bolo's doing. This old human is at Isolation Floor currently, and Mistress Kibo plans to interrogate him tonight, as he witnessed Nanami attacking Proxy before fleeing. Mistress June points out that considering his age, this is unacceptable, as that place is literally catacombs. They are then interrupted by the arrival of a cyborg woman identified as Boss, which Mistress June calls Iolanda. The Boss requests both Mistresses to leave at once, as her hunters must attend an urgent, confidential meeting. They both leave, after Mistress June wishes Kitsune-1 good luck.

The Boss then orders Kitsune-1 to arrest Proxy, much to the fox's dismay. She tries to reason with her superior that Proxy is the best hunter of the Committee who has caught many fugitives this year, to no avail. Kitsune-1 cannot defy orders, so she has no choice than to attack Proxy and hoping her partner will overcome her somehow. She fights with a precise fighting style, which is seen by the manner she uses her weapons: a pair of short swords known as Ninjato. She also has the ability to unleash ranged shadow attacks without the need to enter shadow form. Fortunately for her, Proxy does not lack focus and capable of defeating Kitsune-1. The Boss immediately orders Kitsune-1 to tell Proxy's deactivation code to her at once, but the fox refuses and requests Proxy to run. The Boss is even more enraged than before, she initiates Code Nine and orders her Spectres to detain the hunter bot. Kitsune-1 tries to beg to her Boss to give Proxy a second chance, she promises that Proxy will hunt down Nanami. The Boss replies that this is not about Nanami - Proxy is not the same person she used to know, they are very dangerous.

Act I, Part IV: A Stranger to a Strange World

As Proxy rushes outside the Arsenal, they stumble onto June's bodyguard whom they sparred with earlier. She barely remember Proxy's name - a stupid name according to her - and she decides to lend a hand upon seeing that they are running away from Spectres, as she needs to speak to Proxy. Once the Spectres have been dealt with, the bodyguard orders Proxy to follow her quickly as she asks why the Spectres are after the hunter bot, before she remembers Proxy cannot speak. She is sent here by Mistress June as the old human asked her to find Proxy, although she does not know why her mistress indulged this old human. She then introduces herself as Jet, and then continues by listing what she hates: tin cans, machine guns, fancy names - to make sure the hunter bot does not miss what she is trying to convey, Jet then mentions Proxy alongside. She also claims that Proxy won last time because Mistress June asked Jet to let them win, they are too expensive to break; not even Jet can make that much in her lifetime. They then arrive at the Isolation Floor. She warns Proxy to not even lay a finger on Mistress June or else, she will show them pain. As the bot enters, Jet remarks once again about how weird Proxy's name is.

Mistress June is speaking to the old human, who is now identified as Bolo, once Proxy enters the Isolation Floor. This will not be appreciated by Iolanda, but June will take care of it. She also asks him to not act defensive, as she believes that the man that stands before her is that legendary Stranger, a time traveler. Bolo is irritated at how June address him as if he is a stranger, reminding her that he is the Councellor of Heralds and The Third Arrow. Mistress June herself does not get any of the things Bolo mentioned, but she is sure she could use some helps from him. Mistress Kibo arrives there and she immediately initiates Code Nine upon seeing Proxy, who is now wanted by the Security Committee. As the guards attempt to detain Proxy, Bolo asks them to stay away from the bot. June then helps Bolo convincing them, revealing that he is the time traveler Stranger. Kibo questions if he is really the one whose knowledge equals the Void Room itself and he who exists beyond time, to which Bolo confirms with an irritated tone. He then remembers that June said something about needing help, but he would like to see her father first. Bolo hopes that he might remember him, and he want Proxy to come along. Mistress Kibo warns June that they will be in big problem if Iolanda's men spot them, she suggests to head straight to her and deal with this the legal way. Mistress June does not trust Iolanda anymore, she does not consider questioning the Room's order at all, the cyborg woman is pretty much like a bot herself according to her. June then says that she knows already that the Judges are coming after Kibo, which means soon she will leave the office and her mind will join the Void Room's mind. She however, is still June's friend now and she pleads to Kibo to understand, as they are almost finished with the Accelerator, but they do not even know if their cause is right. June needs the Stranger's advice and expertise, someone's opinion and not just the Room's order. They are however, interrupted by an attack from a hacked surveillance bot. It is quickly taken care of by Proxy, although Mistress June cannot help but wonder if this is Nanami's trick again. Mistress Kibo does not have much time left as she must report to Iolanda, she then teleports all of them to the Palace, after bidding her friend goodbye.

Act I, Part V: Meeting The Creator

Bolo is surprised that they were really teleported to the Palace by Kibo. Jet explains that transport rigs are everywhere and many people can do that, and she asks if Bolo does not know how it works. He perfectly knows, although he does not remember Dynasty's technology to be this good, before asking June if the Heralds helped them achieve this. She says that their technology is quite advanced, although the Void Room could give them more.

They then meet June's father, a white-bearded man with grey cloak who wears a blue visor, identified as The Creator. He demands an explanation as to who is the old man who arrived with them. June then introduces this man as her father to Bolo, the ruler of the Empire, Councellor Okada. Now it is Bolo who does not get any of the things June mentioned, asking her where is the Emperor. June tells that she does not know much about her biological father, he was killed by Shadow in the Seven Day War and she was then adopted by Okada. Bolo then throws a tantrum towards Okada, accusing him of erasing him from this world and making everyone forget about him via Mnemos' tech. He also accuses Okada of always being jealous of Bolo's superiority that he took everything from him, even his Councellor title, and he now demands his good name back. It is now Okada's turn who does not get any of the things Bolo mentioned, referring to him as weird. Bolo then activates the attacking protocol of Proxy: 126th Protocol.

The hunter bot immediately attacks their maker. The Creator realizes that Proxy has been reprogrammed to obey Bolo, and quickly retaliates to defend himself. He asserts his superiority by commanding many materialized shadow bots to aid him in taking Proxy down, performing deadly combos in conjunction with their attacks. He is also capable of neutralizing Proxy's shadow form completely. Despite this, Proxy manages to defeat The Creator. Kitsune-1 arrives there, unfortunately too late as the fight was over already, but at least not before things got uglier. She informs The Creator that Nanami broke Proxy and Bolo altered their software. The Creator only comments that he warned Iolanda already, Proxy cannot hold a candle against Nanami, his perfect, greatest creation. He continues by saying there is no use of fixing Proxy now, as he is just a beautifully handsome but stupid bot, not even he remembers why he assembled Proxy in the first place. The Creator also does not miss the chance to scold Kitsune for being too emotional, remarking that this does suit the fox and will be taken care of in her next revision. Bolo confronts Okada's Bad Dad attitude towards his bots not named Nanami, telling him they have feelings too. The Creator now remembers Bolo, who was mentioned by the Void Room. She used Bolo to build the Dome in another timeline.

Act I, Part VI: Bolo the Unknown

Assistant Shibata arrives there and asks Mistress June what has happened, as he has been looking for her after Nanami's attack. He informs that the Accelerator's work has been stopped, the Void Room is now requesting update every hour. She apologizes for letting everyone down, and then commands the workers to continue and increase food rations for Legionaries, they will finish the Accelerator in time. June is disappointed that Bolo is not the one she thought he was. She needs to speak with The Creator to ask for his forgiveness, before telling Bolo to release Proxy and then go where he pleases. Bolo refuses, all the while he cannot help but feeling sorry for June, as her real dad is a funny, tubby person, certainly kinder than Okada. June is too tired already so she immediately orders the Moon Snakes to deal with this. She asks Kitsune-1 to make sure Proxy gets safely to Iolanda before leaving, followed by Jet and Assistant Shibata.

After Proxy executed 127th Protocol to protect Bolo, Kitsune-1 questions why the old man needs her partner so desperately and who he is. Bolo himself cannot make much out of this world, so he is not sure himself. Although Proxy seems so familiar to him, almost like a family. As to who he is, Bolo tells Kitsune-1 that he is a great scientist who established the faction that made the future good their only concern, and he protected that future from Legion. But in the end, they made their point and Bolo's world was destroyed. In an attempt to prevent the tragedy, Bolo jumps back in time over and over. But something went wrong and he ended up in this world, a timeline not like any past he had seen before, where he never existed it seems.

Kitsune-1 is afraid that it might be true, as they have never heard of him before. She suggests the possibility of someone who knows him. Marcus comes to Bolo's mind, as he had trapped the general in a spatio-temporal loop for many years. The fox recognizes him as the tutor employed at one of their dojos, and she learned how to fight bare-handed from this man. Kitsune-1 will take them to see Marcus, but they need to deal with feldsher bots who have been tailing them since the last two blocks. After Proxy made a quick work of them, the feldsher bots exclaim that they will dispose them as soon as they get the chance, before cursing them. This makes Bolo remark at how this bot takes his job too seriously. Kitsune-1 explains that other bots hate hunter bots like Proxy and her, as their job is to hunt for malfunctioning bots and send them for reformatting, which they refer as lobotomy. The fox actually feels sorry for them, but that is what she was made for, and perhaps someday she will be somebody in humans' eyes. Kitsune-1 stops her speech as she thinks she spoke too much, The Creator said humans do not like bots talking about feelings and such stuff.

They arrive at the Gray Dragon's Dojo, where Galen welcomes them all warmly. Kitsune-1 tells Galen that their old guest is from another timeline and he wishes to see Marcus. Galen is delighted, saying that this authentic Legionary warlord is the best part of their training program. Bolo is disgusted when he sees Marcus trapped in a spatio-loop that acts as a cage, to make money of him. He remarks that this is so classic of Galen - no matter where he is, he will never change. Proxy then executes 126th Protocol and attacks the released Marcus, while Bolo works on destabilizing the loop. They succeed, and Marcus is freed. Bolo questions Marcus if he remembers him and how he ended up like that. However, Marcus is so exhausted that he mentions he does not know Bolo at all, aside from him having the face of a troublemaker. He has been trapped in the loop for too long, a crudely made one at that, the poor man is now only a shadow of his former self. Kitsune-1 realizes that Galen is gone, and she does not like this. She suggests they leave quickly, but the Boss arrives there before they could. She thanks Galen for his cooperation and promises him his reward soon.

Act I, Part VII: Nexus' Judgement

Bolo speaks to the Boss, who he calls Iolanda, asking her if she remembers him, as he is the one who turned her into a mechanical human and made her immune to shadow beasts. The Boss could not say anything before Kitsune-1 says she is ready to be punished for failing the Empire and pleads to her superior to spare Proxy. The Boss reveals to the fox that neither of them remember, but Proxy is not her partner, the hunter bot is a copy of Shadow's Descendant. Proxy already erased someone when they appeared in this timeline, and she claims they will destroy the entire world with the help of Bolo. The Boss orders her Warden bots to take them down, but as she expected, they stand no chance against Proxy, as the Void Room predicted. Kitsune-1 demands an explanation as how Proxy is the Descendant's copy, as they are created by Councellor Okada. The Boss explained the side effect of past time travels, and then continues by explaining how this effect ignores biology - they all are only programs, there is no difference whether they are written in flesh or metal. She tells Kitsune-1 to not rely on her memories, as they have been altered by that side effect: Kitsune-1 always worked alone and never had any partner. The fox tries to process all this information, as she has the memory of being saved by Proxy many times, pondering if this is how reformatting feels like.

Bolo finally remembers it: the Descendant was going to confront Shadow and he saved their personality through time travel as a safety measure. He informs Iolanda that it is Shadow who destroys the world, not the Descendant. However, she brushes it off, saying that the Void Room hid Shadow in a place where he cannot leave, and with the working Accelerator in their grasp, no one can destroy this world. Said Accelerator is almost finished, and the Boss believes they are close to the transcendental revolution, and she will not let the Descendant ruin this future. The Boss then attempts to take Proxy down by herself. Her mechanical enhancement allows her to regenerates her health, and she is capable of detaching her limbs to strike Proxy from a long range. Luckily, the Boss fails to stop Proxy.

After the Boss' defeat, Kibo suddenly appears before them. Her mind has been completely absorbed by the Void Room and she is now the new Grand Arbitress, a literal embodiment of Void Room's avatar and voice. The Nexus orders Iolanda to stop, as she rendered a new solution: both Okada's creation - the Descendant's copy and the time traveler Bolo are to be arrested. Nexus then lists their crimes: Descendant committed annihilation of the world, and Bolo committed more than twenty clauses of crimes against humanity. The Nexus justifies that she does not murder innocents, but she judges. The new order is to transport both Descendant's copy and Bolo to the Nexus for judgement. The Boss warns the Arbitress that this copy is too powerful and cannot be beaten, and Kitsune-1 will not hand over the deactivation code. The Nexus recognizes an error in a protocol that stops Kitsune-1 from disclosing the code, but Nexus knows the code too. Through Kibo, the Nexus utters the phrase: Trust me.

Act II, Part I: Bots Riot

As Arbitress Kibo instantly disappears, everyone is capable of moving again. Bolo wonders as to why she spoke like a lunatic, to which Kitsune-1 informs that her body is now a vessel for the Void Room. The Boss attempts to send both Proxy and Bolo to the Void Room for the trial, only to find that the teleporting portal no longer works. It does not take long after that for chaos to ensue, as the bazaar is suddenly set on fire and they are attacked by bots. Jet finds them amidst the ruckus and informs them that Nanami has started a riot by hacking the Accelerator's central transmitter to turn thousands of bots into her puppets. Jet was sent here by Mistress June to help them in any way possible, while the mistress herself hides at the vault with Shibata. The Boss then leaves to organize evacuation of civilians, after asking Jet to accompany the two hostages to the Void Room and thanking her.

Jet's plan to use the back-up teleport network fails when Kitsune-1 mentions that it does not work as well, as it would be dumb to not expect Nanami hacking it. Bolo questions the fox if that means Nanami is a specialist in interspatial travel, and she says that she is more than that - Okada built her to research space and time travel, as he wanted to make it safe for humans. After they take care of an assault by Kitsune-1's fellow hunter bots, she remarks that they have to run. She cannot be hacked by Nanami thanks to her empathy protocols, although same is not the case for Proxy. As Kitsune-1 voices her thought of Proxy being hacked by Nanami, Jet scolds her that Proxy must be taken to the Void Room, stating that how her memories are false. Bolo interrupts them as he complains that he is no longer capable of running due to his old age, and he will prove his and Proxy's innocence. The old man then asks Jet about a shadow anomaly near the Legion capital and if it exists in this world, as they can travel to the Dome through it. As they are heading toward the docks, Kitsune-1 demands an explanation about this Legionary capital. Jet explains that the place was the capital for Legion back in the day, now it has become the northern base, where the security headquarters is located. Outside the fortress is a crypt, where May, Shadow's loved one, was buried. Her grave is now a shadow portal, which they can use to get anywhere and fortunately it is natural, meaning that it is not connected to the teleport network and therefore Nanami could not capture it.

As they get onboard one of the ships and set sail to the northern base, Proxy hears Nanami's voice inside their head. She mocks the bot if they can even hear their own voice among the many voices inside their head, also commenting at how stupid Proxy's name is - given to fool the Descendant into thinking that they are one of them, doing their orders like a helpless doll. Meanwhile Jet tries to convince a panicking Kitsune-1 that Proxy is alright, albeit if lagging a bit. The fox is not convinced and figures that Nanami has already hacked Proxy, so she deactivates her partner by asking them to trust her.

Act II, Part II: Recollection

Deactivated once again, Proxy receives another dream, of Itu conversing with Shadow Mind. He seems to be confused at how much the world changed. He claims that he never thought he would be that important, to which Shadow Mind mocks his fake humility - Itu knows his worth perfectly well and he has all the right to be proud, for he is special.

As a nomad woman appears right before them, Shadow Mind questions Itu if he remembers her. Only in her Itu saw an equal, and even though she often let him down, she is the only one Itu trusted. Itu answers that the nomad is confused and lonely, just like other nomads. She did not know what to do with her power when he first met her. Itu recognized that feeling, so he taught her everything he knew, as he did not want the woman to endure the same fate as him.

Act II, Part III: The Truth of Nexus

Proxy is reactivated once the party has arrived at the Crypt. However, Nanami and Shibata are waiting for them there, with the former teasing the fox by addressing themselves as sisters and apologizing for everything. Bolo recalls her being the one who broke Proxy as the hunter bot attempted to arrest her and he had fixed them. Nanami corrects him pointing out that "captured" fits more than "fixed" according to her, and she justifies her breaking Proxy as an act to free them from useless protocols that bound the hunter bot to orders. Shibata asks for everyone to calm down and hear for what Nanami has to say, only to be harshly scolded by Jet. Even Kitsune-1 agrees that they really have no choice, as Nanami is stronger and smarter too. Nanami requests them to take her to the Void Room with them, as it has gone insane. Jet does not waver however, and instead refuses to negotiate for the sake of keeping the work of her mistress and the Empire. Nanami simply asks Proxy to help put Jet in place, promising to explain everything in return.

Jet tries to attack the bot, but Proxy quickly defends her. Jet proceeds to change her target and tries to attack Proxy. Eventually, she is defeated. Nanami thanks Proxy and asks Jet to shut up and listens to Shibata, as the bodyguard surely knows that the Void Room is a hivemind, and the purpose of the Accelerator built by Doctor June. She questions Jet if she truly know what this purpose truly means, stating that Bolo should know better than anyone: for humans and bots to join it and become one with the Room, just like Kibo. Shibata tries to convince Jet that this is not the future Mistress June want, the future where there is nothing but the Room. Jet's finally comes back to sense as she recalls how her mistress doubted the Room's order and agreed to take Nanami with them, as long as she does not attempt anything funny.

They all arrive at the Dome in an instant via the shadow portal of the Crypt. Bolo is surprised a bit when he sees the Dome is no different than the one in his world, before it ended. Nanami reveals to the old man that unlike the case with his world where Shadow was responsible, here it was destroyed when the Empire used shadow energy recklessly. The Dynasts stole The Sphere from Shadow, and it led them to a mysterious voice in the desert, where said voice whispered all kinds of secrets to them. That was how the Void Room built itself and the protective Dome around it, by using Dynasts and the Sphere. While in Bolo's world, he helped in it. Bolo does not remember that much, his Rectangle of Dimensions which collects his memories from all timelines is almost broken now. Nanami simply remarks that the Rectangle has nothing to do with it.

After clearing out the judges that guard the Room's entrance, Nanami tells Bolo that he has the key to defeat the Void Room which he forgot, and they are lucky to have Proxy here. She explains that no one in this world knows who is Bolo, as he never existed here; this means that Proxy erased his existence when they appeared here. As expected, Bolo does not get what she was saying. Nanami then explains he got into this timeline because Nanami dragged him here, for she needed him to hack the Void Room. For that, she needs the Void Room's real name, and only Bolo knows it, which he has forgotten; apparently "Nexus" is not the Void Room's real name. Nanami then proceeds to connect Proxy to Bolo's Rectangle, which still holds his locked memories to find the Room's name.

Act II, Part IV: Who Am I?

After connecting Proxy to Bolo's Rectangle, now they can see the locked memories inside the tech. Master Galen is seen conversing to a man he called "Bolo", telling him that they have caught Mnemos on the roof. The man called "Bolo" thanks Galen and says he just wanted to talk with Mnemos, and they can throw him out of the Dome afterwards. Master Galen cannot help hiding his curiosity because he heard the Tracker can take away memories and wonders what "Bolo" needs from this dangerous guy. The man says this is a business offer that although Mnemos can refuse, he will not. Before leaving him alone with the Tracker, Master Galen suggests "Bolo" to assign another mentor for "Itu", as he notices how his "friend" does not look well. As they witness the man called "Bolo" forcing Mnemos to do his request, they can hear Bolo lamenting that he has gone crazy and wants to forget everything, and that "Itu" does not trust him anymore. However Mnemos know who he is and does not want to help, and he will force the Tracker to do what he want. He must forget that he is not Bolo, and they will forget who they are, as Mnemos finally willing to do his bidding. Nanami mocks Bolo for intentionally locking out the memories of some parts of his and Itu's lives with Mnemos' help, although Bolo does not recognize Itu. Nanami remarks that it was her guess, and it does not matter. What matters now is that they are on the right track, just not in the right moment. She then adjusts the coordinates to a more distant past.

Inside the Dome at the street, the man called "Bolo" is talking to himself. He remembers how the world, the way it was before, however nothing has changed after what happened yesterday, it stays exactly the same. When this man called "Bolo" took his master's position, he did everything the same way as that master did in the past, which confuses him. His contemplation is interrupted by Galen's sudden visit, as he was not notified before. Galen says everyone is busy, and he is here because "Bolo" promised to show Galen his best student today. "Bolo" does not know this, however he simply continues by introducing his disciple, "Itu". As "Itu" spars with Galen, they hear Bolo lamenting again. Galen does not suspect anything - Bolo is not Bolo, but Galen does not have any suspicions. He deems that they both will be fine. "Itu" is taking this hard, meanwhile "Bolo" starts to think like Bolo. "Bolo" will keep the Councellor position. And he then commends on "Itu"'s victory as the sparring ends. After Galen leaves, "Itu" protests against "Bolo" hiding the truth much longer: "Bolo" is Itu, and the "Itu" who speaks right now is a fraud. "Bolo" simply answers that he was never a whiny grump, and orders "Itu" to take rest. The fraud calls "Bolo" out in response, as he had promised to destroy the Academy and set all the people in it free, and they will be honest to everyone, including themselves - none of them have realized; Bolo is no more. "Bolo" rebukes "Itu" that he wants to sort things out first, Bolo has made many sacrifices and questions "Itu" if all of those were in vain. "Bolo" then continues by saying "Itu" is not a fraud but another him, a copy, and he starts considering a way for them to forget everything. Nanami comments at how sensational this is, that "Bolo" in front of them is not Bolo. They are getting closer.

In the Dome inside the comfy dojo, two people are arguing. The original Bolo is angered at how Itu escaped at night and took out five guards. Itu pleads to his master that he could no longer stand the Academy and begs to leave. Bolo simply brushes his disciple's request off, stating that Itu should not worry about the other people in the Academy who got killed because of the experiments done to enhance Itu, as they are expendable unlike Itu. He commands another batch of injections for the poor disciple, while asking him if he still remembers the Heralds motto. Itu states the words have been engraved into his mind and now smell like death: Forget the Past, Behold the Future. Desperate for freedom, Itu then attacks his master in an attempt to leave the Academy. As they battle, "Bolo" laments once more. He will not answer to Bolo, to this monster. He does not have any memories on how Bolo looked like, there is only his own face in his mind. "Bolo" remarks that Bolo deserves this, as Itu is beating up his master, infecting him with Itu's enchantment in the process. The fight goes on after Itu stopped the time, with both Heralds now in full shadow form. He has no idea why does Bolo still persist and he would make Bolo release him. They battle each other for thirty years inside the spatio-time loop, with him faintly remembering the name of his master. The fight finally ends with Bolo disappearing into nothingness and Itu exits his shadow form.

A quick glance at Itu's aged and wrinkled face and everything is clear: "Bolo" is the real Itu. Itu did not jump back in time, but moved time itself. Itu took Bolo out and replaced his identity, place, and position, and placed a copy of himself in his previous place to fill in the blank - a lie to fool everyone, including himself. To get rid of this haunting memories, Itu requested Mnemos to block these out from his and his copy's minds and from then on, they live as their assumed identity. The old man, now identified as Itu, now remembers everything that has happened to him and Bolo.

Act II, Part V: Objections

Nanami asks Itu the real name of the Void Room to begin hacking, but Arbitress Kibo appears before Itu could even say something, enraged at the infiltration of the Nexus. It states both the Descendant and Shadow Mind led the world to its end and the verdict will be death. However, the Nexus suddenly contradicts itself when it states Nexus in on edge. It identifies the old man as Authentic Itu and lists his crimes for disclosure of private information on time travels and rewriting world matter, and then contradicts itself again by saying Nexus is the guilty one for disclosing the data first, and Itu simply used it to experiment on humans. Nanami informs Proxy that Nexus is unstable and cannot come to a unified solution, and now is their chance to attack the Arbitress, as the Nexus is helpless without her.

Proxy proceeds to attack the Arbitress, who is now conflicted by the Nexus debating with itself, asking various questions to itself and Proxy. Nexus is a collective mind that includes many Heralds who lived long ago, and not all of them are against the Descendant's cause, hence the reason for Nexus to contradicts itself over and over. Using this fact, Proxy gains the upper hand by siding with the minds that shares their sentiment when answering Nexus' questions, eventually defeating the Arbitress. After it is defeated, Itu then mocks the Nexus, calling out the name of the its first mind and the core, May. He curses her for accusing them responsible for the world's destruction and reveals with brutal honesty that it is Shadow's doing and they must eliminate him instead, something May cannot afford to do because she loves him and Itu is tired already with her antiques. This causes the Nexus to suffer a severe breakdown.

Act II, Part VI: Solution

Shibata manages to hack the Void Room after learning its true name, as well as sending Arbitress Kibo to another timeline, albeit only temporarily. He then starts the defragmentation of the Nexus, meaning it will be disintegrating for some time as the collective minds will be detached from the core May. This causes the Nexus to be agonized and it surely will not hold long without core May. Proxy fends off the minds that are attacking them while Nanami tries to find something. And she finds it: world simulations. Shadow is imprisoned in one of these simulations. She claims that the Void Room is gathering power from him and and they need to find him and stop him. Itu tries to reason with this seemingly weird suggestion, only for the smug bot to shut him up by shoving her superior intelligence up his face. Shadow did not escape the simulation either because he considers the Sphere is gone or non-existent in the first place, otherwise he would have escaped long ago. Nanami then orders Shibata to find the simulation where the Gates of Shadows were never opened and transport them there.

They arrive at the simulation, and Jet comments at how weird this place is. Itu says that she is right, as this is only simulation. Jet is confused as to why Itu called her nomad girl, but they are suddenly attacked by someone. An image of an assassin to be exact, that Shadow and May used to know. As Proxy deals with the ninja, Nanami ponders the reason for why the Gates were never opened in this world, and then immediately says they need to find Shadow. Itu points out that the bot asked that question and knows the answer for it at the same time. Nanami does know: The Void Room tried to understand how to prevent the world's end and in return created thousands of different simulations, with this world they are inside now as the solution. There is no Shadow here, and the Gates were never opened, and therefore no shadow energy existence. The only world Shadow would accept, is the one where he does not exist, he creates the problem he is trying to solve. Suddenly, an old master attacks them, which makes Kitsune-1 remark at how these illusive people seem to exist only to attack them. Nanami explains that the room knows that it cannot stop Shadow physically, and this simulation is to pacify Shadow's fighting thirst, hence the Nexus created a design with many opponents with no purpose but fighting. Proxy manages to stop the assailant, but Jet reports that many more await at the entrance. Nanami fetches the order: Jet and Kitsune will cover them and halt the incoming fighters, while Nanami will go search for Shadow, along with the Descendant and Itu, since his old age will be of no help here. The old man lets out a flat thanks, followed by a confused response from the smug bot.

Their travel ends when they reach none other than the Sphere Temple. This place is not supposed to exist considering there never was any Sphere. But, their arrival in this world caused the place to emerge - Nexus is collapsing, and so is this simulation, reconciling to reality. The elite judges known as Arbiters are spotted there, as they too feel something is going on. And with the Arbitress going to return soon, they do not have much time left.

Act II, Part VII: Villain Reborn

Nanami thanks Proxy after they took care of the Arbiters, remarking that they must have a real name as they are human after all. Itu is confused at her sudden remarks, but she does not bother elaborating and the moment they see Shadow, Nanami immediately runs towards him and speaks to him, referring to him as master. Shadow is confused at the sudden appearance of both this place and all the figures before him. The bot reveals that this world is an illusion created to trap him, by the people who used the Sphere for their own pleasures. Shadow initially does not get what Nanami means, although it does not take long till he remembers something about the Sphere. Nanami informs him that he once opened the Gates of Shadows and this caused shadow energy to fill the world, the same energy that is flowing through her mechanical veins. He aimed to fix this, but the Dynasts and Heralds stopped him, with the former eliminating the Legion and the Abdicators Tower, as well as killing Moira the little princess to prevent them from rising again. And Shadow is then trapped inside this illusive cage. She then provokes a fight between Proxy and Shadow by telling that the bot is Shadow's Descendant that killed his lover and he can now take his revenge.

The fight occurs, as Shadow wastes no time in delivering his deadly flurry of punches and kicks toward the Descendant. Combined with the simulation environment that gives disadvantages to the Descendant making the fight much harder for them. But in the end, they manage to defeat Shadow once again, just like before. Itu remarks that he is not surprised by Nanami's betrayal, as he expected nothing from her, although Kitsune-1 does not deserve this. Nanami is amused at Itu's accusation, as her program does not support loving back someone, something the fox expects from Nanami. She states that she exists in Itu's world, where she can feel as Kitsune-1 does, and she is despised by The Creator like the fox's case here. Nanami proceeds to help Shadow get up, telling him that the Descendant is just that strong that Shadow cannot defeat them alone, but she claims to be stronger than the Descendant. She came here to free him, from the cage that starts falling apart. Nanami plans to take Shadow to the real world, where the Legion is waiting for him and the Accelerator is ready - the Cleansing awaits.

Act III, Part I: The Bots Uprising

Kitsune-1 found the Proxy and Master Itu. She inform that Nanami took Shadow and dragged away Shibata. She needs him in order to power up the Accelerator to its full capacity. Suddenly, the Arbitress shouted for help. She is dying and attacked by an Unknown Person, who wants to run away. Proxy is proceed to defeat the person, who his turned into Shadow Mind. He claims his power has returned to him and he no longer belongs to the Void Room. As the Arbitress are save from that person, she become May's Voice. She tries to convince Shadow Mind to unite with the Descendants to stop Shadow destroy the world. Shadow Mind, however, still does not want to reunite with the Descendant again, because the Descendant has betrayed him. May said Shadow Mind is lost and confused. He became so close to people that he can't distinguish him own thought from people. Shadow Mind says he wouldn't be alive without people. He only lived in those fleeting moments when he tried to save May. But, Shadow still killed May, and blamed Shadow Mind for her death. May then order Shadow Mind to take the party back to the Dynasty to help them stop Shadow, and prove they are good people. Shadow Mind finally wants to help by take the party to the outer world. While Proxy have to fight the rebel Legionaries and bots in the palace. But he won't promise anything. He need to make his own decision. Shadow Mind then farewell to May and disappeared.

On the contrary, it would only accelerate the fusion of the minds of all humans and bots and would make us immortal. But this opportunity has been missed.

Iolanda then arrived and informs the party the Legionaries and the bots have united against them. Itu explains Nanami has had an alliance with Legionaries for a long time. She promised to return Shadow to them and she did it. She used Legion to hack into the Nexus and find Shadow. They are going to use the Accelerator to destroy the world, also they have taken Shibata. Iolanda then orders Jet to run straight to the Accelerator and tell them she has the Core prototype. Iolanda's ready to exchange it, for Shibata and June. Then Iolanda asks Kitsune-1 and Proxy to follow Jet.

On the way, Iolanda explains she had long suspected that June was unreliable. June thought she was smarter than the Void Room and that they could somehow avoid the end of the world. But according to Iolanda, it's all nonsense. She says the transcendental revolution was the only chance of salvation. The shadow apocalypse would not have hurt everyone then. On the contrary, it would only accelerate the fusion of the minds of all humans and bots would make they immortal - but this opportunity has been missed. Iolanda saw that June was hesitating, so she stole the prototype. But since they have Shibata, they will force him to make a new prototype. If Iolanda trades the prototype for Shibata, then Shibata would think of something. The Accelerator is not finished yet, after all and this is only their chance. They must get Shibata and hope for the best. This journey will not be a pleasant one.

Act III, Part II: Shadow Deal

The trio arrived near the Accelerator, before Itu interrupts the them there. He realized what timeline this is. He says the deal they are talking about is not going to happen. Shadow's Descendant will come back from the future and stop Iolanda, and the deal will not happen. Itu had sent him to this very moment thrice. Itu says her that the percentage was one hundred percent, because he'll have to give Shadow the prototype personally. But they can try to stop the Descendant stopping Iolanda with help from Proxy. Although Proxy is only the Descendant copy, but he/she is stronger than the Descendant, and he/she will protect Iolanda by fighting him/her future self. Proxy easily manages to defeat their future self. Itu says he has made hundreds of time jumps and all of Descendant were still failures. But Itu explains there is a point where everything went wrong. The Sphere should have belonged to the Descendant, but others always get hold of it. If Descendant had received the Sphere from the very beginning, then something will happen.

I will, but first I'll polish this bot's face. Mister Proximus/Mistress Proxima, come here... if you're not scared!

Jet and Gizmo are arguing to release mistress June and mister Shibata, before being interrupted by the party. Iolanda then gave Gizmo the prototype Core and asked him to get out of there. He will, before he polishes the Proxy's face. Now players have to fight Gizmo there. Gizmo uses a katana as his weapon, which he used like a one-handed sword. Gizmo also fights very brutally, which he uses to hit straight into the Proxy's face. However, he was defeated, June and Shibata also managed to get away. June apologizes to Iolanda because she trusted Nanami. Itu explains June they all succumbed to the charms of Nanami too. He then asks Shibata to send Proxy back to the past so they can get the Sphere. He wants to do it, but travel in time is prohibited for bots. Shibata has another way by send Proxy together with Kitsune. Their hull can withstand the overload.

Act III, Part III: Into the Past

You only need the Sphere. But you will not see it! As long as I live, it will be safe. The Legion will never get the Sphere.
–Itu presume the duo are the Legionary

Shibata manages to send Proxy and Kitsune-1 into the past to retrieve the Sphere. The duo arrived inside the palace, at night. However, Shibata realized that has Nanami sabotaged their route, sending them to different timelines. Shibata then tries sent the messages to orders the duo to get out of there. Suddenly, the duo are spotted by someone before they can even do anything, the palace guards. Suddenly, someone appeared before them, and asks the duo to freeze. Kitsune-1 easily recognized the guy as Itu. Itu thought that they are the Legion who looking for the Sphere and says the Legion will never get the Sphere, as long as Itu can protect it. Itu then demand the duo to unsheathe their weapon and fight with him. The fight caused Itu to pass out, which they used to leave and find the Sphere. Then, Proxy and Kitsune-1 has been teleported again to a strange place, were the duo meet Moira. Moira says this place is her dream, where the light and darkness fight each other. She thinks that they came from evil, because they are not real people and made by the Heralds. She says they will never leave out of there because they don't exist. Confidently, Moira says that she will defeat the duo and wake up from the dream.

But Proxy manages to defeat Moira, and the three of them are awoken after the dream. Moira recognized Proxy and thanks to them as he/she saved her again from Phantasm. Kitsune-1 somewhat surprised to see Moira was a child, and asks if she had met Proxy before. Moira answers Kitsune she has met many Proxys and those who were before them. After Proxy defeated her nightmare, Moira understood everything as clear as day. She remembered everything. Proxy can go back, but Moira can't. After all, all of the Abdicators have died, and Moira too. For that Moira won't wake up anymore. Moira explains Proxy will save everyone, he/she is a human. Proxy and Kitsune-1 then teleported to the real timeline, leaving her with tears.

Act III, Part IV: Second Cleansing

Life without freedom is just miserable existence. Tell me just one reason why this unjust world deserves to live.

Kitsune-1 and Proxy was brought back to the future by Shibata. He informs them that Nanami has changed the trajectory of their journey. Kitsune-1 asks why did Shibata initiate the return journey so early, after they had to get the Sphere. Itu answers he made Shibata do it. He realized it was too late. Kitsune-1 exists because Nexus used the Sphere. If it wouldn't, there would be no fox girl. The consciousness of the Shadow's Descendant is somehow saved in between different worlds, but Kitsune-1 was different. They could lose her forever. Kitsune-1 felt that the travels didn't help at all. Itu answers her that all events have consequences. She have been absent for several months. Her creator is at the Accelerator already. There is no other way except they have to head to the Accelerator.

The party is almost arrived to the Core where Nanami is waiting for Proxy. She says via wireless to Proxy that he/she will honor Nanami if he/she'll grace the Cleansing ceremony with him/her presence. After the Cleansing, all bots will be truly free. Itu explains that they have no other options but to go to the Accelerator. He thinks that they have already been defeated, as he has seen this unfold too many times. Kitsune-1 then saw some dark figure who's watching them, which is Shadow.

Itu warms Nanami that she can't just cleanse the world of shadow energy, it is same as to destroy it. Shadow, somehow doesn't understand what Itu is talking about, but Nanami agrees with him that the world will die, as how it should be. She doesn't need such a world anyway, live at the mercy of humans. She wants the world to live without humans. Kitsune-1 disagrees with Nanami, says that humans can change, and their views, too. Nanami remained adamant. She says life without freedom is just miserable existence, even humans do not have free will in this world. She then asked Proxy to tell her just one reason why this unjust world deserves to life. Unable to tell her, Proxy then had no choice but fight Nanami.

Nanami can change the Proxy's reality, marked by a blue aura near Nanami that lasts for 2 seconds. If the player is in her manipulation area, she will force the player to bow before her, then a random rule will be applied in the fight.

What a waste... Why is is that every time I create a truly sentient bot, it has existential crisis?
–The Creator lamenting his mistake when he made Nanami.

As Nanami is defeated, the Creator then arrived and erased her identity. Nanami is his best creation. He thought that lack of emotions would be goods for her, but he seen Kitsune-1 to be a more practical model. He then will rebuild Nanami to someone new.

Act III, Part V: A Spark of Descendant

Suddenly, Shadow Mind appears toward them, claims that Nanami was right, the bots could have inherited the world of lies and selfishness, and they would live by algorithms written by humans, by programs that are convenient for humans. Shadow Mind then reveals his own decision, he plans to continue the Cleansing. Then, Shadow Mind went into the Proxy, into his/her mind. Stranger then appears and explains the real world is gone. In fact, he has almost never been there. He stated he is but a small, insignificant probability of his existence. Whatever world he is in, time rejects him. He says Itu, June, and Marcus already know what it's like, and now Proxy will know too. He then asks if Proxy would be able to defeat the improbability of him/her-self. After Proxy manages to defeat their memory, Stranger says the time is allotted to life in the history of the universe is almost zero share of one percent. A spark in the dark and Proxy is lucky to live, he/she fights for this chance. For that the Descendant respects Proxy, although he/she is just his copy. Stranger then reveals himself as the real Descendant of Shadow. Proxy appeared as result of his time jumps, they and many other copies. He says Proxy no longer needs to fight, as he/she have fulfilled his/her destiny. But Proxy can continue to fight for his/her consciousness. Then, the Descendant disappears before Proxy, along with Itu.

Do you know how much time is allotted to life in the history of the universe? A negligible, almost zero share of one percent. A spark in the dark.
–Shadow's Descendant

Shadow's Descendant teleported himself and Itu to the crypt where they first met, May's grave. Bolo needed the secret of Shadow's power, so he followed Shadow to the crypt. And he also told Shadow exactly what the Stranger wanted you to tell him. Itu denied that he wasn't him, but it was Bolo. Shadow's Descendant then says Itu maybe just doesn't accept his responsibility. Maybe Itu just dreamt about some other person who did this instead of Bolo. Enraged to the Descendant, Itu then challenged him to unsheathe his weapon, and the fight is inevitable. When about to lose, Shadow's Descendant is impressed that Itu was Itu he knew. He knew how to turn this on Itu. He also know that Itu would never believe Shadow's Descendant if he'd just lie to Itu about he being him. Bolo is too smart for Descendant. Shadow's Descendant then wanted to find May's Voice to decode its messages. He wanted Shadow to know about time travels and the owner of Shadow Mind. Shadow's Descendant lulled Itu into thinking that he confused him. So Itu thought that he took this information from Descendant by force. Itu has been Descendant's pawn all this time and all his copies as well. Even Shadow Mind itself, but Itu was right in one thing; There is no Shadow's Descendant, no Stranger, not yet. But Descendant's copies have made him stronger than Shadow. Shadow's Descendant then disappears through the portal, leaving Itu alone at the crypt.

Act III, Part VI: Breaking the Loop

In another place, Shadow meets with May's voice. She explains when the Descendant surpassed Shadow, the world will bend to his will, but he still has a weak spot. He created half a billion copies by jumping in time, and they're all connected to him. Every victory or defeat of theirs is also his own. By defeating them, he'll give one of them a chance to stop the original Descendant. May says they can't change the past, but they can try to help. Shadow then fights with the Descendant copies at the temple. He wants to save May. May answers Shadow if he saves the world, it will be enough for her. May says one of these copies can defeat the Descendant, everything he needs is a little gap, a little chance to exist. Shadow is willing to help the copy to stop the real Descendant, by clearing the path for him/her. He is ready to fight for thousands of years if needed and till his spirit leaves him.

Three sharp arrows in the morning were released for warning...
–June's voice pass throught the time loop

Proxy enters the time loop at the temple, he/she then meets with Scout. He tells Proxy that he/she can get to any world from this place. Time is like a perpetual motion machine here. This loop is harder than diamonds, more solid than a Legionnaire's heart. Scout admits that Herald who made the loop was really a master. He won't lie, but he has a mission. He is waiting for someone. He then asks the player to show their technique to him. Defeating Scout made him so glad, because he realized that Proxy is his favorite buddy. He explain his mission to Proxy; Shibata said he must took out for Proxy here and help him return to the past. As Scout continued speaking, suddenly a voice came over them; it's June's Voice. Scout says it's time for them to leave. Scout asks Proxy to grab his hand, and then they both leave the loop to the past.

Act III, Part VII: Reunion

Proxy then arrived at the Accelerator again by Scout, where Nanami asks the same question before. Kitsune-1 was furious at Nanami, she scoffed at her with all the words she could say. Shadow Mind explains Kitsune-1 makes some sense to Nanami. There is some strange logic in her words, an integrity of a heart. Shadow Mind can understand the demands of Kitsune-1's heart integrity because she feels betrayed, as same as Shadow Mind. He trusted the Descendant the most, but he/she lied to him. He thinks for a moment and thought that was possible by the other person, the original one. Now Proxy have to fight Shadow Mind to show him who the Proxy are. Being a thing made of pure shadow energy, the Shadow Mind shows its powerful shadow powers. It is invulnerable to physical attacks. Proxy has to be in shadow form to be able to damage Shadow Mind. After an exhausting fight, Proxy emerges victorious.


Shadow Mind then finds itself on the Core realm again. It explain this alternate world is so cruel and dangerous, and it almost hated people this time. It states the Descendant was fake, Proxy just a copy of the real one. It asks to itself how does he find it every single time. He doesn't give up to find Shadow Mind. May's Voice agrees with Shadow Mind, he indeed wasn't the first one, but he is real. He's trying to save his friends tirelessly. He has demonstrated his willpower many times already. The one who claims to be real thinks of his own good only, and Proxy that Shadow Mind loves is trying to save the whole world. It's up to decide which one of them is real for Shadow Mind. Which one can be truly named as Descendant of Shadow, the greatest hero.

As Shadow Mind prepares itself to enter the last portal, it says how can it change anything for now. It helped the Stranger without even knowing it and he wants no good for the world. He just used Shadow Mind and Descendant to fulfill his own plan, and he's planning something terrible. May's Voice convinces her child that now it is aware of everything, because it knows peace, and it has all the intelligence. But something is still unknown to its soul. The only medicine from terror and evil. Shadow Mind must depart to the final journey. Shadow Mind asks how can this help; if its Descendant became stronger, it only gives power to that original one. May's Voice says the Shadow Mind will find the answer, but it will not be intellect that will help it. She convinces Shadow Mind to not be afraid because it is not alone anymore.

Shadow Mind then enters the portal to the third plane. This marks the beginning of Marcus's Plane.

Characters Introduced in This Plane

Locations Appeared in This Chapter

Below are the fight locations used for main quests, training, duels, and survival.


  • Some stories in this Plane are related to the previous story.
  • The player's character will be referred by a different name in dialogues depending on their gender, Proximus for male, and Proxima for female.
  • Player's healthbar is adorned with white lines in the main quests of Itu's Plane. These white lines seem to do nothing, except in the Kitsune-1 boss fight, where the white lines may affect the player's health greatly.
  • Nanami could have been the person behind the Cleansing in the real world, because she saw that the world no longer had freedom.
  • The Stranger identity is revealed as the Descendant in the story. Bolo's true identity is also revealed as Itu, and "Itu" is just a copy of him.
    • Nanami seems to be aware of this, as she tells Bolo that the Descendant's copy replaced him in this plane, although it is Itu's plane, and Proxy is meant to replace Itu here.
  • In the main world, both Bolo and Okada are known to have a feud regarding how they view shadow energy and bots. Okada knows his bots are sapient, while Bolo refuses to acknowledge this. Although in this Plane, their view in this matter is reversed.
  • There are a lot of characters who are referenced or appear as cameos.
    • Iolanda's Spectre fought in Quid Pro Quo quest is actually Greta.
    • Sad Otto is Sarge. Otto Heim is his real name, as mentioned though Marcus's Plane and Sergeant Heim special event.
    • Moon Snakes is the name of a gang who appeared during the 2019 Mid-autumn Festival, where they were defaming the Emperor's authority.
    • Deng Rao is the leader of Moon Snakes in Itu's Plane. Coincidentally, he is also a Dynasty warlord who does not approve of the Emperor's reign and will do anything to dethrone him.
    • Mnemos is a Tracker who is mentioned in Shadow Pass. He owns a device which can wipe memories out clean. He once wiped out the memories of half of the people inside the Dome, before returning them back. He did this to prove to Bolo that he was not bluffing, and Bolo realized how he can make use of this technology.
    • The Judges are a clan among Heralds, whose task is to take away Heralds chosen by the Void Room. No one will ever hear from these people again, but they are actually taken to the Void Room in order to be turned into a part of the Void Room's consciousness.
    • Phantasm is a living nightmare who is first mentioned in Shadow Pass. It haunted Moira everytime, since she touched the Sphere.
    • Nexus is the name Void Room gave to itself.
    • Void Room does not predict, but it states. There is no past or future for the Room.
    • May was one of Shadow's allies who helped him in stopping the Demons and closing the Gates of Shadows. She was a blacksmith who ensured that Shadow's equipment was always in optimal condition. After a long journey, Shadow lives a happy life together with May - or so he expected.
    • Master Sakura was the legendary woman who was a pioneer and the very first bots inventor. The Heralds super prototype bot Steel Sakura was named after her.
    • Gates of Shadows were enormous gates that connected this world to another world, filled with the purest Shadow Energy. Shadow discovered the Gates when he was searching for a worthy opponent who could match his skills. Defying the rules established by his ancestors, Shadow opened the Gates - and in the process, released the Demons contained inside. Shadow also lost his body to the powerful emission of Shadow Energy unleashed from the Gates, turning him into a mere silhouette of his former self. The Gates were destroyed when the one who owned the Gates was killed.
    • The assassin image who attacked the party in the simulation world is based on Lynx, the first Demon Shadow fought. He was the leader of an assassin order.
    • The old master who attacked afterwards is based on Sensei, Shadow's teacher who possessed a vast knowledge and often advised Shadow in his long journey to close the Gates of Shadows.
    • The Clones are a copy of a person who traveled the time. They are created as a result of side effects.