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Transformation is the name of the second part of Shadow Fight 3's main storyline, accessible after the player finishes Chapter 7.2. It takes place on three alternate worlds, each of them with their own "rules" and different sequences of events. The player controls the copies of the Descendant as their character.


After Moira throws Shadow Mind into the Accelerator Core, the Cleansing takes over and the whole world is evaporated in shadow energy, leaving not even a single person alive. Staying idle inside the Core realm, Shadow Mind is informed by the Stranger of a way to change the fate. Stranger reminds it that the Descendant had performed three time travels to the past, which created three alternate worlds as a result. Every one of these three planes has its own Descendant copy. Not an exact one, as they will not remember Shadow Mind. The Descendant never realized how important their companions (June, Marcus, and Itu) were for the world's fate. Shadow Mind will help the Descendant to understand and learn a lot of things. Once they obtain their companion's power, the Descendant will be able to change fate. This means Shadow Mind will be trapped in the Sphere again, but the Descendant will surely find it sooner or later. And because these are alternate planes, these copies are much weaker than the original, and the path will not be easy. Shadow Mind then fades and enters the portal to the alternate plane.

Because these copies are replacing someone else who is supposed to be in the alternate plane, the world does not recognize them and treats them as a foreign object. Everything - the people, environment, and circumstances - will be plotting against these copies, and they must struggle alone against the whole world. Combined with the fact that copies are much weaker than the original, their journey in these alternate planes will not be an easy one. They will learn a lot of things in their harsh tracks, and the only way for these copies to prevail is to find the Sphere.

List of Planes

Transformation story mode consists of three different planes, each having different stories. June's Plane and Itu's Plane consists of 45 quests. Marcus's Plane consists of 51 quests. Unlike other Transformation story, the players can choose which quest to take first.

  1. June's Plane
  2. Itu's Plane
  3. Marcus's Plane


Stability is the new parameter stat of the character. Every main quest in Transformation carries fight rules. Stability determines the character's resistance to the fight rules. In Transformation fights, there is a threshold of Stability, above which the effect of fight rules ceases to work. Stability affects the strength of the rules; the lower the stability, the stronger the rules, and vice versa. For example, Open Wounds rule makes the player's character lose their health over time. If the player's Stability is too low compared to the recommended point, the character will lose their health quickly, from 20 seconds to instantly depending on how far their stability is below the reco-point and often forces the user to either get more stability or use a set which lets the user survive when their health is out, i.e. Abdicator and Star Chaser (that is, if their power is high enough for the fight.)

June's Plane

Stability can be increased by collecting an equipment set.

Stability is increased by completing an equipment set and claim it in the Collections menu, along with other rewards. The higher the set rarity, the higher the stability increases. The player can collect even the equipment sets they already obtained in the main storyline to increase their Stability.

  • 50 Stability for a Common equipment set.
  • 100 Stability for a Rare equipment set.
  • 150 Stability for Epic and Unique equipment set.
  • 200 Stability for a Legendary equipment set.

Itu's Plane

Player gain additional Stability by collecting an item.

Unlike June's Plane, in Itu's Plane Stabillity is increased by getting any equipment item. The rarer item obtained, the higher the stability increases. The player also can get additional Stability by completing an uncollected set of previous plane.

  • 30 Stability for a Common item.
  • 60 Stability for a Rare item.
  • 90 Stability for Epic and Unique item.
  • 120 Stability for a Legendary item.

Marcus's Plane

Additional stability were given to complement the player's stability

In Marcus's plane, 150 Stability points is awarded for each equipment card collected by the player, no matter how rare that equipment in question is, and an addition of 150 Stability points is rewarded upon the completion of any equipment sets. Stability can also be, either collected as Marathon milestones, or purchased in shop offers.

Differences from Main Story

Due to the story taking place in different worlds, there are some mechanic differences compared to the now-destroyed main world.

  • Not only having different stories the planes also have characters with different roles or even different personalities. For example, Moira is the queen of Legion in June's Plane, Shadow is not the one who caused the Cleansing in Itu's Plane, and Sarge is commander of the Crimson Army and the player's ally in Marcus's Plane.
  • There are no side quests. Although Survival, Duels, events, and Boss of the Day are still available.
  • Cards that obtained from the previous world or plane cannot be upgraded using shadow energy currency in the next plane. The player has to re-obtain the card in current plane in order to make the shadow energy upgrade possible. Example: even if the player has already obtained Eagle's Dive from the previous chapters, the weapon cannot be upgraded with shadow energy in the new plane, until the player obtains Eagle's Dive again in the new plane.
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