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Tournament of Fame, formerly known as Duel is an game mode in Shadow Fight 3. The Tournament of Fame is unlocked when the player reaches level 7 or Chapter 3. However, if players are still in Chapter 1 and 2, the Tournament will be temporarily replaced with a regular Duel, which is unlocked upon completing Old Friend main quest. Players fight AI-controlled other players' accounts in the game.

It is one of the methods for obtaining or upgrading gear via duel chests.


Each duel has a maximum of three rounds, and the player must win two to be victorious. Each round can last a maximum of 99 seconds and the players must defeat their opponent within this time limit or lose the round.

Players can enter duels at any time from the Faction Wars screen. The game will then search for an opponent and once the match is made, the fight will start. The matchmaking is determined by the duel ratings, therefore opponents will usually have similar power and duel ratings as the player.

Winning a Tournament of Fame match will reward the players with some Coins, 140 Faction Coins, and 5 Fame Points, with a maximum of 10 fights per day (Excluding the Fame Points, which is always rewarded regardless of the cap). The higher the player's Dan, the more coins they can earn from a single duel. The player also will increase their Win Streak after winning a duel, although currently, it doesn't affect anything. Once every 6 hours, the player can claim the Duel Chests, in which they have to win certain rounds to open it. The Duel Chests contains equipment and currencies. The player's duel rating will also go up (by around 40 to 200 ratings).

Winning the regular Duel only rewards the player with the Coins and Faction Coins, without increasing their rating.

Losing a duel will result in a decrease in the player's rating (by around 20 to 50 ratings).



  • The locations for regular Duel are the same locations used during the storyline fights, chosen randomly by the game. Players will unlock new locations once they have progressed further in the story.
    • After the player unlocked Tournament of Fame, the fight location will be the Arena's only.
  • Players will get season rewards only if they won at least one duel match during the season.
  • Dan can be used to determine a player's overall experience in the game, with higher Dan theoretically meaning the player is more experienced. However, achieving a new Dan means that, while a player is no longer considered a beginner, that player is not yet necessarily an expert.
  • In real life, the dan (段) ranking system is used by many Japanese organizations and Korean martial arts to indicate the level of one's ability within a certain subject matter. As a ranking system, it is used in modern fine arts and martial arts.
    • The Chinese character for the word Dan (段) literally means step or stage in Japanese but is also used to refer to one's rank or grade, i.e. one's degree or level of expertise and knowledge.
  • In the closed Beta test, all duel opponents used the same equipment. The opponent's equipment consisted of a Two-handed Sword, Rogue's Doublet, and Campaigner's Helm.
  • In 1.34 update, Duel is replaced by Tournament of Fame. However, mechanic of Tournament of Fame remain same as old Duel.
  • Despite Dan system is removed, the player still can see the Dan through profile tab.
  • The tournament locations changes along with certain events: the arena is covered with snows and light ornament during winter, and Lunar Festival themed decorations with the music is changed during Lunar New Year.
  • As per 12th December 2023 update, the Tournament of Fame's difficulty system has been changed by adding a fixed damage limiter to the player and the opponent to prevent the auto clicker users from the leaderboard. This change also means that item power no longer affect the duel difficulty as both player and opponent will always deal fixed damage (the opponent will always has higher power than the player's).
    • The player's attacks (regardless if their attack's is blocked or not) will only deal 2% of the opponent's health, while their attack will deal 8% of the player's health.
    • By this, a good strategy for winning the Tournament of Fame is to land as many hits as possible (e.g. Mutilation move or Flow shadow ability), or by equipping Critical Mass perk since the damage limit is only applied to unblocked hits.
  • As per 10th April 2024, the Tournament of Fame's difficulty system has been changed again. The difficulty now is based on the player rating and slightly on their equipment power. Started from 12K rating and above, the opponent will become harder to defeat.
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