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Tournament in Shadow Fight 2 is one of the five modes of play that is available in all the Acts right from the very beginning.


Starting from Act II, players will be given the option to play tournaments in Eclipse. Playing tournaments in Eclipse mode before the first completion grants the player green and red Shadow Orbs in addition to the coins and XP. Naturally, the difficulty and aggressiveness of the enemy is increased.

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May giving a tutorial about Tournament.
A tournament consists of 24 stages in every act with the exception of Act VII which has varying stage counts. The Interlude has 8 stages in each of the provinces. They are simple one-on-one fights against various named fighters with no rules or conditions. All stages have a maximum of three rounds to play. The rounds are timed 99 seconds which, if the player exceeds, will result in a loss of that round. To win a stage, the player must secure victories in two rounds. If the player fails to do that, the tournament can be resumed from the same stage the player was unsuccessful in beating. If the player wins, he is rewarded the respective sum of that stage and gets to move on to the next one but without having to do that immediately.
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The tournament panel, showing the player's progress, difficulty, and rewards.
The tournament panel displays the difficulty in every stage. Difficulties range from easy, normal, hard, insane to impossible depending the equipment the player is wielding and to a lesser extent the player's skill level. Reward of the stage is also displayed on the panel and the player acquires it along with the fight bonuses if they are victorious. The XP rewarded by the stage increases with each level up but remains the same throughout a level. The tournament greatly contributes in leveling up due to the amount of XP given.


  • Act VII Tournaments are named "Hideout Tournament", "Incubator Tournament" and "Stone Grove Tournament."
    • Incubator Tournament consists of 8 stages instead of the usual 24.
  • There's a rare fighter named "Bonebreaker". He wields the Crusher (an unavailable Two-handed weapon) and only can be encountered in Act VI, during Interlude.
  • Most fighters from Act I to VI wield coin-purchasable weapons. There are some that fight barehanded, use a gem weapon, or wield an unavailable weapon. In Act VII however, the number of fighters that wield gem weapons are increased.
  • If you complete Act VI and you leave some tournaments/challenges unfinished, you'll have to finish them in the Interlude.

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