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    Our first ever Facebook Community Event recently drew to a successful close. The competition, which was held between September 24th 2019 - October 9th 2019, required users to go through the Wiki and find three errors we had deliberately planted in the pages related to Shadow Fight 3. They were given some hints to aid them in this process and were tasked with reporting their findings on Nekki's official Facebook page. The three falsifications we had created were -

    • On the Soundtrack (SF3) page, the OST "Village Night Fight" (Backstreets location) had been swapped with "Island Village" OST (Island Canyon location).
    • A false bit of lore had been inserted on both Chapter II: Dynasty and the Ambassador (Character) page which said that Ambassador had been specifically tasked to capture the player and bring them back to the Legion, while nothing like this had happened in game.

    Three users managed to find these errors within the given time limit and were rewarded a sum of 1200 rubies each. A heartiest congratulations to our winners:

    Judge's Apprentice
    Drula Cosmin
    Fred Bear

    Well done Fighters! A big thank you to everyone who participated. We hope to see you again on the Wiki soon. I would also like to express my gratitude towards Nekki for generously sponsoring this contest and for creating the excellent Shadow Fight series, without which none of us would be here. A thank you also for my fellow Wiki editors who cooperated with us unquestioningly throughout the duration of the event. And last, but never the least, I'm extremely grateful to my fellow admins Anon421 and Warrior Of Time whose contributions were crucial and irreplaceable in making the event a success from the beginning till the end.

    Good luck and best wishes to you all. Keep fighting!

    Read the official announcement from Nekki declaring the winners here:
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