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The Wheel is Turning is the name of a special quest in Shadow Fight 3, available to be played as a part of the Wheel of History event. This event digs deep into the lore of the Legion, allowing the player to learn more about the faction and its history.

Fight Info[]

It should be noted that this event undergoes several changes compared to other events and the change may differ from the play system of most events, meaning the rewards, method of registration and many others are subject to change.

Icon wheel of history

This mode consists of 8 stages. Advancing to the next stage will increase the reward value. If the players lose a stage, they are allowed to try again for up to a total of three tries after which they will be given the determined amount of rewards. The players must start from the first stage if they wish to try again. Players have to win all 8 stages in order to complete the mode and get all the rewards.

There are two modes available: Regular and Grand;

  • Regular does not have additional rules like in Grand. It can be played by paying coins (the price depends on the player's progress in the story).
  • Grand carries additional rules in each stage. It can be played by paying 300 ticket. The ticket can be obtained from the Regular run, marathon, battle pass or can bought for some gems in the shop.

Each fight has a total two (three for Ursus) rounds, and the player must score two victories in order to win. Each round is timed 99 seconds, and the players must defeat the opponents before the timer ends, otherwise they will lose.

Paranormal Activity[]

Dark clouds are gathering above the Legion. The Wheel of Time appears inside the Throne Room. The Northerners are returning from the ancient woods and start attacking citizens of the Capital. The Night Warriors seem to have changed their usual uncompromising restraint to an unstable aggression. Some citizens have been reporting ghosts activity. The Queen herself has been captured by the invaders, who plan to turn her into a sacrificial lamb for something.

Scout manages to find the player and asks for their help to save the Queen. Upon arriving at the Throne Room, they witness the Wheel of Time with their own eyes, which Scout predicts to be a path to another era and the cause of the chaos. Although that does not explain why Night Warriors, who have always obeyed only Shadow, joined the attack.

Stage 1[]

  • Name: Unstable Northerner
  • Fighting Style: Legion
  • Weapon: Spiked Maul (Two-handed Hammer, recolored)
  • Armor: Hunter's Woolfell (recolored)
  • Helm: None
  • Ranged Weapon: Steel Crossbow (Arbalest)
  • Rule: Venom Master (Grand)
  • Shadow Abilities:

Stage 2[]

Night Warriors are the oldest clan in Legionary caste, they only followed Shadow's orders. It is forbidden to enter Night Warriors' dungeons or even speak to them unless one has a business that is somehow connected to The Sphere.

  • Name: Docile Sentinel
  • Fighting Style: Legion
  • Weapon: Light Brim (One-handed Sword, recolored)
  • Armor: Dogma (recolored)
  • Helm: Shiny Darkness (recolored)
  • Ranged Weapon: Black Maw (recolored)
  • Rule: Night Warrior (Your opponent's damage increases overtime)
  • Shadow Abilities:
    • Thud SHADOW THUD

Wheel of Time[]

The Queen is safe, but the trouble is far from over. She informs that this is the deed of Reinhard, an Abdicator, who used the Power of Light to move the Wheel of Time backwards. He wants the Legion to live by the Law of Death, an ancient law that lets Death itself decides who is worthy to live; Scout's grandpa, who lived during that time, earned his sword by fighting a kid to death, as their mentor wanted. Reinhard plans to call forth the long-dead Immortals to realize this wish.

Stage 3[]

  • Name: Reinhard's Squire
  • Fighting Style: Legion
  • Weapon: Metal Sting (Spear, recolored)
  • Armor: Belted Cuirass (Recolored)
  • Helm: None
  • Ranged Weapon: Scarlet Blades (Throwing Knives)
  • Rule: Infection (Grand)
  • Shadow Abilities:

Stage 4[]

Abdicators are Legion royals who are not direct heirs to the throne, and thus cannot inherit it. Almost always, they are the younger siblings. They are living in isolation inside a huge Tower in Legion Fortress, in which the biggest part of the library is located. Abdicators have nothing but books, solitude, and meditation. Due to this, many Abdicators lose their minds.

  • Name: Sir Reinhard
  • Fighting Style: Legion
  • Weapon: Arbitrator (Two-handed Sword)
  • Armor: Higher Calling
  • Helm: Divine Retribution
  • Ranged Weapon: Mercy (Pistol)
  • Rule: Abdicator
  • Shadow Abilities:
    • Thud SHADOW THUD

Set Ability[]

  • Abdicator Abdicator Set Icon (level 2)


  • Our land is defiled. Repent! - Start of fight
  • This thief stole the King's armor! - Start of fight, when the player uses Ancient Overlord set items
  • Scourge, begone! - If the player enters shadow form
  • Light will smite you. - When Reinhard's Abdicator ability activates.
  • Bow before the Abdicator! - Start of fight after losing once, if the player equips Legion weapon
  • Despicable Dynast! - Start of fight after losing once, if the player equips Dynasty weapon
  • Filthy Herald! - Start of fight after losing once, if the player equips Heralds weapon
  • Immortals, heed my call! - After losing once, when his health drops below 30%
  • The Immortals will purge you. - If he wins
  • Darkness swallowed the Legion! - If he loses

The Ancients[]

Reinhard manages to call the keepers of the Old Legion to his side, the Immortals themselves are against them now. The ancient heroes also respond to his plea, and they arrive there from the flaming portal, straight from the past. Scout almost cannot believe what he is seeing, as he have only ever see them as statues before, finally realizing why there are reports of ghosts.

Stage 5[]

Tiberius is a legend in the Legion, he conquered all the eastern lands for the faction. He died fighting a shadow beast in order to defend his people, taking it down with him.

  • Name: Tiberius the Undefeatable
  • Fighting Style: Legion
  • Weapon: Ancestors' Wrath (Giant Sword)
  • Armor: Valor's Might
  • Helm: Valor's Headpiece
  • Ranged Weapon: Obsidian Strike (Pilum)
  • Rule: Living Legend

Set Ability[]

  • Living Legend Valor Set Icon (level 2)

Stage 6[]

The great Patriarch of the drevars amongst the Northerners in the past, although no one recognizes him. He is angered since his peace is disturbed, and seems to be hunting down the culprit.

  • Name: Millenium Wolf
  • Fighting Style: Legion
  • Weapon: Ash and Light (Swords)
  • Armor: Lupine Plates
  • Helm: None
  • Ranged Weapon: Black Strike (Arbalest)
  • Rule: Fire Cult ICON RULE FIRE CULT

Special Ability[]

  • Fire Cult: Wrath of the Patriarch

Millennium wolf can strengthen himself with the ability of Fire, doubling his attack power. Wolf uses this ability when his health drops below 50%. After losing once, Wolf immediately uses this ability at the start of the fight.


  • Who disturbed my peace? - Start of fight
  • What you've done to obtain this power? - Start of fight, when the player uses Hand of Magmarion set
  • I will crush you, demon! - When Wolf hits the player with attacks.
  • What is this?! - If the player enters shadow form
  • Your sword does not belong here. - When the player uses Magmarion sword, or summons it through the power of Hand of Magmarion set
  • Fire, come. - When he enters Fire Cult
  • You don't revere fire! - When losing once
  • I won't tolerate you! - Start of fight after losing once, entering Fire Cult
  • The Law of Death has spoken. - If he wins
  • Serenity... at last. - When he is defeated

Stage 7[]

Kagun is a popular character in Legion folklores. There is even a play dedicated to him. The presence of shadow energy in the land was insulting to him. Kagun brought so much fame to the Legion that his evil deeds vanished from the stories and eventually, people no longer remember how wicked Kagun actually was.

Unlike other opponents, Kagun cannot be shocked.

  • Name: Wrath of Kagun
  • Fighting Style: Legion
  • Weapon: Maces
  • Armor: Kagun's Woolfell
  • Helm: Kagun's Horns
  • Ranged Weapon: Gilded Hatchets (Throwing Axes)
  • Rules:
    • Shadow Master (The opponent is in Shadow Form permanently in the fight)
  • Shadow Abilities:
    • Uppercut SHADOW UPPERCUT

Special Ability[]

  • Wrath of Kagun

Kagun cannot be interrupted during the walk

Strengthens his armor and walks forward. Once Kagun gets close enough to the player, he smashes the player's stomach and then smacks their head. While walking, Kagun will not lose balance and cannot be knocked down when attacked, but he still takes full damage from attacks. Players can avoid it by simply stepping back or rolling away until the Walk wears off after 5 seconds or they can get close to him and then quickly sidestep behind Kagun. Kagun starts using this ability after he loses once.

Stage 8[]

The Immortals used to be patrons of the Legion, standing above all laws. The Immortal Ursus is enraged upon finding out the Legion is not following the old evil customs anymore, and he will punish everyone personally.

Ursus the Immortal is fought as the boss of this event. There can be up to five rounds, and the player must score three victories in order to be declared as the winner.

  • Name: Ursus the Immortal
  • Fighting Style: Legion
  • Weapon: Bonecrushers (Hammers, Immortal version, Dark Times)
  • Armor: Warlord Plates (Immortal version, Dark Times)
  • Helm: Warface (Immortal Version, Dark Times)
  • Ranged Weapon: Gilded Blades (Throwing Knives, Immortal version, Dark Times)
  • Shadow Abilities (Not used):

Note: Despite having the shadow ability icon next in his health bar, Ursus cannot receive shadow energy by any mean. The Warmonger set Ursus worn also have no effect.

Special Ability[]

  • Lucent Smite

Ursus has a special bar resembling the Power of Light. The power bar gradually fills itself over time - it takes either 11 seconds, 8 seconds (after losing once), or 5 seconds (after losing twice). When the bar is fully filled, Ursus can summon flaming energy from various directions to damage the player. It requires him 3 seconds to summon the flames, in which Ursus stands still like a rock until the flames are summoned. Once Ursus uses the ability, it is impossible to stop the ability at all; not even Critical hits, shadow abilities, or even shocks can interrupt it. After using this ability, the bar will be emptied. There are three ways in which Ursus summons the flame, which is indicated by the lines he is shouting. This allows the player to prepare accordingly for dodging his flames.

All 3 attacks will deal 20% health worth of damage to the player as well as knocking them down if successful, regardless of any damage reduction or defense boosting effects.

Ability Overview Description
Behold, Hawks! Your arrogance... Shall smite you all! - Summons 4 pillars of flame from the sky, two in front and two in rear of him. This can be dodged by standing between the pillars, staying away from the blast zones, or side stepping on Ursus just before the beams come down.
Behold, Beasts! Your greed... Shall crush you all! - Summons a single beam of fire horizontally at head height. This can be dodged by ducking or rolling.

Note that ducking to dodge Beasts will fail if the player is using Spear, Guandao, Staff or Naginata as their weapon, since their ducks do not allow the player to get under the beam's radius.

Behold, Serpents! Your cowardice... Shall devour you all! - Creates a flaming earthquake on the ground. This can be dodged by jumping.

After Ursus is defeated, the Queen commends this feat, which is considered as incredible as nobody has ever been a match for the ancient heroes before. This gives her hope of a future for the Legion, although Reinhard will not stop here and the Northerners will follow him - he has promised them too big of a piece of the Legion pie. Scout convinces her that it does not matter for him: the Legion may have seen better days, but he will never give these lands back to those barbarians, even if they are kings. The Queen is happy to see her people are in good hands, remarking that the player and Scout are indeed brave warriors and their courage will live on in the history of the Legion.


The main rewards of this event are the Tickets (can be used to register the grand run), Tokens, Trophy Coins (an be used to play the Sergeant Heim fights), Battle Pass Points, and Bone Tokens (can be used to play the King of Bone fight).


  • Regular rewards:
    • 5-50 tickets
    • 1-8 trophy coins
  • One time rewards:
    • Round 2: 200 shadow energy
    • Round 4: 75 tokens
    • Round 6: 25 trophy coins
    • Round 8: Basic Unique Pack


  • Regular rewards:
    • 55-150 tokens
    • 5-50 trophy coins
    • 3-50 battle pass points
  • One time rewards:
    • Round 2: 500 shadow energy
    • Round 4: 150 tokens
    • Round 6: 50 trophy coins
    • Round 8: Premium Unique Pack

Event Booster Pack[]

The players can use their accumulated tokens to purchase the Unique Booster Packs from the store. The event booster packs are:

  1. Basic Unique Pack costs 300 tokens. It contains 3 rare items and 1 epic item. There 10% chance to drop a legendary item from Warmonger, Living Legend, or Abdicator set.
  2. Premium Unique Pack costs 1400 tokens. It contains 3 epic items, 1 legendary item and a guaranteed legendary item from Warmonger, Living Legend, or Abdicator set.

Aside from the event packs, the players can use their tokens to buy 4 different token offers in the event offer section.

Battle Pass[]

Battle Pass is available during this event. By winning event fights, the player can get points to progress in the Battle Pass tiers. Both the Free and Premium tiers follow the same progression, meaning that winning a fight gives the player points for both tiers. If the player has purchased Premium tiers, they can buy tiers instantly by using gems (300 gems per tier).

Prizes from the battle pass are various currencies (Coins, gems, shadow energy, tokens, tickets,), void energy, crystals, packs, keys, upgrade components, spheres and items from Warmonger and Ancient Overlord set.

Claiming bonus card will give the player with either 20 gems + 30 shadow energy or 10 gems + 75 shadow energy.


Four different marathons are available in this event. The players will get a number of marathon points after winning one event fight. They can use the marathon points to redeem various rewards from the marathon menu.

  • 250 points for the King of Bones fight registration
  • 750 points for winning the King of Bones fight
Prize Required Points
Coins 100
100 gems 250
1000 shadow energy 500
2 royal tags 750
Epic booster/archive pack 1000
90 epic keys 1500
Standard event pack 2000
2000 shadow energy 2500
30 legendary keys 3000
3 royal tags 3500
Premium event pack 4000
Overthrow special move 5000
Legendary booster/archive pack 6000
Azure King 7000
Legendary set pack 8000
5 royal tags 9000
An item from Ancient Overlord set (currently helm, armor, weapon) 10000

  • 5 points: for winning an Event winning (regular mode) (4000 points max)
  • 50 points: for winning an Event winning (grand mode) (4000 points max)
  • 50 points: for opening a standard Event booster pack (5000 points max)
  • 400 points: for opening a premium Event booster pack (5000 points max)
  • 100 pints: for completing a Corporal quest (4000 points max)
  • 200 pints: for completing a Captain quest (4000 points max)
  • 350 pints: for completing a Colonel quest (4000 points max)
Prize Required Points
Coins 50
35 gems 175
500 shadow energy 300
Epic booster/archive pack 500
60 epic keys 750
Pack of colorist 1000
10 legendary keys 1400
30 umbracite 1800
750 shadow energy 2500
30 chrysonite 2800
10 mnemonium 3400
15 magmium 4000
1000 shadow energy 5000
20 legendary keys 6000
Compelling Argument special move 7000
Pack of colorist 8000
Commander sphere pack: 3 commander spheres 9000
Immortal skin, Devotion/Excellence/Ambition aspect or 750 gems 10000

  • 1 points: for each Event Token spent (4000 points max)
  • 5 points: for each Trophy Coin spent (3000 points max)
  • 50 points: for winning a duel (1000 points max)
  • 20 points: for winning a fight (1000 points max)
  • 1000 points: for defeating Boss of the Day (3000 points max)
Prize Required Points
30 gems 150
Coins 400
500 shadow energy 700
100 tickets 1000
Random legendary card 1300
30 legendary keys 1600
200 tickets 2000
1000 shadow energy 2500
25 trophy coins 3000
45 epic keys 3750
30 bone tokens 4500
Legendary booster/archive pack 5250
Premium event pack 6000

  • 1 points: for each Event Token earned (5000 points max)
  • 5 points: for each Trophy Coin obtained (4000 points max)
  • 50 points: for winning a fight (1500 points max)
  • 1000 points: for defeating Boss of the Day (3000 points max)
Prize Required Points
500 shadow energy 100
50 gems 300
Coins 600
50 trophy coins 1000
90 epic keys 1500
Standard event pack 2000
20 legendary keys 2500
100 bone tokens 3000
2000 shadow energy 3750
40 legendary keys 4500
Premium event pack 5500
Coins 6500
Legendary set pack 8000



  • Unlike other events, Wheel of History explores very deep into the game's lore like one big history lesson, particularly the Legion history. It is even shown by the event icon, which is a book.
  • One of Reinhard's line is a reference to the disease which infected Moira, another Abdicator and the younger sister of Iolanda. Said disease is actually the shadow beasts summoned by Shadow Mind in an attempt to protect May from Shadow.
  • Millennium Wolf is obviously clueless about shadow energy, indicating that the energy was not widely known during the ancient era.
  • Ursus is the Latin word for bear.
  • Ursus cannot use any shadow abilities or gain shadow energy. The Warmonger set bonus also ceases to work. This is due the Immortals didn't seize themselves to the Shadows.
    • In the 15.09.2021 update, during the first launch of the Warmonger set, Ursus can gain shadow energy through the bonus instead. He can enter Shadow Form once accumulated enough shadow energy, and can utilize Warmonger's unbreakable ability while he is in Shadow Form.
  • In the 10.04.2023 update, the event system change has been changed. A lucky board is included as part of the event and the player can obtain lucky tickets from event fights. The registration for grand also has been changed, as it requires 300 tickets instead of 1.
  • In the 07.12.2023 update to current, this event always held with a battle pass (and Ancient Overlord set), alongside with Sergeant Heim and The King of Bones, Compelling Argument special move, Azure King, and new aspect for Immortal.