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I index the significance of people or events in order to identify real threats in time and prevent unnecessary casualties. And every time, I wonder how many events and connections you can lose sight of, no matter how hard you try.
–Stranger explaining his motive.

Stranger is a character in Shadow Fight 3. He is a researcher who travelled to the past (and possibly, to other worlds as well) to research the course of world history and measure the historical importance index of some influential figures. His method of conducting his research is to explore the significance of said people in the line of historical events.


Stranger once travelled to a distant past and arrived at the Crypt, through May's grave, which is a time-traveling portal. Unfortunately for him, Bolo was also there and Stranger ended up getting detained by him. Stranger admitted to have come from the future and revealed some information regarding Shadow Mind; it cannot be destroyed, but it can destroy this world and create a new one from scratch.

During the course of their adventure, the player has the option to assist the Stranger in his research. Doing so will help him and in return, he will reward the player accordingly as a sign of gratitude. When he arrives through a rift on a Temple, various clones of the Stranger are formed as a side effect of time travel and they aim to replace him. Helping him taking care of these clones allows the player to obtain the Time Traveler Set. The player can also participate in his research regarding historical importance index. The tasks usually involve neutralizing a number of fighters, and the Stranger will run his research on them afterwards. The player is then given a handsome reward. As he gets further in his research, the Stranger will reveal some crucial information regarding historical importance index to the player, which he manages to find thanks to the player's help.


Stranger plays a bigger role in the story after the Cleansing takes over and the whole world is destroyed. He somehow survives the catastrophe and makes it to the Core realm, where he speaks to the now clueless Shadow Mind regarding its situation and what can be done to undo all this. Stranger also guides the Descendant's copy in June's Plane, who exists in the Plane due to the time travel performed by the Descendant earlier and replaces June as a result.

Stranger's Identity

The time travel which had changes everything.

His identity being concealed is the main reason he is only known as Stranger. There are a few clues thrown in throughout the story that hints at Stranger's true identity.

  • Iolanda initially mistakes the player as Bolo, when they are dressed in time travel suit lent by the real Bolo. Said suit is the same one worn by the Stranger (as well as Bolo).
  • The real Bolo refers to Stranger as his future self.
  • In the Chapter VII: Part I main quest, the Descendant traveled the time thrice to stop Heralds giving the Accelerator prototype to Shadow. As the side effect, a clone crated and replaced someone in three different world. This time travel is the most reasonable to explaining the true identity of Stranger.
  • A side quest in Chapter VII: Part II requires the player to fight abominations formed by a shadow rift. They are fearsome manifestations of the Arrows. The one representing Bolo (Arrow of Arrogance) is depicted as Indifferent Clone, a clone of Stranger that can be fought in Side Effect event.
  • For some reason, Divine Judge - one of Stranger's research target - must not see him at all cost. Judges themselves are the first clan of Heralds, who carry out direct orders from the Void room.
  • Mnemos, a Tracker and one of Stranger's research target, once wiped out the memories of half of the people inside the Dome, before returning them back. He did this to prove to Bolo that he was not bluffing, and the Dome master realized how he can make use of this technology. The Stranger was there when this wipeout occured; even if he only lost his memories for several hours, he describes that he felt like a helpless child and his life falling apart, a very scary feeling. Since then, he believes that one's personality consists of one's experience. And he does not even want to think about what would happen if Bolo lost his memories now.
  • In June's Plane, the titular character concludes that Stranger is Bolo based on the way he speaks (like a scholar). Stranger dismisses it, remarking that it is funny as only their suit is the same. Although this statement is only true in this plane (and other planes for that matter) and might not apply in the main world.
  • In Transformation: Itu's Plane part 3, the Stranger revealed his identity as the real Shadow's Descendant, who is saved by May and the player is just one of his Many billion copies. With the help of player, the Shadow's Descendant or Stranger has surpassed Shadow's power and plans to get rid of him.

Note that Stranger always refers to anyone he talks about in third-person view, including those who are suspected as him.


Stranger is fought as an enemy in Chapter VI during the flashback in Shadow Mind's story. The players will fight as a younger Bolo.

Later, he can be found at the Training Area of Chapter VII, as a sparring partner. He also makes his appearance in Transformation, where he challenges the Descendant's copies into a friendly sparring to test if they are prepared for the harsh planes they are in, for they are considered a foreign object and their presence is basically rejected there. Stranger will explain the concept of Stability to these copies during the sparring. Unlike when he fought Young Bolo, Stranger does not have his Electromines equipped during the sparrings in both Chapter VII Training and Transformation.