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This is a list of songs that are included in Shadow Fight 2. The entire soundtrack was composed by Lind Erebros.

The soundtrack can be found in multiple locations online such as iTunes, Google Play Music, and Spotify. In early 2018, a compiled soundtrack featuring most of the songs from the three Shadow Fight games was made available for download. Having a duration of 1 hour and 43 minutes, it features a total of 78 tracks, of which 51 belong to Shadow Fight 2.


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Act I Music

Name Used In Soundtrack
Black Warrior Lynx & Bodyguards battles
Ninja in the Night Tournament
Samurai Spirit Survival, Duels and Trickster battle

Act II Music

Name Used In Soundtrack
Old Sensei Hermit & Bodyguards battles
Vengeance Tournament
Forest of Death Survival
Blade Dance Challenge, Duels and Hawk battle
Halls of the Dead Heroes Ascension

Act III Music

Name Used In Soundtrack
Sparring Butcher & Bodyguards battles
Deadly Smoke Tournament
Master Skills Survival
Ronin Challenge, Duels and Rose battle

Act IV Music

Name Used In Soundtrack
Ship Battle Wasp & Bodyguards battles
The Battlefield Flowers Tournament
Lesson in the Dark Room Challenge
Cave Survival
Heavenly Clouds Duels & Fisher battle

Act V Music

Name Used In Soundtrack
Shadow Lady Widow & Bodyguards battles
Volcano Tournament
Ruins Village Challenge
Ronin Survival
Fuji Duels & Outcast battle

Act VI Music

Name Used In Soundtrack
Burning Town Shogun, his Bodyguards, and Mercenaries battles
Fat Boss Tournament
Flying Rocks Challenge
Graveyard Ships Survival
Heavenly Clouds Duels & Ronin battle
Gates of Shadows Gates of Shadows battle

Act VII Music

Name Used In Soundtrack
Factory Factory (Survival and Duels)
Fat Boss Hideout (Tournament and Duels)
Stone Grove Stone Grove (Challenge and Tournament)
Hive Incubator (Tournament and Survival)
Spaceship Spaceship Challenge
Stardocks Titan's Bodyguards battles
Final Boss Justice battle
Titan Epic Fight Titan battle

Underworld Music

Name Used In Soundtrack
Underworld Demon Volcano raids
Crystal Dungeon Megalith raids
Underworld Pass Fungus raids
Ancient Evil Vortex raids
Fatum Fatum raids and Morgana raids in Halloween 2016
Rats Underworld Arkhos raids
Lord of the Lies Hoaxen raids
Raids Hunger Karcer raids
Raid War Drakaina raids
Raid Fear Tenebris raids

Old Wounds Music

Name Used In Soundtrack
Hall of the Dead Heroes Act I Lynx and Bodyguards battle
Old Sensei Act II Hermit and Bodyguards battle
Sparring Act III Butcher and Bodyguards battle
Ship Battle Act IV Wasp and Bodyguard battle
Sakura Forest Act V Widow and Bodyguards battle
Flying Rocks Act VI Shogun and Prince battle

Other music

Name Used In Soundtrack
Training Room Menu Main menu (Dojo, Map, and Shop)
Act Entering a new Act
Samurai Spirit Festivus & Lilith battle
Ninja in the Night Credits
Heavenly Clouds Nova battle during Interlude
Raids Matching Matching player in raid
Raids Room Raid menu
Christmas Raid Freeze raids
Dark Ritual Whisper raids
Raids Candy Candy raids
Bridge to the Other Side (Short version) Halloween 2019, battle with Morgana, Countess, and Banshee
Ninja in the Night Son of Heaven raid during Chinese New Year event.
Bridge to the Other Side Plays during the battle with Ravana in Ram Navami event update.

Unused Soundtracks

Name Soundtack
Dao Temple
Sky Isles
Stone Dragon

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