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The Greatest Gryphon

The Greatest Gryphon skin

Aspects Border

The three factions' aspects border designs.

Skin is a cosmetical item in Shadow Fight 3. Its purpose is to alter the appearance of a set. The manner in which skins obtained vary, but they are always notoriously difficult to get. And in most cases, only available during a very short time span. Unlike Dyes, which only changes the color, skins completely alter the appearance of a set - i.e. different crests or armor compositions, new glow color on weapons or helms, and also a different appearance in shadow form. Each skin can be applied to only one set. Every skin categorized by Aspects and have a background story associated with them.

List of Legion Skins


Immortal red
Immortal green
Skin legion immortal gold
Skin legion immortal gray
Skin legion immortal exceution
Skin legion immortal confidence
Skin legion immortal pride
Skin legion immortal elitism
Skin legion immortal battle luck
Skin legion immortal devotion
Skin legion immortal excellence
Skin legion immortal ambition
Dark Times Antiquity Cliff Tower Execution Confidence Pride Elitism Battle Luck Devotion Excellence Ambition
The Immortals used to be patrons of the Legion, standing above all laws. But one day they mysteriously disappeared. Today only some war armors remind us of this clan.

Applicable to set: Warmonger

The Immortals were merciless clan in the Legion who existed a very long time ago, although they are merely history now. They support the Law of Death, an abandoned brutal law of the Legion which let the Death itself decides who is worthy to live - a man once even fought a kid to death, just like how their mentors wanted. Immortals are a very dangerous adversaries, they can easily destroy anyone who stands in their way, and they will spare no one.

Immortal skin mainly can be obtained during the Wheel of History event. It can be claimed from the event Marathon.

This skin is also available during the Market Madness/Blossom Festival's Lucky Board and Creepy Party's Horror pack.

The Greatest Gryphon

Skin legion 2
Greatest gryphon white
Greatest gryphon black
Greatest gryphon red
Skin the greatest gryphon sunny fields
Skin the greatest gryphon symbol of greatness
Skin the greatest gryphon saint
Glory Bravery Power Mastery Sunny Fields Symbol of Greatness Saint
Wise and brave Legionary rulers — The Elders — bear many titles. The Elder who brought the most victories to the homeland, is referred to as the Greatest Gryphon of the Legion.

Applicable to set: Living Legend

The Greatest Gryphon is one of the Elders in the Legion Council. He was the one who ordered the Ambassador to kill Scout's father, because he unable to competing him in the tournament, afraid his power would one day be passed to the Homes.

The Greatest Gryphon skin mainly can be obtained in the High Society event. It can be claimed from the event Marathon.

This skin is also available during the Market Madness/Blossom Festival's Lucky Board and Creepy Party's Horror pack.

Light's Inquisitor

Skin legion abdicator purple
Light's inquisitor red
Light's inquisitor yellow
Skin legion abdicator blue
Skin legion abdicator magenta
Eclipse Scorch Fever Dawn Dusk New Beginning
Abdicators' Tower has seen dark secrets and wicked deeds. Light's Inquisitors eradicate the order's darkness, sacrificing their soul if needed.

Applicable to set: Abdicator

The Light's Inquisitor skin can be obtained by purchasing offers, for a set amount of price determined by the game.

Later, Light's Inquisitor skin and it's aspects are obtainable during the Market Madness/Blossom Festival's Lucky Board and Creepy Party's Horror pack.


Skin legion centurion shadowstone
Centurion yellow
Skin legion centurion spinel
Skin legion centurion amber
Skin legion centurion emerald
Skin legion centurion quartz
Skin legion centurion jade
Skin legion centurion ruby
Shadowstone Topaz Spinel Amber Emerald Quartz Jade Ruby
These crystal warriors aren't being trained: Arsenal labs grow them. Drop by drop, day by day. After a couple of years, their power has no equal.

Applicable to set: Condensing Eraser

The Centurion skin can be obtained by reaching 25 stages in the Lucky Board minigame. Each stage only takes one turn, and it requires the Snow token. The snow token itself is given once a day. The lucky board minigame lasts for a month.

Later, Centurion skin and it's aspects are obtainable during the Market Madness/Blossom Festival's Lucky Board and Creepy Party's Horror pack.

Star Liquidator

Star liquidator indigo
Star liquidator yellow
Star liquidator blue
Star liquidator green
Star liquidator purple
Star liquidator red
Star liquidator white
Star liquidator wine
Star liquidator lime
Skin legion star liquidator ideal
Core Halo Trail Signal Chaos Fission Synergy Territory Turgor Ideal
The Void is made of stars, thousands or maybe even millions of them. Until the old stars die, the new ones can't appear. Star Liquidators burn out the ancient stars to bring new life into the Void.

Applicable to set: Scourge Liquidator

Star Liquidator skin initially can be obtained through the Star Tournament event, by reaching Top 5 in the Regional Leaderboard or Top 1%.

Later, Star Liquidator skin and it's aspects are become mainly obtainable during Creepy Party event, available at the event marathon and Lucky Board.

Market Madness/Blossom Festival's Lucky Board also features this skin.

List of Dynasty Skins

Star Keeper

Star keeper white
Skin dynasty star keeper moss
Star keeper purple
Skin dynasty star keeper caravan
Skin dynasty star keeper green
Skin dynasty star keeper freshness
Representative Unity Loyalty Caravan Return Freshness
While Chasers conquer lands for the Emperor's needs, Star Keepers control these new territories. They are both skilled fighters and unrivalled diplomats.

Applicable to set: Star Chaser

The Star Keeper skin can be obtained by purchasing offers, for a set amount of price determined by the game.

Later, Star Keeper is obtainable Throne Race event.

Master of Star Rivers

Skin dynasty master of star river king reflection
Skin dynasty master of star river shining lazuli
Skin dynasty master of star river fish magic
Skin dynasty master of star river blooming creek
Skin dynasty master of star river dawn on water
Skin master of star river trembling wave
King's Reflection Shining Lazuli Fish Magic Blooming Creek Dawn on Water Trembling Wave
Dark salmons, rays of storm, abysserpents, giggling pearls - the inhabitants of star rivers are many, but they only one lord: the one chosen by the Void itself.

Applicable to set: Star Chaser

The skin for Star Chaser set. Master of Star River skin can be obtained by purchasing offers, for a set amount of price determined by the game, or by reaching a certain amount of points in the Spring of Hearts event marathon.

First Keeper

Skin first keeper unbreakable will
Skin first keeper emperor order
Unbreakable Will Emperor's Order
During the Highborn Rebellion, Indestructible Li, together with a small detachment, held the line against the 5,000-strong rebel army for a week, preventing them from breaking through the capital. He was the first to receive the title of a Star Keeper from the Emperor.

Applicable to set: Star Chaser

Currently First Keeper skin only available for those who for players who join the Prime Gaming membership. The skin, Emperor's Order aspect and full set of Star Chaser were given automatically ingame after the player put their promocode from Prime. This special prize will expire in 26th July, 2023.

Prime Gaming - Legendary Skin: First Keeper

Midnight Lotus

Midnight lotus green
Skin dynasty nightmare orange
Skin dynasty nightmare red
Skin dynasty nightmare blue
Skin dynasty nightmare purple
Skin dynasty lotus leaf
Festival Flame Competition Vision Charm Leaf
It's a common belief in the islands; on the hottest night the best dancer meets the Midnight Lotus. Those who accept his challenge and win, win all other fights in their lifetime.

Applicable to set: Torturous Nightmare

Midnight Lotus is the name of a legendary celebration spirit from the far-off island of the Dynasty, where summer is all-year round. To see him is a great honour - people say that Midnight Lotus brings battle luck and inspires to do great things. Midnight Lotus is younger twin brother of Frost Falcon.

Midnight Lotus skin can be obtained only during the Full Moon Riddles event.

Sphere Pilgrim

Sphere pilgrim cyan
Sphere Pilgrim quest
Skin dynasty pilgrim pink
Skin dynasty pilgrim gold
Skin dynasty pilgrim red
Skin dynasty pilgrim green
Skin dynasty pilgrim revelation
Skin sphere pilgrim poetry
Resolve Quest Insight Faith Ascension Asceticism Revelation Poetry
The Sphere is always hidden from commoners' eyes. Only once in a year, on the Winter Star holiday, the Sphere Temple opens its gates to three pilgrims chosen by the Emperor himself. These people, well-known for their strength, willpower, and morality, stay in the Temple forever.

Applicable to set: Arrow

Sphere Pilgrim skin can be obtained from Lucky Board minigame during the Winter Frenzy 2.0 event, by using Lucky Ticket to move the piece 8 steps on the game board to collect it (along with Arrow set), or reach 10,000 points in Full Moon Marathon to get it.

Fenghuang Adept

Fenghuang adept red
Fenghuang Adept orange
Skin dynasty fenghuang green
Skin dynasty fenghuang cyan
Skin dynasty fenghuang turquoise
Skin dynasty fenghuang dawn of the empire
Skin dynasty fenghuang daydream
Luck Dance Harmony Rebirth Horizon Dawn of the Empire Daydream
Fenguan, a flaming deity of the Dynasty, dignifies only worthy ones with his presence, and only if peace and harmony are ruling over the entire Empire. That’s why the memory of Fenghuang miracle is almost lost...

Applicable to set: Guardian Dragon

Fenghuang is the name of a fire deity. When the evil spirits attacked the entire capital, only her fiery appearance can overcome them and bring the citizens back to their senses from the evil spirits. But, she only comes when peace is restored to the Dynasty.

Fenghuang Adept skin can be obtained only during the Festival Miracle event. It can be claimed from the Fenghuang Marathon, which is unlocked by purchasing the Fenghuang Sigil for a fixed price in the store, for 10,000 points.

During the 4th anniversary of Shadow Fight 3, players can acquire the Horizon aspect by completing the Anniversary Marathon. If the player does not have the Fenghuang skin from the previous event, the player will receive the Horizon aspect along with the Luck aspect.

As part of celebrating April's Fool, Fenghuang Adept and it's Daydream aspect was available in the marathon. The player just need to participate 11 duels to claim it alongside with other rewards.

Dragon of Justice

Skin dynasty dragon justice jade law
Dragon of justice green
Skin dynasty dragon justice blood
Dragon of justice purple
Skin dybasty dragon justice perfection
Jade Law Unwinking Light Blood Price Highborn Duty Perfection
The Orders of Watchers tirelessly preserves the world balance. When a threat arises that must be done with swiftly and without any trial - Dragons of Justice are up to the tasks.

Applicable to set: Celestial Overseer

Dragon of Justice skin can be obtained from the Battle Pass during the Lunar Festival event. The player can claim by purchasing the premium Pass, participating in the event and reaching Tier 20.

Later, Dragon of Justice is obtainable during Wheel of History, available both from the event marathon or lucky board.

It also available during Maze of Immortality event.

Frost Falcon

Frost falcon blue
Skin dynasty frost falcon freshet
Skin dynasty frost falcon evergreen
Skin dynasty frost falcon lone sunbeam
Skin dynasty frost falcon polar night
Ice Mysteries Freshet Evergreen Lone Sunbeam Polar Night
Frost Falcon is an island spirit of snowy mountain tops. He doesn't fancy loud celebrations and prefers to spend his time in the mountains, away from human vanity.

Applicable to set: Usurper

An island spirit that lives in the tops of snowy mountain. He usually prefer to away from humans, but since Midnight Lotus, his younger twin brother, stole snow from the sacred mountain, now he has taken his fiery soul in return and terrorizing peoples.

Frost Falcon skin can be obtained from the Battle Pass during the Freezing Breeze event, available both from Battle Pass (Initial) and marathon.

Prince of Glaciers

Skin dynasty prince of glaciers mirror
Skin dynasty prince of glaciers steppe
Skin dynasty prince of glaciers dunes
Skin dynasty prince of glaciers void
Skin dynasty prince of glaciers snow
Skin dynasty prince of glaciers flower
Skin prince of glaciers ice
Chai of the Mirrors Chai of the Steppe Chai of the Dunes Chai of the Void Chai of the Snow Chai of the Flower Chai of the Ice
According to legends, the icy mirrors of the Void hold immortal soul of everyone who has ever lived or will ever live. If you're luck, wear this attire of wandering prince who has seen both our blue skies and the crimson vaults of the Ruby Palace.

Applicable to set: Steppe Prince

Prince of Glaciers skin is obtainable during Winter Festival, available in premium at tier 80. Later it was obtainable in Dragon Lesson rework and some Lucky Board.

List of Heralds Skins

Grand Arbiter

Grand arbitress red
Grand arbitress white
Grand arbitress yellow
Grand arbitress purple
Grand arbitress orange
Grand arbitress green
Grand arbitress blue
Grand arbitress gold
Grand arbitress pink
Skin heralds grand arbitress liberation
Wrath Justice Tranquily Vigilance Justice #2 Mercy Enlightenment Integrity Sanity Liberation
Even if the Void Room doesn't speak through your lips, your outfit is as fearsome. A red crescent and a totally intimidating look included.

Applicable to set: Divine Judge

Judges are the first clan of Heralds. Their tasks is to take away Heralds chosen by the Void Room. No one will ever hear from these people again, but they are actually taken to the Void Room in order to be turned into a part of the Void Room's consciousness. Arbiters are elite Judges unit of the Dome, who works from their own chamber, and it is unusual to see them leaving their chamber, let alone doing the dirty works. There is a rumor of a particular Arbitress from another world who is capable of exploiting the Void Room protocols to override other Arbiters' behavior, although there is no way to verify this claim currently.

Grand Arbiter skin can be obtained only during the Deep Color event. It can be claimed from the event Marathon or Battle Pass.

Beacon Curator

Beacon curator lime
Beacon curator white
Skin heralds curator red
Skin heralds curator yellow
Skin heralds curator gold
Beacon curator green
Beacon curator cold calculation
Skin heralds beacon curator connection
Skin beacon curator root access
Caution Stealth Fury Precision Grace Encryption Cold Calculation Connection Root Acess
Light of the Beacon urges many Spectres to leave their duties and start their search of the unknown. But only a few of them reach the Beacon to become its Curators.

Applicable to set: Gloomy Spectre

Spectres were often called living statues. They were standing at every doorway in Bolo's lair. Silent and still. Bolo provided them with traditional armors of the first Heralds. Spectres look like relics, out of place in modern times.

Beacon Curator Skin is made by Nekki in collaboration with Beeline. It is limited to players in Russia, who have the Beeline application installed on their iOS device. They who have the application can complete payments from it and will receive token appropriately, which is used to buy booster pack and gain points in the exclusive Marathon.

Later, Beacon Curator is obtainable from various ingame events, like Creepy Party.

Void Rider

Void rider white
Void rider black
Skin heralds void warden gold
Skin heralds void warden blue
Skin heralds void rider transformation
Skin heralds void rider inversion
Void rider red
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Skin heralds void rider biotechnology
Skin heralds void rider inspiration
Skin heralds void rider conflict
Zero Infinity Energy Stasis Transformation Inversion Alpha Thermosynthesis Biotechnology Inspiration Conflict
It is told that the Void gave birth to all planes. Only Ancients could survive in its chaos; but Riders conquered the Void and made it their home.

Applicable to set: Void Warden

The Void Warden were nomads once, until Shadow takes advantage of their natural shadow abilities and enhances them with technology. When they're taken to the Arsenal, their bodies are turned into mindless combat machine.

Void Rider skin can be obtained during the Creator's Portal initial and second run of event. It can be claimed from the event Marathon.

Later it was available in Spring of Hearts marathon during Wolfblood event as part of International Women's Day celebration.

Piñata Reaper

Skin heralds shadow artisan red
Skin heralds shadow artisan blue
Skin heralds shadow artisan purple
Skin heralds shadow artisan green
Skin heralds pinata reaper legacy
Piñata reaper black
Carnival Full Moon Refinement Solidute Legacy Luxury
The genius scientist is no stranger to carnival spirit! He still deals with his enemy quickly, but now they are able to enjoy the sight of his fabulous costume.

Applicable to set: Shadow Artisan

Piñata Reaper skin can be obtained by purchasing the offer during 2021 Creepy Party event, for a set amount of price determined by the game.

Later, Piñata Reaper is obtainable from various ingame events, like Creepy Party.


Re4matter white
Skin heralds predator red
Skin heralds predator purple
Skin heralds predator lethality
Skin heralds predator terror of the deep
Skin heralds predator danger in the mist
Skin heralds predator triumph
Skin heralds predator deathly poison
Skin re4matter gilded hunter
Skin heralds re4matter alligator
Skin heralds re4matter promotion
Idea Track Ambush Lethality Terror of the Deep Danger in the Mist Triumph Deadly Poison Gilded Hunter Alligator Promotion
From now on, the Committee doesn't need to transport malfunctioning units back to the base. Reformatter does not only neutralize runaway bots effectively, it also re-formats them right to the spot.

Applicable to set: Predator

Re4Matter skin can be obtained from the Battle Pass during the Fox Hunt event. The player can claim by purchasing the premium Pass, participating in the event and reaching Tier 50.

Ice Stalker

Ice stalker blue
Skin heralds anomaly hunter cyan
Ice stalker red
Skin heralds anomaly hunter purple
Skin heralds anomaly hunter frostbite
Skin ice stalker anabiosis
Hoarfrost Icepick Thaw Haze Frostbite Anabiosis
One brave anomaly hunter ventured North to study shadow ice and never came back. Woe to the one unlucky enough to meet him.

Applicable to set: Anomaly Hunter

Ice Stalker skin can be obtained from the Battle Pass during Jewels of the North event. The player can claim it by purchasing the Premium Pass and reaching Tier 48.

Later, Ice Stalker is available during Winter Festival event.

Ice Slasher

Ice slasher orange
Ice slasher blue
Skin heralds ice slasher burning pain
Skin heralds ice slasher gate
Skin heralds ice slasher oreacher
Knowledge Fervor Other Sun Burning Pain Gate Preacher
Those unlucky enough to fall into the deadly embrace of the shadow glaciers are doomed to wander alien worlds forever. But Ice Slasher can deal with this dangerous anomaly - and return to the dome with the data.

Applicable to set: Anomaly Hunter

Ice Slasher skin can be obtained from an event booster pack during Market Madness event, for 100 trophy coins.

Later, Ice Slasher is obtainable during Wheel of History, available both from the event marathon or lucky board.

Chaos Reaper

Chaos reaper purple
Chaos reaper blue
Chaos reaper red
Chaos reaper wine
Skin heralds chaos reaper new horizon
Skin heralds chaos reaper machine will
Skin heralds chaos reaper moment of peace
Skin heralds chaos reaper defragmentation
Void Conqueror Alien Sky Void Fury Ancient Secret New Horizon Machine Will Moment of Peace Defragmentation
In the Abdicators' tower there are ancient notes that contain information about the Void. Legion used them to create bots that are able to traverse its most dangerous depths and come back with chaos seeds.

Applicable to set: Future Keeper

The Chaos Reaper skin can be obtained by purchasing offers, for a set amount of price determined by the game during Dragon Lesson event after v1.29.0 update.

Later, Chaos Reaper is obtainable during Wheel of History, available both from the event marathon or lucky board, replacing Ice Slasher.

Flaming Ermine

Skin flaming ermine the king
Skin flaming ermine sacrament
Skin flaming ermine murk
The King Sacrament Murk
The Northerners pass these rare fire gems from father to son. The Demon Prince earned the right to adorn his armor with these beauties when he rescued the leader of the Wolf Clan from imprisonment in the Fortress.

Applicable to set: Demon Prince

Grand Chancellor

Skin grand chancellor prestige
Skin grand chancellor incognito
Prestige Incognito
As was foretold, the Grand Chancellor ended the Epoch of Struggle. The best of the best helped him, and all of them lost their names and ranks along the way. However, he paved the way to the Throne for the wrong person - and paid a high price for his mistake. Thus began the Epoch of Immobility.

Applicable to set: Destroyer of the Epochs

Master of the Shadow World

Skin master of the shadow world promise
Skin master of the shadow world event horizon
Promise Event Horizon
To owe one's soul to the ice of the Mirror Maze's ices is the mos terrible fate, and one day it will catch up with the fugitive, collecting all the tribute of suffering at once. But he who rules the Shadow World will one day rule the Maze as well, as the Liberator said.

Applicable to set: Stranger


  • Skins themselves are usually come in Legendary rarity, but Aspects are come in Epic and Unique rarity.
  • The skins are meant to be the legendary counterpart of dyes, while aspects are the epic and unique counterparts.
  • Skins are merely cosmetic additions. They only alter the equipment's appearance and do not provide any combat advantages at all.
  • In some event that features Lucky board (example Creepy Party and Blossom Festival), all players have a chance to collect every skins from the board minigame.
  • Grand Arbitress, Midnight Lotus, and Ursus the Immortal are the only storyline opponents to use a skin in battle.
    • Although the adventure is not part of the main story, the Frost Falcon skin appears in Fangirl's Adventure.
  • Currently, Anomaly Hunter and Star Chaser are the only sets that come with multiple skins.
    • Anomaly Hunter having 2 skins, which are Ice Stalker and Ice Slasher.
    • Star Chaser having 3 skins, which are Star Keeper, Master of Star Rivers, and First Keeper.
  • Void Rider and Re4matter are the skin that has the most aspects, being 11.
    • Including the unobtainable ones, Void Rider has 30 aspects in total, making it the skin with the most aspects in the game.
    • The second skin with the most aspects is Re4matter, with 20 aspects in total.
  • Unobtainable aspects only have placeholder names; Eclipse for Void Rider, Idea for R4matter, and Jade for Centurion.
  • Currently, Flaming Ermine, Grand Chancellor and Master of the Shadow World are the only skins that comes with the Unique rarity.
    • A possible reason why these skins are "Unique" is because they change the stances of their consecutive sets.