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You fools! You think Titan mesmerized me? I'm here of my own free will! He's the one who understands how to build a new world, a world without borders and wars.
– Shroud justifying his choice to follow Titan.

Shroud is a mini-boss from Act VII, and one of Titan's strongest fighters. He is equipped with the Reaver.


Shroud was a champion that challenged Titan. However, he is defeated by Titan, just like the other champions before him. Since then, Shroud has become a servant of Titan. After Shadow arrived in the Shadow World, he approaches Shadow and commands him to put his weapon down and go with him, but Shadow fights instead. Shroud, being a very strong foe, is almost about to defeat Shadow when Kali interferes and manages to temporarily immobilize him, giving Shadow and herself the time to escape. At the time when a tournament is being held in the Incubator, Shroud has gone insane, destroying everything that goes in his way. After Shroud has broken into Cypher's Hideout and holds Cypher and the others at ransom, Shadow goes back to the hideout to fight Shroud. After he is defeated, Shroud explains that he is not under Titan's mind control, and that all his actions were carried out of his own free will. He believes that Titan's conquest and rule save the worlds from destroying themselves. Suddenly, Justice appears and interrupts him. She orders that Shroud be placed in the Incubator's feeding tube to "serve as nutrition for a new generation of Titan's military". 


In the first fight at the Factory, Shroud's defense is extremely high, therefore it is impossible to deplete all his health away. Just like the challenges, there is only one way to win without depleting a single piece of Shroud's health. Players win after they take damage, prompting Kali to interfere and stun Shroud with Energy Ball.

Shroud can be beaten in the second fight with him at the Hideout. He utilizes perks this time.


  • Block Breaker IconBlockBreaker.png

A 15% chance to bypass players' block.

  • Enlightenment IconEnlightenment.png

A 40% chance to avoid a death blow, replenishing 10% of Shroud's health instead. Appears after Shroud is losing once.


  • Curtains Fall Boss shroud.png

Awarded for defeating Shroud.


  • Weapons down. Come with me. Titan awaits your arrival. - Shroud's first words
  • Don't even try! Friend or foe, I'll crush everyone who stands between me and my prey! - Shroud has become insane
  • I know Titan's will. What he truly wants! Shadow dies by my hand! You shall not stop me! - Speaking to Justice
  • This is Shroud! Your base is under my control! Shadow, hear me: I will find your know-it-all friend sooner or later. Clock's ticking, show yourself! - Threatens Shadow
  • All worlds share the same fate : their own destruction. Titan saves the people from the burden of killing each other, takes them under his iron fist...