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This article refers to shop in Shadow Fight 3. For other uses, see shop (disambiguation).

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Shop (or Store in the game) is where cards, booster packs, currencies and offers are purchased or acquired. Players can access it through the game menu, by clicking the gold/gem/plus icon on the top of the screen, or by clicking the booster pack icon in the game's main menu and equipment screen.


Cards can be bought from the shop using either gold (coins), gems or a special currency (if any). All types of cards are available for purchase: Weapons, armors, helms, ranged weapons, Special Moves, and perks. These cards are of different rarity, with higher rarity priced at higher price as well, while the Unique cards can be purchased only with the special currencies.

A random shop for a player who selected the Heralds faction

Details of a card can be viewed by clicking on the card. Aside from equipment, shadow energy is available for purchase as well, buyable with coins at a considerably high price. After a card is purchased, it cannot be purchased again. Cards refresh every 24 hours. Players also can use 20 gems to instantly refresh the cards. There are 12 card slots available at the shop. 2 slots are of a Common item and an amount of shadow energy. 4 slots are of Rare cards. 6 more slots are of either Epic or Legendary cards. Initially, only 6 card slots are available in the shop, while the rest 6 are locked. Players must reach a new Dan in order to unlock more card slots.

Booster Packs

Main article: Booster Pack

There are three types of booster packs in the game: Rare, Epic and Legendary. Rare booster packs cost coins once while Epic and Legendary booster packs cost gems. Each pack contains at least 2 cards with the same rarity as the pack, and at least 3 cards with the previous rarity (i.e. Epic booster pack contains at least 2 Epic cards and at least 3 Rare cards). The content ranges from equipment to perks and special moves.


Main Article: Currencies (SF3)

Currencies can be purchased from the shop. Gems are purchased for real money while coins can be traded for gems. Some items have deals; hence, they provide better value.

Alternatively, players can acquire free gems by completing Tapjoy offers or following/subscribing to the game's YouTube, Twitter and Facebook pages.


Offers are available occasionally. They are one-time purchases that provide more value than regular purchases. They usually expire in a day except for event offers.

One of the two offers exclusive to April Fool's day


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