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Shin is Lynx's first bodyguard and the easiest one to defeat. He is the first bodyguard the players will encounter in Shadow Fight 2. He makes his first appearance when Shadow demands to fight Lynx, but he dismisses it by saying he will not waste his time and orders his weakest bodyguard, Shin, to take care of Shadow. Thus Shadow goes on to fight Lynx's bodyguards in order to get to him and he begins with Shin. Shin is a bodyguard armed with Kunais. Shin is a member of the mysterious organization known as "The Order", which is run by Lynx. Shin later reappears to fight Shadow again in the Interlude.


  • Shin is the only bodyguard in the whole game with no speaking role.
  • He is also the only bodyguard to be referred to as weak, even before fighting the player.
  • He wields melee Kunai, that look like Daggers, but cannot be obtained by player.