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Shibata is a minor character who appears in Chapter III of Shadow Fight 3. He is the underling of Itu. Shibata works as the supervisor of the Void Room, a room that was created by Bolo to help the Emperor so that he could release himself from the Sphere.


Chapter IV: Consequences

When the player chooses to Exploit the Sphere, and when Itu gets possessed, Shibata offers the player a sparring fight in order to know whether the player has any energy left in him/her after fighting the Emperor.

Shibata acts as the supervisor of the Void Room in Simulation quest, a series of side quests in Chapter III that takes place inside the Void Room. He explains that the Void Room can recreate futures and pasts of anyone who steps into it. He says that Void Room will make contact through the simulations of people that the player has met before. Shibata also states that the Void Room has its own mind, saying that it also has a bad temper and can get bored at times.

Some times after the player entered the time portal with Shadow Mind, Shadow takes over the Legion and destroys both the Dynasty capital and the Heralds Dome. What happened to Shibata, who was in the Dome when Iolanda stole the Accelerator Core prototype from him, remains unknown.

Itu's Plane

Assistant Shibata arrives there and asks Mistress June what has happened, as he has been looking for her after Nanami's attack. He informs that the Accelerator's work has been stopped, the Void Room is now requesting update every hour. As June is too tired already so she immediately orders the Moon Snakes to deal with this. She asks Kitsune-1 to make sure Proxy gets safely to Iolanda before leaving, followed by Jet and Assistant Shibata.

Proxy is reactivated once the party has arrived at the Crypt. However, Nanami and Shibata are waiting for them there, with the former teasing the fox by addressing themselves as sisters and apologizing for everything. Shibata asks for everyone to calm down and hear for what Nanami has to say, only to be harshly scolded by Jet. She does not waver however, and instead refuses to negotiate for the sake of keeping the work of her mistress and the Empire. Nanami simply asks Proxy to help put Jet in place, promising to explain everything in return. Jet tries to attack the bot, but Proxy quickly defends her. Jet proceeds to change her target and tries to attack Proxy. Eventually, Jet is defeated. Nanami thanks Proxy and asks Jet to shut up and listens to Shibata, as the bodyguard surely knows that the Void Room is a hivemind, and the purpose of the Accelerator built by Doctor June.

Shibata manages to hack the Void Room after learning its true name, as well as sending Arbitress Kibo to another timeline, albeit only temporarily. He then starts the defragmentation of the Nexus, meaning it will be disintegrating for some time as the collective minds will be detached from the core May.


Shibata occasionally appears on certain events, all of which related to Heralds.

Blossom Festival

During spring, Heralds are celebrating Blossom Festival inside the Dome. Shibata has created a shadow bot named Steel Sakura, and he asks the players to help by fighting his creation as he wants to show the true extent of his bots' skills. Shibata suggests the player to warm up by fighting against his prototypes before the real fight.

Deep Color

Shibata informs the player that he needs their help as the Judges have captured the Void Room. He had followed the Judges and saw that some of them were coming out of the Void Room and attacking everyone. Shibata asks the player to help him defeat the Judges as he would support them using standard Void Room protocols.

Star of Hope

Once a year during the Winter Star, the mysterious dream gatekeeper appears in the fair, challenging anyone for a snowball fight. It's said if someone beat them in a snowball fight, something special happens. Shibata as scientist should remain open to new information about the Winter Star. He then tells the player to defeat one of them.