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Shadow Pass is the name of the paid subscription in Shadow Fight 3. It gives the players a number of additional privileges and perks which are otherwise not available through any other means. Shadow Pass features include:

  • Bonus cards can be claimed without the need to watch ads.
  • Additional daily rewards. These rewards include Booster Packs of up to Legendary rarity, Epic and Legendary keys, and 30 gems frequently. Rewards from previous days cannot be claimed until 30 days for the daily reward period is not over; if the player subscribed a few days late.
  • Additional special daily quest. There can be up to three additional Shadow Pass exclusive daily quests in the Daily Quest interface. They reward the players with a better amount of keys of all three rarities. Just like the regular daily quests, these exclusive quests are available for every 8 hours.
  • Daily Bosses. A new mode where the players assist the Time Traveler's research by fighting numerous people.


The Daily Boss interface menu.

Experiment is the name of the Shadow Pass exclusive quest. The Stranger asks for the player's help to join his research on different people regarding how they influenced the world's history. Every 24 hours, the players are given a mission to defeat a boss. After they completed the mission, the players are rewarded with one Epic card, two Rare cards, and 100 Shadow Energy. While assisting the research, the Stranger also sheds light on the player about various people and groups from all three factions, along with their backgrounds and how they come to have high importance in the historical index.

Daily boss fights are similar to other boss fights; there can be up to five rounds, and the player needs to score three victories in order to win. Each of the bosses wears a full set of Legendary gears, and they utilize unique fight bonuses throughout the battle.

Legion Bosses

Name Icon Equipment Fight Rule
Scourge Liquidator Icon.png

Helm: Liquidator's Headpiece

Scourge Liquidator - Burn the player's Shadow Energy with successful hits and deal +50% damage when it is depleted.
Armor: Liquidator's Hardshell
Weapon: Ripping Kit (Swords)
Ranged Weapon: Slicing Crossbow (Arbalest)
Red Lion Helm: Lion's Gaze Red Lion - Your opponent's ranged weapon decreases your defense for 3 seconds with a successful hit.
Armor: Lion's Pride
Weapon: Sun Splinter (Spear)
Ranged Weapon: Gilded Hatchets (Throwing Axes)
Warmonger set icon.png

Helm: Warface

Warmonger - In shadow form your opponent receives reduced damage and ignores regular attacks.
Armor: Warlord's Plates
Weapon: Bonecrushers (Hammers)
Ranged Weapon: Gilded Blades (Throwing Knives)
Valor Set Icon.png

Helm: Valor's Headpiece

Living Legend - While your opponent takes no damage, he charges a shield. This shield absorbs the damage of 1 hit, throwing you back.
Armor: Valor's Might
Weapon: Ancestors' Wrath (Giant Sword)
Ranged Weapon: Obsidian Strike (Pilum)
Sir Reinhard
Abdicator Set Icon.png

Helm: Higher Calling

Abdicator - When your opponent's Health is out, he becomes invincible for 10 seconds and deals 2x damage.
Armor: Divine Retribution
Weapon: Arbitrator (Two-handed Sword)
Ranged Weapon: Mercy (Pistol)
Night Warrior

Helm: Shiny Darkness

Night Warrior - Your opponent's damage increases over time.
Armor: Dogma
Weapon: Light Brim (One-handed Sword)
Ranged Weapon: Black Maw (Trap)
Eraser Set Icon.png

Helm: Aura

Condensing Eraser - Every successful block adds 20% to your opponent's Shadow Energy. He recharges the ability by hitting you.
Armor: Shine
Weapon: Final Countdown (Flail & Shield)
Ranged Weapon: Citadel (Bullet Gun)

Dynasty Bosses

Name Icon Equipment Fight Rule
Guardian Dragon
Guardian Dragon Icon.png

Helm: Guardian Helm

Guardian Dragon - Gain +7.5% to his Shadow Energy for each successful weapon attack.
Armor: Guard's Armor
Weapon: Emerald Claw (Guandao)
Ranged Weapon: Lotus Petals (Throwing Daggers)
Arrow Set Icon.png

Helm: Golden Fang Crown

Arrow - Your opponent gains Shadow Energy bonus for steps, rolls, jumps, and swaps.
Armor: Three Arrows' Glory
WeaponEagle's Dive (Chain Knife)
Ranged Weapon: Four Leaves (Spikes)
General Tao

Helm: Demon's Crown

Golden Demon - Your opponent's ranged weapon leaves poisonous clouds on location.
Armor: Demon Ward
Weapon: Prosperity Staff (Staff)
Ranged Weapon: Skylord (Bow)
Octopus of the Damned
Octopus Set Icon.png
Helm: Kraken Kabuto Octopus of the Damned - Your opponent's ranged weapon stuns you on hit.
Armor: Kraken's Eye
Weapon: Flying Jade (Nunchaku)
Ranged Weapon: Burning Rain (Fire Orbs)
Usurper Helm: Chief's Crown Usurper - Your opponent can enter Shadow form even if his Shadow Energy has not fully restored.
Armor: Wings of Reign
Weapon: Crown Defender(Shuang Gou)
Ranged Weapon: Wyvern's Claws (Boomerangs)
Star Chaser Set Icon.png

Helm: Triumphant

Star Chaser - When your opponent's Health is out, she enters Shadow Form with full Shadow Energy bar and becomes invincible for 10 seconds.
Armor: Northern Lights
Weapon: Dragon's Roar (Dadao)
Ranged Weapon: Dragon Chakrams (Chakrams)
Nightmare Set Icon.png

Helm: Airwalker

Torturous Nightmare - Your opponent's attacks halve damage of your next attack and provokes Bleeding on you if you keeps receiving damage.
Armor: Utopian Glow
Weapon: Fireflies (Composite Glaive)
Ranged Weapon: Sun Synthesis (Bow)

Heralds Bosses

Name Icon Equipment Fight Rule
Gloomy Spectre Icon.png

Helm: Mind Protector

Gloomy Spectre - Gain spectre badges for up to 3 successful hits to increase his damage by 50%. Badges are lost over time.
Armor: Agony Gleam
Weapon: Cyan Talons (Claws)
Ranged Weapon: Ice Fangs (Kunai)

Helm: Shadowdiver's Muzzle

Anomaly Hunter - Your opponent takes lowered damage from Shadow Abilities.
Armor: Shadowdiving Suit
Weapon: Shadowslayer (Katana)
Ranged Weapon: Selectors (Electromines)
Divine Judge
Judge Set Icon.png

Helm: Crescent Visor

Divine Judge - 3 successful hits fully replenish your opponent's Shadow Energy, but it vanishes after 3 seconds.
Armor: Divine Judgement
Weapon: Fate's End (Iaido Katana)
Ranged Weapon: Dragonfly's Bites (Needles)
Mnemos Helm: V.O.A.K. Tracker - Your opponent's ranged weapon replenishes his Shadow Energy with successful hits. His Shadow Energy restoration will be interrupted when you inflict damage upon him.
Armor: ABL-12
Weapon: Improved Pruner (Naginata)
Ranged Weapon: Glacial Harpoon (Harpoon)
Creator Set Icon.png
Helm: Stealth Visor Shadow Artisan - Your opponent marks your opponent with a critical hit. After a few seconds a shadow bot attacks you if you don't dodge.
Armor: Obscure Jacket
Weapon: Blood Reaper (Kusarigama)
Ranged Weapon: Supernova (Folding Blade)
Future Keeper Helm: Ataraxia Future Keeper - Your opponent starts each round without Shadow Energy and cannot replenish it by hits. If he has only one-third of his Health, he enters permanent Shadow Form until current round ends.
Armor: Detachment
Weapon: Nocturnal Clutches (Sai)
Ranged Weapon: Steel Dragonflies (Shurikens)
Warden Set Icon.png

Helm: Scolopendrae

Void Warden - Your opponent's attacks contaminate your Shadow Energy. Fully contaminated energy deals damage to you and disappears.
Armor: Significator
Weapon: Chelicerae (Whip Katars)
Ranged Weapon: Ling Project (Blaster)
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