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Shadow Orbs are items in Shadow Fight 2 which can be used to forge enchantments on any equipment.


After Shadow wins three tournaments stages in the second province (or Act II), Sensei explains to Shadow about how people are grateful to him as he rose against the demons. Sensei goes on to say that there is a blacksmith who in gratitude, offers to readily forge enchantments for Shadow on his equipment if Shadow can only obtain more of the Shadow Orbs and then directs him to the shop. Shadow is then given a free simple enchantment on his armor. Later, Sensei also instructs Shadow to use his power to invoke the Eclipse, which can grant him more Shadow Orbs.


Shadow Orbs can be obtained by winning fights in Eclipse, bought from raids shop for 299 gems (quantity increases as the player progresses further in the story) or winning them from the Mystery Box. They are three types. of Shadow Orbs;

  1. Forge green.png Green Orbs: Green Orbs are the most common orbs. They can be obtained by winning Survival, Challenge, Tournament, Bodyguard and Boss Fights in Eclipse mode. However, playing in normal mode may give lower amounts of orbs. They are characterized by their green color and an anti-clockwise swirl inside them. Green Orbs are primarily used for Simple Recipes, Medium Recipes and Mythical Recipes.
  2. Forge red.png Red Orbs: Red Orbs are only used in Eclipse exclusive rewards obtainable from winning Challenges, Tournaments and Storyline Fights. They are characterized by their red color with a double armed swirl on them. Red Orbs are needed for Medium Recipes along with Green Orbs. They are also a requirement for the Mythical Recipe. They can also be obtained by beating bosses again in Eclipse mode. Like with green orbs, players can switch to Eclipse mode and play the storyline fights to get extra red orbs.
  3. Forge purple.png Purple Orbs: Rarest of all Shadow Orbs. Purple Orbs can be won through the defeat of Demons during Eclipse for the first time only, even if the player is in the Interlude. They are recognized by their purple color with a triple armed swirl on them. Their use is to enchant any item with a Mythical Recipe which requires Green Orbs, Red Orbs and these.


  • During a tutorial portion in Act II, the blacksmith gives Shadow his first enchantment for free.
    • There is no way to avoid obtaining this free enchantment.
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