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This article refers to Shadows Descendant in Character. For other uses, see Shadows Descendant (disambiguation).

The Descendant is the main protagonist, as the real version of him is the overarching antagonist of Shadow Fight 3. He is the playable character who inherited Shadow's powers to fusion with Shadow Mind. The Descendant by default is a male, but players can change their gender into female.


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Chapter I: Legion
Chapter II: Dynasty
Chapter III: Heralds
Chapter IV: Consequences
Chapter V: Shadow Island
Chapter VI: Heart of the Legion
Chapter VII, Part I: Forget the Past
Chapter VII, Part II: Behold the Future
Transformation: June's Plane
Transformation: Itu's Plane

The Stranger

You got it already, right? The real Descendant of Shadow is me. You appeared as a result of my many many time jumps, you and many others.

The stranger's true identity is revealed as the Descendant himself, who claimed that he had jumps the time and created billion copies of himself.


Players can select the option to change the appearance of the character in the profile menu. Changing names, gender, faces, hairstyles, or others can be done according to the players' desire. The first customize to the character is free. However, they have to pay 10 gems if the player wants to customize the character again.



  • Due to the fact that Descendant is from the Legion, the players assume the fighting style of the Legion faction if they do not have any armor equipped.
  • There is a high probability that Descendant survived the Cleansing through time travel.
  • The identity of the Stranger has been revealed as The Real Shadow's Descendant during the story of Itu's Plane. However, May's voice told Shadow that there is another half of the Descendant who has good will, unlike Stranger.