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Secret Fights is the name of the Survival mode in Shadow Fight 3. It is unlocked when the players reach level 4, therefore making this mode available starting from Chapter II.


This mode consists of 6 stages and there are up to 6 rounds in a stage. The difficulty of the fights changes dynamically according to the player's main story progress. After each successful round and stage, the difficulty increases.

The reward varies depending on the day of the week and it may vary - from coins, Shadow energy, or keys. The reward type changes after an amount of time has passed, which can be seen on the Survival panel. The amount of coins or Shadow Energy is determined by the player's main story progress. Each stage has an additional reward of its own and when the players complete that stage, they are given that reward (one-time only).

In each round, the player faces various fighters wielding various weapons. A single random fighter appears for only one round per stage. The player has to survive all rounds in order to score a win and get the full reward; failing at any round is considered a loss. Each round has a fixed reward of its own and when the player fails to survive a round, the reward of the last round passed is given. Every round must be played in succession to its previous. Player's health will be recovered by only 10% after winning a round.

List of Fighters[]

Name Weapon Armor Helm Ranged Weapon
Unkle Rudolf Plain Swords (Swords) Training Uniform Nomad's Cap None
Peter the Convict None Rogue's Doublet Campaigner's Helm Training Blades (Throwing Knives)
Steel Whip Metal Sting (Spear) Mountaineer's Doublet None Scarlet Blades (Throwing Knives)
Rowdy Silver Squall (Two-handed Sword) Reinforced Coat None Wooden Crossbow (Arbalest)
Sneaky Pete Solid Hatchets (Axes) Scout's Jacket Scout's Hat Steel Crossbow (Arbalest)
Officer Irene Noble Sword (One-handed Sword) Bedrock Armor Bedrock Helm Steel Crossbow (Arbalest)
Liberator Ornate Two-Hander (Two-handed Sword) Laminar Cuirass None Black Strike (Arbalest)
Evilhorn Signets of War (Hammers) Kagun's Woolfell Kagun's Horns Training Hatchets (Throwing Axes)
Slough Sun Splinter (Spear) Swamper's Camouflage None Prepper's Hatchets {Throwing Axes)
Avalanche Light Brim (One-handed Sword) Warlord's Plates Warface Gilded Blades (Throwing Knives)
Crusher Ripping Kit (Swords) Liquidator's HardShell Liquidator's Headpiece Black Strike (Arbalest)
Big Sarah Noonblade (One-Handed Sword) Lion's Pride Lion's Gaze Gilded Hatchets (Throwing Axes)
Leather Muzzle Axes Purist's Plates Purist's Helm Chained Hatchets (Throwing Axes)
Ranger Metal Sting (Spear) Hunter's Woolfell Steel Guard Steel Crossbow (Arbalest)
Predator Ash and Light (Swords) Lupine Plate Rigid Barbute Obsidian Strike (Pilum)
Ancestor Ancestors' Wrath (Giant Sword) Valor's Might Valor's Headpiece Steel Pilum
Blacksmith's Guy Crude Sword (One-Handed Sword) Belted Cuirass Morion Steel Pilum (Pilum)
One Eye Spiked Maul (Two-Handed Hammer) Marauder's Breastplate Marauder's Helm Black Strike (Arbalest)
Salty Sue Circlets Of The Elders (Axes) Mariner's Coat None Trustworthy Pistol (Pistol)
Paladin Arbitrator (Two-handed Sword) Divine Retribution Higher Calling Trustworthy Pistol (Pistol)
Johann the Elder Storm Hammer (Two-handed Hammer) Elder's Robe Strengthened Helm Steel Pilum (Pilum)
No Teeth Spear of Mercy (Spear) Guard's Uniform Guard's Helmet Crushing Jaws (Trap)
Grin Noble Sword Commandant None Death Grip (Trap)
Blind Darkness Spiked Maul (Two-handed Hammer) Dogma Shiny Darkness Black Maw (Trap)
Yeller Sentinel Pack (Flail & Shield) Marauder's Breastplate (recolored) None Black Maw (Trap)
Mechanic Sentinel Pack (Flail & Shield) Opportunist's Armor Strengthened Helmet Model 8 (Bullet Gun)
Anvil Skullgrinder (Two-Handed Hammer) Steel Order Encouragement Helm Selectors (Electromines)
Fiend Final Countdown (Flail & Shield) Stigmata Blind Rage Trustworthy Pistol (Pistol)
Dam Spikey And Big Guy (Flail & Shield) Shine Aura Citadel (Bullet Gun)
White Feather Nunchaku (Nunchaku) Embroidered Suit Seahorse Veil Wave Cutters (Boomerangs)
Mule Gilded Staff (Staff) Peasant Breastplate Conical Hat Banded Boomerangs (Boomerangs)
Wanderer Metal Shuang Gou (Shuang Gou) Recruit's Doublet None Banded Chakrams (Chakrams)
October Wooden Staff (Staff) Padded Vest Recruit's Hood Gilded Daggers (Throwing Daggers)
Dawn Flying Jade (Nunchaku) Gilded Vest Gilded Headgear Trifolium Daggers (Throwing Daggers)
Snake Tooth Ancient Legacy (Shuang Gou) Dragon Jacket None Crimson Chakrams (Chakrams)
Conqueror Dancing Sabers Prefect's Robe Kernel Casque Rigid Boomerangs (Boomerangs)
Antiquary Aerial Lotus (Chain Knife) Inwrought Armor Cycle Armet Luna Chakrams (Chakrams)
General Shang Emerald Claw (Guandao) Guard's Armor Guardian Helm Gilded Daggers (Throwing Daggers)
Sphere Temple Guard Umbral Heirs Three Arrows' Glory Golden Fang Crown Dragon Chakrams (Chakrams)
Xing The Great Crown Defender (Shuang Gou) Demon Ward None Wyvern's Claws (Boomerangs)
Enlightened Prosperity Staff (Staff) Monk's Wrap Epiphany Kasa Banded Chakrams (Chakrams)
Hunter Deer Horns Rebel's Overcoat Crested Visor Composite Bow (Bow)
Crimson Falcon Deerhorn Knives (Deer Horns) Fine Raiment Wrapped Kui Emperor' Vow (Bow)
Midnight Tamer Kraken's Eye Kraken Kabuto Wyvern's Claws (Boomerangs)
Sparrow Crane's Wings (Deer Horns) Ritual Armor Tribal Helmet Composite Bow (Bow)
Cobra Golden Bud (Dadao) Sea Devil's Doublet Sea Devil's Mask Tighten-up Fire Orbs (Fire Orbs)
Officer Shuai Golden Bud (Dadao) Sea Guard's Plates Sailor's Cap Exploding Pots (Fire Orbs)
Golden Eagle Golden Crescents Wings of Reign Chief's Crown Sky Lord (Bow)
Scarred Yubi Weightened Nunchaku (Nunchaku) Gladiator Armor Gladiator Mask Tighten-up Fire-Orbs (Fire Orbs)
Icy Storm Eagle's Dive (Chain Knife) Fur-lined Cloth Silky Fez Composite Bow (Bow)
Starfall Four-sided Blade (Chain Knife) Revolution Courage Stars (Spikes)
Ning the Mistress Dragon's Roar (Dadao) Northern Lights Triumphant Burning Rain (Fire Orbs)
Eparch Stream (Composite Glaive) Dust Storm Protection Helmet Elegant Bow (Bow)
Horizon Prosperity Staff (Staff) Prince of Wastelands Empire Tribute Emperor's Vow (Bow)
Pollux Flying Jade (Nunchaku) Solar Flare Melting Rays Solar Bombs (Fire Orbs)
Featherfall Imperial Pearls (Composite Glaive) Utopian Glow Airwalker Wild Inflorescence (Bow)
Black Fox Acute Naginata (Naginata) Cinder Coat Solid Band Heralds' Standart (Kunai)
Nocturnal Animal Stinger Claws (Claws) Initiate Kimono Composite Mask Onyx Shurikens (Shurikens)
Natsume Dark Cogs (Sai) Compression Suit None Ice Fangs (Kunai)
Vigilante Purple Peeler (Iaido Katana) Arrowproof Vest Vigilante Mask Steel Dragonflies (Shurikens)
Saburo Slick Naginata (Naginata) Ebony Armor Kendogu Mask Steel Dragonflies (Shurikens)
Red Fibre Iridescent Slicers (Claws) Enhanced Wrappings None Iron Kunai (Kunai)
Lone Warrior Gift From The Master (Katana) Thick Plackart Bright Kabuto Red Arrow (Harpoon)
Ghost Razor Edge (Glaive) Ghost Doublet Lunar Shroud Ragged Fin (Harpoon)
Survivor Shadow Piercer (Naginata) Feldsher's Uniform None Glacial Harpoon (Harpoon)
Suppressor Improved Pruner (Naginata) Agony Gleam Mind Protector Bright Shurikens (Shurikens)
Prosecutor Fate's End (Iaido Katana) Final Judgement Crescent Visor Crimson Death (Kunai)
Stalker Glaive Shadowdiving Suit Shadowdiver's Muzzle Wooden Harpoon (Harpoon)
Blazing Fist Acute Naginata (Naginata) Feldsher's Uniform None Sticking Needles (Needles)
War Unit Shadow Piercer (Naginata) ABL-12 V.O.A.K. Tracker's Tri-Blades (Shurikens)
Mad Racoon Stinger Claws (Claws) Fine Leather Cloak Military Sakkat Piercing Needles (Needles)
Kenta the Sea Slasher Dark Sky (Kamas) Deep Sea Plate Deep Sea Mask Edged Fin (Folding Blade)
Magma Accusers (Kamas) Volcanic Armor Lava Muzzle Bladed Mill (Folding Blade)
Silver Sleeve Purple Peeler (Iaido Katana) Obscure Jacket Stealth Visor Crossblade (Folding Blade)
IV Stage Infiltrator Nocturnal Clutches (Sai) Turquoise Coat None Prototypes (Electromines)
Kuro the Keeper Shadow Piercer (Naginata) Robe of Silence Cryptkeeper's Hood Supernova (Folding Blade)
Participant #67 Gift From The Master (Katana) Saccadic Masking Neurovisor Selectors (Electromines)
Hub Folding Katars (Whip Katars) Quality Carcasse Neurostabiliser Prototypes (Electromines)
Virago Gift From The Master (Katana) Eclipse Armor Blackout Half Hood Dragon Chakrams (Chakrams)
Aeon Chelicerae (Whip Katars) Version 707 Modulator Restrictors (Electromines)
Golden Masque Accusers (Kama) Heralds' Raiment Sea Devil's Mask (Recolored) Fourleaves (Spikes)
Neurosaboteur Improved Pruner (Naginata) Detachment Ataraxia Massive Mines (Electromines)
Last Judge Fate's End (Iaido Katana) Version 707 (Recolored) Crescent Visor Tracker's Tri-Blades (Shurikens)
Decapod Chelicerae (Whip Katars) Significator Scolopendrae Glacial Harpoon (Harpoon)