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To undo the mistake he has made and to seal the Gates of Shadows once again, the protagonist, Shadow has to retrieve the six demon seals. He wins them as a reward by defeating the Demons in normal mode, one for each of the first six acts. He then proceeds to use these seals to close the Gates. 

When May is captured and pulled inside the Gates during their closing, Shadow sets out to fight the demons once more (Interlude) in order to break the seals and re-open the Gates. 

Drop blue seal
Blue Seal. Obtained by defeating Lynx.
Drop green seal
Green Seal. Obtained by defeating Hermit.
Drop red seal
Red Seal. Obtained by defeating Butcher.
Drop purple seal
Purple Seal. Obtained by defeating Wasp.
Drop orange seal
Orange Seal. Obtained by defeating Widow.
Drop jade seal
Jade Seal. Obtained by defeating Shogun.
Drop titan sphere

Eternals' Sphere. Obtained by defeating Titan.


  • Butcher's seal actually resembles the "lu" symbol in Chinese folk region.

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