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Burning Blood is the name of the second character adventure in Synchronizer. This adventure belongs to Sarge which came out during winter. This adventure takes place before the events of Chapter VI.

List of Quests[]

Burning Blood adventure contains 13 fights, wherein some are normal 3-round fights, survivals, or boss fights.

No. Quest Enemy Weapon Rule(s) Synchronization required Rewards
1 A Message From The Past Angry Purist Ripping Kit (Recolored)
  • Brother and Sister
  • Vicious Circle
0 75 Shadow Energy
2 Filial Duty Inquisitor Reinhard Arbitrator (Light Inquisitor version, Eclipse aspect)
  • Sergeant in Disgrace
75 10 Epic keys
3 A Long Road Abdicator Courier Noble Sword
  • Kagun's Descendant
  • Venom Master
150 20 Rare keys
4 A Warm Welcome Ragnar's Lapdog
  • Brother and Sister
  • Fracture
250 20 Rare keys
5 Childhood Grievances Ragnar Sharptooth Drevar's Heart
  • Kagun's Descendant
350 10 Legendary keys
6 Northern Ritual Vir Spiked Maul
  • Kagun's Descendant
  • Vampire
  • Shadow Master
500 10 Epic keys
7 Ancestors' Respect Drevars
  • Kagun's Descendant
  • Drevar Trial
650 20 Rare keys
8 Great Heritage Kagun Maces
  • Kagun's Descendant
850 10 Legendary keys
9 Uninvited Guests Red Lion Sun Splinter
  • Brother and Sister
  • Red Lion
  • Doomed Slayer
1075 10 Epic keys
10 A Difficult Parting Sven None
  • Kagun's Descendant
  • Hand-to-Hand
  • Northern Leader
1300 10 Epic keys
11 Home Sweet Home Guard Captain Axes
  • Brother and Sister
  • Fading Armor
1525 20 Rare keys
12 An Unexpected Audience Investigators
  • Kagun's Descendant
  • Almost Drevar
1750 20 Rare keys
13 Unwavering Loyalty Helga the Abdicatress Arbitrator
  • Kagun's Descendant
  • Almost Drevar
  • Shadow Master
2000 10 Legendary keys


A northerner came to the Fortress who wants to find Otto Heim, also known as Sarge. The guards escorted him to prison but the Abdicators were interested in him. The story starts a few days later. Greta hands over Sarge's hammers to Gizmo and asks him what Sarge needs them for and if it was connected to the Northerner who was captured a couple of days ago. Gizmo is not sure about that since Sarge did not give him all the details. Greta asks if Sarge is now friends with the Northerners, to which Gizmo answers that it is not their concern whether Sarge has befriended Northerners or not and also that he fears the Abdicators. The persistent purists come and attack them. Gizmo and Greta both successfully fight them off. After the fight, Gizmo is scared and explains Greta that the purists keep coming at them since Sarge was demoted and the Shadow Squad disbanded and Sarge is in prison and he is about to explain more until Greta interrupts him and says she will walk with him to Sarge's prison so he does not need to worry, to which he agrees. They both are going to meet Sarge in the prison. In the meanwhile, Sarge and the captured Northerner are arguing. The captured Northerner is revealed to be Sven. Sarge has reached his prison cell to help him escape. Sarge basically wanted to leave Sven to rot in prison for another week but he spares him because of the holiday and orders him to leave and never return to the Fortress again. Sven now understands why people call him "lucky". It is because Sarge already deigned to speak to him after his just three days in prison. Sarge rebukes him and tells him that all his brothers are in the Legion and once again orders him to leave before the Abdicators arrive if he does not want to go to the tower. Sven ignores that and reveals that his mother sends him a message. She wants Sarge to come back, at least for a day. Sarge wonders what she is plotting this time. The Abdicators arrive just then. The one who showed up first is Reinhard. Sarge fights him and takes him down. Sarge disagrees to come to the forest just to know his mother's other plans and angrily tells Sven again that she is not his mother. Sven tells Sarge that she is about to set for the sun shores and wishes to see Sarge one last time. Sarge then thinks that his mother is dying. Greta and Gizmo suddenly arrive just then, giving Sarge his hammers and apologizing for the delay. Greta is shocked to see the Abdicator's body on the ground and asks if he is really Inquisitor Reinhard. Sven teases Sarge for asking his people to bring him his weapons. Sarge does not care at all. He greets Greta, Gizmo's sister and orders Gizmo to clean up the prison cell as he will be going away for some time. A few moments later, Helga arrives at the prison cell and is devastated to see her father lying on the ground and assumes Sarge killed him. Greta explains the conspiracy Reinhard fell victim to - Sarge betrayed the Legion, attacked Helga's father and helped the captured northerner escape. However, she comforts Helga by telling her that her father is not dead, just unconscious. To hide their alliance with Sarge from Helga, Greta and Gizmo make a false promise to her that they will bring Sarge to justice as soon as possible. Believing in their false oath, Helga wishes them farewell and asks them to be sure to capture the escaped Northerner as he is their young prince and he is too important. In the meantime, Sarge and Sven are planning their escape at the Legion streets. Sven asks Sarge to hurry and does not like the fact that Sarge has lost all his agility during his time in the Legion. Sarge then says that losing his agility is nothing as compared to having a rope around his neck. Sarge then points at a young guy, who is an Abdicator. If the Abdicator suspects anything and raises the alarm, they are done for. He asks Sven to sit quietly while he knocks him out. Sarge fights him and knocks him out. The duo is about to leave until Greta and Gizmo arrive just then and ask them to let them come along with them. Gizmo explains to Sarge the false oath he and his sister made to Helga that they will capture Sarge in order to hide their alliance with Sarge from her. Sven now realizes that Sarge was so slow not because he lost his agility during his time in the Legion, but because he was merely waiting for his friends. Sven feels glad to see them as their brothers will welcome them as their dear guests. Sarge furiously orders everyone to be silent and threatens to kill everyone and proceed further himself if they do not. Sarge and his companions continue their restless journey together and reach the northern village. Gizmo is tired. Gizmo hears some loud sounds and assumes that the Northerners are loud folks and that their celebrations have already started. Sven corrects him by saying that these are the sounds of battle, indicating that the village is under attack. He suspects Ragnar to be the mastermind of this attack. Sarge orders Sven to check on their mother while he will take care of Ragnar himself, as he's his childhood enemy. He orders Gizmo to deal with Ragnar's henchmen himself. His sister assists him. The two siblings fight off Ragnar's henchmen. After defeating the enemy's henchmen, Gizmo remarks that distinguishing between northern bandits and common folk is challenging due to their similar appearance because they look like thugs. His sister suggests that they should be careful not to generalize or make assumptions about people based on their appearances. Gizmo takes back his words as he finds Ragnar most menacing of all thugs. Greta, however, hopes Sarge will be fine. Sarge now meets his childhood enemy once again face to face. They both fight. During the fight, Ragnar uses a new tactic - he blows his horn, emitting pressure waves strong enough to damage Sarge but not strong enough for him to defeat Sarge. Sarge defeats him and proves to be victorious. At the end of the fight, Sarge taunts him by saying that he is still as weak as he was in the past. After Sarge defeats Ragnar, Sven thanks him and his associates for their help in saving their village. Yet, a tinge of sorrow lingers, as they arrive too late—Mother has embarked on an endless journey. Sarge needs rest and allows the others to celebrate without him. Sven refuses as there is no time to rest. Mother has sent Sarge a gift, which he can only receive if he enters the Bridge-Between while Winter Star is still high. Gizmo is surprise by seeing this inheritance and finds Sarge to be rich now. Sven takes them all to the Ancestors' Arena. When they reach there, Greta realizes that the Ancestor's Arena is the Eternal Rest and warns the others that Legion law forbids entering it. Sarge however ditches Legion law and is ready to go in. Sven prompts the remaining group, suggesting that commencing the sacred battle before the watchful gaze of their ancestors would be wise and wishes that the Fire will help him. Sarge goes on alone to the blessed battle and succeeds. Sven congratulates him on his victory and wishes him good luck for the rest of his mission. Sarge reaches the Bridge-Between. Millenium Wolf approaches him and tests his strength against some drevars. Sarge beats them all and proves to be worthy, completing the first challenge. The next challenge starts. This time, Millenium Wolf tests him against his grandfather, Kagun. Sarge beats him as well. Millenium Wolf congratulates Sarge on proving his right to bear the title of drevar and wield the power of Fire. He also orders him to serve the ways of his ancestors with honor. Sarge, however, does not understand anything Millenium Wolf said. Sarge is sent back to the real world. Sarge goes to Sven to clarify everything with him. It is revealed that this was Sarge's gift after all - he rejected his right to bear the title of drevar at his young age but his mother returned it to him. Sarge does not agree with this. He does not want to stay in the Bridge-Between. He does accept the life of a saint or an ascetic. He says that he would rather be a good jailor than a bad drevar. Sven commends Sarge by saying that he is good at everything he does. Sven also tells him that he would do anything to have strength like his and he always wished to be a drevar but for now, he has another responsibility of taking care of his brothers in his mother's place. Sarge responds to him that he will lead his life according to his will, not according to the North. Sven then welcomes his brothers and sisters in the village to the Winter Star Festival and encourages them to hurry lest they miss the best fights. The Winter Star Festival is in full swing. Sven is enjoying his food. Gizmo comes to him and mocks his food, assuming it is a pie with bees. Greta hears a sound and asks Sven what happened. Sven silences both of them. He senses enemies in the bushes as no northerner makes so much noise when moving among the branches. Since Sarge is still weak and is sleeping, Greta and Gizmo volunteer to help Sven in his place. Gizmo and Greta both fight Red Lion and take him down together. After their battle, Sarge wakes up and questions as to what happened and wonders if these people came for him, to which Gizmo responds that he doubts it. Sarge should have witnessed the looks on their faces when they encountered Greta and him. They were definitely surprised. However, the question remains, why did they venture here if not for them. Sven suddenly notices that their mother's records are gone. Sarge questions what the records are. He sees no way the purist thugs can even read. Sven explains that the records are about Northern magic. The Inquisitor came to the forest half a year ago, seeking information about the Wheel of History. Sarge is shocked to hear this. He fears that Reinhard might do something wrong with the records. He needs to report it to the Queen as soon as possible. Sarge, Gizmo and Greta hurriedly get back to the Fortress. Sven follows them as well. Sarge spots him and furiously orders Sven to go back to the forest as northerners as not allowed to enter the Fortress. He wants him to go before the guards see him. Sven refuses. He cannot let Sarge go alone as he dragged him into this, so he wants to meet the Executioner together with him. Sarge tells him that the Executioner is not the one he is afraid of but the people in the Abdicators' Tower who deal with fire worshippers. They might hurt Sven. Sven does not care and he still refuses. Sarge has no choice but to fight his brother to send him away to safety. Both of the brothers fight barehanded to avoid doing any serious harm to each other. The two fight and Sarge wins at last. Sarge is surprised that Sven is no longer a boy with bright eyes but a real warrior now. Sven thanks Sarge for going easy on him ever since he was a child. Sven tells Sarge that life was not easy for him without him. Their mother thought that Sarge would become the hope of them and the whole North. Sarge, however, advises Sven to remain as the hope of the North instead because he is a good guy, while Sarge just wants to be rich and famous. Gizmo is surprised that Sarge is doing something exactly as he thought. Greta silences him. Sven is happy that Sarge has a dream as good as any other. But he has to follow it. He advises Sarge to go and not fail in achieving his dream. Sven finally agrees to leave. Sarge thanks Sven for visiting him but next time, he would like to be the one to pay him a visit and wishes the Winter Star blesses him. Sven finally leaves. Gizmo feels good to be finally back home. Gizmo asks Sarge his next plan. His next plan is to inform Queen about Reinhard because if he has the secret of the Wheel of History, he might do something wrong. Greta is scared Sarge might get executed if he goes to the Queen now. Sarge will still however be able to warn her about the danger and they will deal with what happens after that. He asks his companions to distract the guards for him under disguise, while he goes to the Queen. Gizmo and Greta both take care of the guards. Gizmo then suggest that they leave while they still can. Greta hopes that the Queen does not get Sarge hanged. She knows very well how the Queen feels about him. The two siblings leave the Fortress. In the meanwhile, Sarge has come to meet the Queen in the Throne Room. The Queen is surprised that Sarge has returned bravely to them. Sarge is about to inform her about Reinhard just before Helga appears and spots him and orders three of her investigators to keep him from approaching the Queen and capture him. Sarge now has fiery power which he can use in battle. Sarge fights off all three of her investigators. After dealing with the investigators, Sarge gets the opportunity to inform both Helga and the Queen about Reinhard - he has stolen ancient magical secrets from the Northerners and he thinks the interrogators should find out what Reinhard needs them for. He is willing to attend to this matter personally. Queen Iolanda wants him to provide an evidence that allows him to tarnish the name of the Grand Inquisitor of the Abdicators. Sarge does not have any evidence but he has many witnesses. Helga requests Queen to get Sarge arrested as he is a heretic and a traitor. She and her people saw that Sarge uses fire magic so he must be executed. She, using the authority given to her by the King of the Legion, commands Sarge to surrender or meet his death. Sarge wants to do everything he can to bring the truth to the Queen. He chooses to fight Helga in battle. He uses all his skills to take her down, including his fiery ability. Even her Power of Light proves to be nothing against him. Sarge defeats Helga at last. At the end of the battle, he apologizes to the Queen for the mess he has made. The Queen is shocked to see Sarge using fire magic. Sarge tries to comfort her by saying that it is just a small glimpse of his past as he is from the North after all. He was able to perform these little tricks with fire even in his childhood, but they are nothing compared to shadow energy. The Queen is glad to see that Sarge emphasizes shadow energy over fire magic but does not believe in his report of Abdicators plotting treachery against them using northern magic and wants him to come with something more realistic. Sarge is speechless. The Queen sees that his work as a jailor has not yet saved him from his reckless pride and orders him to return to it immediately. She also seizes his hammers and armor. Sarge obeys her command with honor but requests her to keep his equipment safe as he will be back for them.



Adventure's Main Rewards[]

After completing all the adventure fights, the players will be able to receive the Northern Relics; Hand of Fire, Immortal Heart and Mind of Ice. Basic reward (Hand of Fire) can be obtained for free, while the Premium rewards (Immortal Heart and Mind of Ice) cost 200 mnemoniums.


  • This adventure is likely the prequel to the Wheel of History event, since Sarge has information about Reinhard and the Wheel of Time. The queen did not listen to him, which eventually led to the events of Wheel of History.