Restrainer are a set of weapons in Shadow Fight 3 unlocked in Chapter VII, Part I. They are a set of Rare Flail and Shield and belong to the Legion faction. The stretchable flail is used as the main offense, while the foldable shield is used to protect the user from attacks, or sometimes being used for offensive purpose as well. Restrainer feature 3 item slots which can be customized with applicable Perks and a Special Move. Just like all Rare Legion weapons, they carry the Crush Shadow Ability.

Restrainer can be bought from the shop for a determined amount of price. It can also be obtained as a random reward after winning any fight in Chapter VII, by opening Chests (better chests have higher chance), or by purchasing the Legion Booster Pack.

Other variants include:

Attack Overview

Move Name Controls
Flail and Shield Stance Start of Fight
Flail and Shield Hits SF3Punch, SF3Punch, SF3Punch
Flail and Shield Heavy Hit Hold SF3Punch
Flail and Shield Spinning Hits SF3B + SF3Punch
Flail and Shield Upper Hit SF3U + SF3Punch
Flail and Shield Low Hit SF3D + SF3Punch

Shadow Ability

Main article: Shadow Ability

Smashes the ground with both hands, causing spikes to emerge from the ground in a small radius around the player. Enemies caught in the radius take damage to their health.

Special Move

Main article: Special Move
Icon Name Controls Move
ICON SUPER SHIELD KNOBSTICK 1 Banishing SF3F + SF3Punch, SF3Punch, SF3Punch
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