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This article refers to Perk in Shadow Fight 3. For other uses, see Perk (disambiguation).

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Perk is the special ability in Shadow Fight 3. Perks give different effects to either the enemy or the player's character.


Perks are classified based on their rarity: Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Perks with higher rarity tend to give a better effect but are usually more difficult to be obtained.

As the v1.28.0 changes, along side with the Void World raid update, Perks are fully reworked. Currently, Perks can only be obtained from the Void Chest opened with 90 void keys, or from story missions which can drop perks. The player can upgrade their Perk with Umbracite. Each Perk has 10 levels.

Upgrade Level Umbracite Price
Rare Epic Legendary
2 5 10 15
3 10 15 20
4 15 20 25
5 20 25 30
6 25 30 35
7 30 35 40
8 40 50 60
9 60 80 100
10 100 120 200

Using Perk

Perks can be applied into the equipment's slots to have them activated in fights. Each piece of equipment has a different perk slots limit, depending on the item's type and rarity.

  • Common and Rare Helmets, Armors and Weapons has one perk slot.
  • Epic, Legendary and Unique Helmets has two perk slots.
  • Epic Armors and Weapons has two perk slot.
  • Legendary and Unique Armors and Weapons has three perk slots.

Perks also are restricted based on the type of equipment and Faction. For example, some perks can only be applied to weapons and cannot be used with armors and helms. Other example that some weapon perks from Legion only can be applied to Legion weapons and can't be used in Dynasty weapons or Heralds weapons.

List of Legion Perks

Image Name Description Rarity Equipment
ICON PERK WILL TO WIN.png Will To Win When your health is lower than --% of its maximum, your weapon damage is increased by --%. Rare Weapon
ICON PERK SHIELDING BODY.png Shielding A --% chance to increase your defence by --% for 3 seconds after receiving a Body hit. Rare Armor
ICON PERK RECOLLECTION.png Recollection Gain --% additional Shadow Energy after receiving a Head hit. Rare Helm
ICON PERK REPELLER.png Repeller A --% chance get +--% damage for 5 seconds after receiving a successful block. Rare Armor
ICON PERK IRON GRIP.png Iron Grip A --% chance to withstand Shock without dropping your weapon. Rare Weapon
ICON PERK SHADOW NOURISHMENT.png Shadow Nourishment Shadow abilities replenish your heath by --% of damage they inflicted. Epic Helm
ICON PERK SHADOW BLADES.png Shadow Blades Your Shadow abilities inflict give your opponent Bleeding that deals damage equal to --% your shadow abilities' damage. Epic Helm
ICON PERK SPIKED ARMOR.png Spiked Armor By doing Critical hits, the opponent inflicts Bleeding on themselves that deals damage equal to --% of his own Critical hit's damage. Epic Armor
ICON PERK BLEEDING.png Bleeding A --% chance to inlict Bleeding on your opponent by attacking them with weapon by --% of your attack damage. Epic Weapon
ICON PERK LIFESTEAL.png Lifesteal A --% chance to gain --% of your attack damage as health. Epic Weapon
ICON PERK PREDATOR.png Predator Gain +--% damage if your enemy's health is under --%. Epic Armor
ICON PERK REVENGE.png Revenge Taking critical damage increases the damage of your next attack by --% and also its ability to penetrate opponent's block by --%. Epic Armor
ICON PERK BREACHER.png Breacher A --% chance to deal full damage through enemy block. Epic Weapon
ICON PERK PERSEVERANCE.png Perseverance Every --% of Health lost increase damage of your shadow abilities by --%. Legendary Helm
ICON PERK AGILITY.png Agility --% to ignore damage caused by ranged weapons. Legendary Armor
ICON PERK SHADOW BURN.png Shadow Burn A --% chance to cause your enemy to lose health and Shadow Energy equal to --% of your attack damage. Legendary Weapon
ICON PERK DAMAGE ABSORPTION.png Damage Absorption A --% chance to reduce incoming hit damage by --%. Legendary Armor
ICON PERK DAMAGE RETURN.png Damage Return A --% chance to deal --% of upcoming Body hit damage to your enemy. Legendary Armor
ICON PERK ROCK.png Rock A --% chance to withstand a Critical hit without falling, reducing its damage by --%. Legendary Helm
ICON PERK BERSERK.png Berserk A --% chance to deal +--% damage with a hit, losing --% of additional damage from your health. Legendary Weapon
ICON PERK BASHER.png Basher A --% chance to stun your enemy for -- seconds with a hit. Legendary Weapon

List of Dynasty Perks

Image Name Description Rarity Equipment
ICON PERK GROWING APPETITE.png Growing Appetite + - sec combo counter duration --% chance to gain + - to combo counter after making a weapon attack. Rare Weapon
ICON PERK HEAVY HAND.png Strong Foot +--% to all unarmed attacks' damage Rare Armor
ICON PERK POISON SKIN BODY.png Poison Skin --% chance that receiving a successful attack will poison your opponent, dealing an additional --% of their attack damage. Rare Armor
ICON PERK WEAKNESS.png Weakness A --% chance to reduce enemy's hit damage by --% over 2 seconds. Rare Weapon
ICON PERK POWERFUL KICK.png Shadow Kick --% chance to replenish --% of Shadow energy when kicking. Rare Helm
ICON PERK UNITY.png Unity Replenish --% health during - sec after each - strike of your combo. Epic Weapon
ICON PERK CRITICAL FOCUS.png Distraction --% chance to decrease your opponent's Critical attack damage by --% for - sec with a successful weapon attack. Epic Weapon
ICON PERK SECRET RITUAL.png Secret Ritual Your shadow abilities poison opponent on hit and deal --% attack's damage. Epic Helm
ICON PERK SWIFT MONGOOSE.png Swift Mongoose - -% all incoming damage for every attack your add to the combo counter, as long as the counter is active. Epic Armor
ICON PERK VENOMOUS LIMBS.png Venomous Limbs --% chance to poison enemy with a successful unarmed attack, making them take damage equal to --% of your attack damage. Epic Armor
ICON PERK REGENERATION.png Regeneration --% chance to restores -% Health in 5 secs after receiving a Head hit. Epic Helm
ICON PERK VENGEFUL TIGER.png Vengeful Tiger -% chance to shock your enemy with an unarmed attack. Rare Armor
ICON PERK PLUCK.png Pluck A --% chance to shock your enemy with a hit after a Combo of - hits. Epic Weapon
ICON PERK PERFECTION OF FORM.png Perfection of Form + --% to the damage received by your opponent for - sec after each - strike of your combo. Legendary Weapon
ICON PERK DROUGHT.png Drought --% chance that your unarmed attack will prevent your opponent from gaining Shadow energy and entering shadow form for - sec. Legendary Weapon
ICON PERK STRICT MASTER.png Strict Master --% chance to stun your opponent for 3 sec with a successful unarmed attack after making combo of - attacks. Legendary Armor
ICON PERK BREAK.png Break By avoiding damage for - sec, you automatically begin to restores -% Health per - sec. Legendary Armor
ICON PERK POISON.png Poison --% chance that a successful attack with weapon will poison your opponent, dealing an additional --% of your attack damage over seconds. Legendary Weapon
ICON PERK RISING TIDE.png Rising Tide Gain --% of your attack damage as additional Shadow Energy after a Combo of - hits. Legendary Helm
ICON PERK WOLVERINE.png Wolverine A --% chance to deal +--% damage for - seconds after a successful attack. Legendary Weapon
ICON PERK FLURRY.png Flurry Increase damage by --% for each hit while maintaining a Combo of - hits. Legendary Armor

List of Heralds Perks

Image Name Description Rarity Equipment
ICON PERK CATALYST.png Catalyst +--% damage for -- sec after leaving shadow form. Rare Armor


Accumulation Gain --% of Critical hit damage as Shadow Energy. Rare Helm
ICON PERK APHOTIC BARRIER.png Aphotic Barrier After exiting the shadow form your defense against melee attack increases by --% for 4 seconds. Rare Armor


Critical Mass +--% to damage of a blocked Basic attack. Rare Weapon
ICON PERK PREPARED STRIKE.png Prepared Strike First hit to your enemy during the first 4 seconds of the round deals --% more damage. Rare Weapon
ICON PERK AMORTIZATION.png Amortization All incoming damage is decreased by --% when you are in the shadow form. Epic Armor
ICON PERK CONVERSION.png Conversion +--% to shadow energy when the opponent uses shadow abilities. Epic Armor
ICON PERK AMPLIFICATION.png Amplification First Shadow Ability used after entering shadow form inflicts --% more damage. Epic Helm
ICON PERK DETERRENCE.png Deterrence Shadow abilities burns enemy's shadow energy at the amount of --% of damage dealt. Epic Helm
ICON PERK PRIMARY PROTECTION.png Primary Protection Damage taken in the first 5 seconds of each round is reduced by --%. Epic Armor
ICON PERK PRECISION.png Precision A --% chance to cause --% additional damage with a critical hit. Epic Weapon


Recharge A --% chance to gain Shadow Energy equal to --% of your attack damage. Epic Weapon
ICON PERK DISCHARGE.png Discharge A --% chance to cause your enemy to lose Shadow Energy equal to --% of your attack damage. Epic Weapon
ICON PERK SYNCHRONIZATION.png Synchronization Cooldown for critical attack is decreased by - sec, charge duration is increased by - sec. Legendary Weapon
ICON PERK HALFLIFE.png Half-Life When you leave shadow form, the opponent takes additional damage equal to the damage you've dealt on them with Shadow Abilities. Legendary Armor
ICON PERK SHADOW AFFINITY.png Shadow Affinity At the beginning of each round you gain --% of Shadow Energy. Legendary Helmet
ICON PERK VAPORIZATION.png Vaporization The more Shadow Energy your enemy has, the more damage you inflict. Damage raises up to --%. Legendary Helm
ICON PERK TRANSFUSION.png Transfusion -% Health replenishes for every shadow ability used

Chance: --%.

Legendary Armor
ICON PERK SHADOW REMEDY.png Shadow Remedy --% health recovers on entering Shadow Form. This perk may be activated only once per round. Legendary Armor
ICON PERK TIME BOMB.png Time Bomb A --% chance to cause your enemy to lose health equal to --% of your attack damage after - seconds. Legendary Weapon
ICON PERK INTERFERENCE.png Interference A --% chance to forbid the enemy to use block for - seconds with a hit. Legendary Weapon

Set Bonus

Set Bonuses are special fight bonuses usable in fights. They are activated automatically every time the player or an opponent equips a full set with a Set Bonus.

Set Bonus Description Notes
Scourge Liquidator Icon.pngScourge Liquidator Burn your enemy's Shadow Energy with successful hits and deal +50% damage when it is depleted.
  • Each unblocked swords or arbalest hit will reduce the opponent's Shadow Energy by 5%, and can stack with the Shadow Burn perk.
  • When the opponent's Shadow Bar has been completely depleted, any successful swords or arbalest hits deal 50% more damage and will cause the yellow trims on the user's armor to glow in flames, indicating that the damage buff is taking place.
  • The damage buff and the shadow energy draining do not work on opponents who does not have any, or have unlimited use of shadow energy.
  • The Pierce Shadow Abilities can produce both the Shadow Burning and damage buff effects while the Ballistae Shadow Abilities can only produce the damage buff effect.
  • The damage buff ability always work on opponents who utilizes Spring Champion set ability, on top of draining their shadow energy.
Guardian Dragon Icon.pngGuardian Dragon Gain +7.5% to your Shadow Energy for each successful weapon attack.
  • When the full set is equipped, the guandao's blade will radiate a cyanish glow.
  • The ability triggers only with successful guandao hits. Can stack with Rising Tide perk.
  • The damage dealt does not affect the amount of Shadow Energy gained from the ability.
  • The ability does not work while in Shadow Form. However, its duration can be extended with the Rising Tide perk.
Gloomy Spectre Icon.pngGloomy Spectre Gain spectre badges for up to 3 successful hits to increase your damage by 50%. Badges are lost overtime.
  • Each unblocked attack of any types (claws slashes, unarmed hits, ranged attacks or Shadow Abilities) will grant the user with one spectre badge.
  • A spectre badge lasts for 4 seconds. Delivering any attacks to the opponent will reset the timer and (if the user has less than 3 badges) grants one more badge to the user.
  • The ability will become active once 3 spectre badges have been gained, indicated with the claws glowing in cyanish energy. The ability will become permanently inactive if the user receives a Shock.
  • The ability will increase the damage of claws attacks and the Pounce Shadow Ability. When these attacks land, two cyanish energy streaks will be formed on the claws, indicating that the damage buff is taking effect.
Abdicator Set Icon.pngAbdicator When your Health is out, you become invincible for 10 seconds and deal 2x damage.
  • The set ability will be activated once the user's health has been depleted.
  • When active, the user will grow a pair of wings in the form of yellowish luminescent energy on their back. And the health bar will turn white and depletes overtime, indicating the duration of the ability. The wings will disappear and the user will be defeated when the ability effect is over.
  • If the user can defeat the opponent before the ability wears off, they will win that round.
  • The white health bar can't be affected with any attacks from the opponent or any perks, such as Lifesteal or Berserk.
  • If the user have Damage Return equipped, the perk can still reflects the damage dealt by the opponent, despite the user's health bar not getting reduced from the attack.
Warmonger set icon.pngWarmonger Enemy attacks made during your unbreakable attacks restore you shadow energy.

In shadow form you received reduced damage and ignore regular attacks.

  • Attacks received by the user in unbreakable interval state will restore a fixed percentage of shadow energy.
  • The user will not get bonus shadow energy if they are hit during Shadow Form.
  • When the user is in Shadow Form, they receive reduced damage and repel melee and ranged attacks. Attacks made by the opponent to the user in shadow form will cause them to recoil and become vulnerable, but the user will still receive damage from the attack.
  • Shadow Abilities and Boss Abilities ignore the shield, but the user would still receive reduced damage.
  • The set ability does not protect the user or reduce damage received from perks, such as Poison Skin, Time Bomb, or Damage Return.
  • Ironically, this ability does not protect the user from throws.
Judge Set Icon.pngDivine Judge 3 succesful hits fully replenish your Shadow Energy, but it vanishes after 3 seconds.
  • The user starts every round with empty Shadow Bar.
  • One successful attack (weapon attack, punch, or kick) fills the user's Shadow Bar by 1/3. It will disappear if the user does not make any attack to the opponent in 3 seconds, or if they are successfully hit by the opponent's attack.
  • The Shadow Bar will be emptied instantly after the user executes one Shadow Ability.
  • Perks have no effect in increasing/reducing the Shadow Bar.
  • During special fights in which player's shadow energy is automatically recharged (Stage 1-3 of Shadow Boss Fight), this set will still get its shadow energy bar recharged.
Star Chaser Set Icon.pngStar Chaser When your Health is out, you enter Shadow Form with full Shadow Energy Bar and become invincible for 10 seconds.
  • The set ability will be activated once the user's health has been depleted.
  • When active, the Shadow Bar will be instantly refilled, the player will enter Shadow Form, the health bar will turn white and depletes overtime along with the Shadow Bar, indicating the duration of the ability.
  • If the user can defeat the opponent before the ability wears off, they will win that round.
  • The white health bar cannot be affected with any attacks. However, Since the set ability is activated using shadow energy, it can be reduced or increased with perks, such as Rising Tide or Discharge.
  • If the user have Poison Skin equipped, the perk can still reflect the damage dealt by the opponent, despite the user's health bar not getting reduced from the attack.
Octopus Set Icon.pngOctopus of the Damned Your fire orbs stun enemy with a succesful attack.
  • Hitting the opponent with a bomb will stun them for 3 seconds.
  • The user can "re-apply" the stun by hitting the stunned opponent with another bomb. This can be done infinitely, as long as the ranged weapon is not in cooldown.
  • The opponent must not be knocked down by the bomb in order for the stun to take effect.
Eraser Set Icon.pngCondensing Eraser Every successful block adds 20% to your Shadow Energy. Recharge the ability by hitting your opponent.
  • Blocking any hits successfully will charge the user's Shadow Bar by 20%, indicated by a blue badge under the user's health bar. When this effect takes place, the shield will glow in cyan. Works only in one block.
  • Once a block is performed, the Shadow recharging effect has to be recharged by dealing 3 successful hits to the opponent, indicated by 3 red badges that replaced the previous blue badge.
Nightmare Set Icon.pngTorturous Nightmare Your attacks halve damage of your opponent's next attack and provokes Bleeding on him if he keeps receiving damage.
  • Each unblocked weapon hit, kick or ranged weapon hit will proc Torturous Nightmare, causing two debuff icons to appear under opponent's health bar.
  • One icon indicates that opponent's next attack will deal only 50% damage, lasts until opponent's next successful attack.
  • The other icon indicates that opponent is Bleeding, this effect lasts for 10 seconds.
  • Bleeding effect is refreshed with subsequent weapon hits, kicks or ranged weapon hits, and so does the stack ability. The more hits user deals to the opponent, the stronger the Bleeding effect becomes. The Bleeding effect is also affected by the base damage per hit, which depends on the user's gears power and the difficulty of the stage.
  • Shadow Abilities do not proc Torturous Nightmare, and do not refresh Bleeding effect.
  • All Torturous Nightmare debuffs are removed on the opponent's next successful attack.
Warden Set Icon.pngVoid Warden Your attacks contaminate your opponent's Shadow Energy. Fully contaminated energy deals damage to him and disappears.
  • Any successful hit delivered to the opponent (weapon attack, unarmed hit, ranged attack, or Shadow Ability) contaminates a portion of the opponent's Shadow Bar, indicated by a red bar on the opponent's Shadow Bar.
  • If the opponent is in Shadow Form, the contaminated energy will explode once the opponent's Shadow Energy drops to the contaminated part of the bar. This will deal damage to the opponent and cause them to instantly exit Shadow Form.
  • If the opponent is outside the Shadow Form, the set bonus can be activated if the opponent's shadow bar drops to the contaminated part, such as using Discharge or Deterrence. The opponent will instantly receive damage and lose all shadow energy.
  • The set bonus will not work in fights where the opponent has no or unlimited shadow energy.
  • The amount of shadow energy opponent receives is always larger than the amount of contamination inflicted by the same hit. Shadow Abilities contaminate more than normal attacks.
  • The damage dealt by the explosion depends on how much Shadow Energy that gets contaminated, but not equipment power.
  • The contaminated bar won't be carried on to the next round in case the contamination does not explode at all in the current round. Instead, it'll explode as soon as player tend to defeat the opponent while the shadow bar hadn't reach the contamination bar yet.
Valor Set Icon.pngLiving Legend You are protected with a shield that absorbs your opponent's attacks with a blast and throws him back when he misses. The shield recharges for 10 seconds.
  • At the beginning of the fight, user will receive an glowing amber shield that protects user for 1 successful hit. Enemy will be knocked back, and received damage if he hits the user with melee attacks (weapon hits, unarmed hits, some Shadow Ability hits, kicks). User will still receive an small amount of damage from the enemy's hit.
  • The shield is activated when an blue icon appears right under the health bar. After being used, the set ability will have to recharge for 10 seconds, which is indicated by a red icon appear under the health bar.
  • When user blocks hits from enemy, he will be knocked away and receive damage, but the shield won't disappear. It can absorb infinite block hits. As for aforementioned, user still receive an small amount of damage.
  • The shield can work together with the Temporary Uninterruptible buff. It can also knocked others Legion enemy which is in the Uninterruptible state. It's not affected by any perks.
  • An active shield can negate the damage and the knockback effect from another Living Legend's shield.
  • Hits from some special moves that is not aimed to knock the user down (Rock and Critical section below) will still cause the opponent to be knocked down as usual.
Arrow Set Icon.pngArrow You gain Shadow Energy bonus for steps, rolls, jumps and swaps.
  • Perform a roll, step, jump or swap will grant you a fixed small amount of shadow energy, even if the user could not finish that move due to any interruptions.
  • It can be stacked with other Shadow-related perks, like Rising Tide.
  • Any Shadow Ability, weapon and armor special moves of the Chain Knife and Dynasty armor won't grant Shadow Energy to the user, despite having a roll, step and jump in the moves.
  • While in Shadow Form, the Shadow Form duration can be extended with this set bonus.
Creator Set Icon.pngShadow Artisan Mark your opponent with a Critical hit. After a few seconds a Shadow Bot attacks marked opponent if he doesn't dodge.
  • Any successful critical hits or block bypassing hits delivered to the opponent (weapon hits, unarmed hits, kicks) will mark him, denoted by a shadow circle radiating continuously.
  • After 5 seconds, a Shadow Bot will appear from the ground, hit the opponent, deal damage to him/her and interrupt his/her attacks if he/she is attacking.
  • Its Critical Charge mechanic is differed from other Heralds sets/weapons: After 2 seconds from the beginning of each round, the weapon get the Critical Charge right away.
  • The Shadow Bot's attack cannot deal Critical Hits, but can proc any applied weapon perks or Transfusion if the user is in Shadow Form.
  • It can interrupt Legion's attacks when they are in the Temporary Uninterruptible state. It can also interrupt all Shadow Abilities.
  • The enemy can still avoid the Shadow Bot hit if he/she can perform a roll or a fast step on time right after when the Shadow Bot appear and start to attacks.
  • If the user receives a Shock, the set bonus will be disabled for the remaining of the round. If the opponent has already been marked when the user is Shocked, then no Shadow bots will appear when the timer ends.
Sakura Set Icon.pngSpring Champion Your Shadow Energy restores itself (much faster if you're close to the enemy). Any Shadow Ability fully depletes it.
  • The user starts every round with empty Shadow Bar.
  • The regeneration rate of the Shadow Bar depends on the user's range to the opponent. If they are too far, the Shadow Bar will stop filling itself.
  • The Shadow Bar will be emptied instantly after the user executes one Shadow Ability.
  • Any hits delivered/taken and perks have no effect in increasing/reducing the Shadow Bar. However, enemy equipped with Scourge Liquidator set will still be able to vaporize user's shadow energy, and will also gain the damage buff.
Monkey Set Icon.pngFestival King Drinking from a flask can heal you, restore some Shadow Energy or increase your damage randomly.
  • The bonus is automatically activated right after when user uses the set's ranged weapon. Whether the flask hits the enemy or not, it will always give buffs to the user.
  • Use the flask multiple times can stack the effects. It can also stack with other perks.
  • There are three available buffs: Additional Shadow Energy, Damage Increase and Healing. The rarity order of appearance is as mention above.
  • The Damage Increase buff lasts for 6 seconds, indicated by a red badge appeared under the health bar. Healing and Additional Shadow Energy buff are instant-use buffs.

Vampire Set Icon.pngImmortal Lord

If your opponent has more health than you, your attacks drain it from them: the more damage you deal, the more health you drain

If they have less health than you, your attacks’ damage is significally increased

  • This set bonus grants the user to drain opponent's health bar if user's health is lower and deal higher damage if user's health is higher.
  • When you have the same or higher health than your opponent, the damage buff will active, indicated by the red energy running across the weapon. Any attacked delivered by user, being blocked or not, will still work.
  • When you have lower health than your opponent, the Lifesteal buff will work, indicated by a red energy glows around the whole body, appears everytime the user attacks the opponent. Any attacked delivered by user, being blocked or not, will still work.
  • At the start of the fight, the damage buff takes the advantage.
  • The Lifesteal buff won't work in fights with the Stamina Test rule, simply because user's attacks cannot deal damage to the opponent, thus no health can be drained.

Rock and Critical

The perk Rock protects Legion's unbreakable moves from a critical hit and allows the user to continue the attack. But, hits that do not knock the target down on Critical can nullify Rock-amplified unbreakable moves. Such as:

  • Chop Till Drop, 3rd hit
  • Turning Point
  • Stranglehold
  • Flail & Shield Low Hit
  • Knife Juggler, 3rd hit
  • Iaido Katana Spinning Slash
  • Scraper, 2nd hit
  • Thorn
  • Supremacy, 3rd hit
  • Mutilation, 3rd - 7th hit
  • Feral Fury, 3rd hit
  • Leash, 3rd hit
  • Whip Katars Heavy Slash
  • Whip Katars Upper Slash


  • Some enemies in the Transformation quests can utilize Perks more than the limit slots on the equipment.
  • Some enemies also can utilize Perks from other Faction, even though they use equipment from different Faction.
  • Weapon Shadow Abilities can proc the weapon's perks.
    • Ram can also proc weapon's perks, despite being an armor Shadow Ability.
  • The Iron Grip perk can negate the Shock effect of Pluck.
  • Aphotic Barrier does not work on shadow abilities. Ranged weapons also ignore the perk effect.
  • The Berserk perk can cause a character to lose all their health. However, if this happens when a character depletes all their opponent's health, the victory will still go to the character.
  • If a character deals a finishing blow to their opponent, but it triggers the opponent's Damage Return perk and depletes all the character's remaining health, the victory goes to the opponent instead.
  • Before the v1.28.0 Perk changes, all perks have 9 different levels, from base level to max level. Rare perk powers can range from 5-13, Epic perk powers can range from 8-17, and Legendary perk powers can range from 11-22.
    • Due to the aforementioned power range containing more possible numbers than 9 (except for Rare perks), power level skips happens at certain levels: 12 is skipped for Epic perks, and 16, 19 and 21 are skipped for Legendary perks.
    • The store only provides perk upgrades up to the second highest power level: 12 for rare, 16 for epic and 20 for legendary. The max level can only be achieved by collecting 128 pieces of a perk from the second highest power level, which is an extremely astonishing and time-consuming process.

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