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Perk is a special ability in Shadow Fight 3. Perks give different effects to either the enemy or the player's character.


Perks are classified based on their rarity: Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Perks with higher rarity tend to give a better effect but are usually more difficult to be obtained.

The player can upgrade their Perk with Umbracite. Each Perk has 10 levels.

Upgrade Level Umbracite Price
Rare Epic Legendary
2 5 10 15
3 10 15 20
4 15 20 25
5 20 25 30
6 25 30 35
7 30 35 40
8 40 50 60
9 60 80 100
10 100 120 200
Total 305 385 525

Using Perk[]

Perks can be applied into the equipment's slots to have them activated in fights. Each piece of equipment has a different perk slots limit, depending on the item's type and rarity.

  • Common helmets, armors and weapons and Rare helmets have one perk slot.
  • Rare armors and weapons have one per slot and a special move slot.
  • Epic, Legendary and Unique helmets have two perk slots.
  • Epic armors and weapons have two perk slot and a special move slot.
  • Legendary and Unique armors and weapons has three perk slots and a special move slot.

Perks also are restricted based on the type of equipment and faction. For example, some perks can only be applied to weapons and cannot be used with armors and helms. Other example that weapon perks for Legion only can be applied to Legion weapons and can't be used for Dynasty or Heralds weapons.

Obtaining Perk[]

Epic and Legendary perks can only be obtained from the Void Chests, while Rare perks are drops randomly through story missions.

The Perk's drop chance from Void Chest(s) is 25%.

The Static Amplifier perk current only can be obtained during Deep Color event (30.08.2023), available in the event battle pass and special offer.

King's Blessings, Dance of Onslaught and Shadow Shard perks are obtainable during Wolfblood event (03.04.2024), available at the Himmelstein's Marathon.

Price of Victory, Shadow Fang and Polarized Repeater perks are obtainable during Dragon Lesson event (19.06.2024), available at the same marathon.

List of Legion Perks[]

Image Name Description Rarity Equipment
ICON PERK WILL TO WIN Will To Win When your health is lower than 20-50% of its maximum, your attack damage is increased by 10-30%. Rare Weapon
ICON PERK SHIELDING BODY Shielding Receiving a successful hit has a 25-50% chance to increase your defense by 20-35% for 3-5 seconds. Rare Armor
ICON PERK RECOLLECTION Recollection Receiving a head hit gives you Shadow Energy equal to 60-125% of the damage dealt. Rare Helm
ICON PERK REPELLER Repeller Blocking an opponent's attack has an 25-50% chance to increase your attack damage for 20-35% for 3-5 seconds. Rare Armor
ICON PERK SHADOW THIRST Shadow Thirst 25-60% chance to gain 60-100% shadow energy by dealing damage to a blocking opponent. Rare Weapon
ICON PERK SHADOW NOURISHMENT Shadow Nourishment Shadow Abilities replenish your health by 20-40% of damage they inflicted. Epic Helm
ICON PERK SHADOW BLADES Shadow Blades Your shadow abilities inflict Bleeding on your opponent, dealing damage equal to 50-100% of your shadow abilities' damage. Epic Helm
ICON PERK SPIKED ARMOR Spiked Armor Receiving Critical Hits will inflict Bleeding on your opponent, dealing damage equal to 30-125% of the damage received.

This perk will also lower the opponent's defenses by 10% while it is active.

Epic Armor
ICON PERK BLEEDING Bleeding A 10-20% chance that a successful weapon attack will inflict Bleeding on your opponent, dealing damage equal to 50-150% of your attack damage. Epic Weapon
ICON PERK LIFESTEAL Lifesteal A successful weapon attack has an 8-25% chance to restore your health equal to 50-100% of the damage dealt. Epic Weapon
ICON PERK PREDATOR Predator Gain +15-35% damage if your enemy's health is under 25-50%. Epic Armor
ICON PERK REVENGE Revenge Receiving a Critical Hit will increase the damage of your next attack by 40-100%. This attack additionally has a 20-100% chance to break the opponent's block. Epic Armor
ICON PERK BREACHER Breacher A 20-40% chance to deal full damage through enemy block. Epic Weapon
ICON PERK COLD REVENGE Cold Revenge 25-60% to gains 50-75% of your next weapon or unarmed attack damage as shadow energy after incoming damage. Epic Armor
ICON PERK SHADOW STORM Shadow Storm 15-75% chance to increase shadow damage by 25-55% after using a shadow move.
  • This effect sums up to 5 times.
  • All the stacks will resets if the player exist shadow form.
Epic Weapon
ICON PERK PERSEVERANCE Perseverance Every 15-5% of Health lost increases damage of your shadow abilities by 4-8%. Legendary Helm
ICON PERK AGILITY Agility 25-75% chance to nullify damage and staggering caused by ranged weapons and traps, as well as any effects caused by them, like Octopus of the Damned's fire orbs stun.

This perk does not protect the user from ranged weapon effects induced by Fight Rules, like Red Lion's axes in High Society or Werewolf Ragnar's battle horn in Wolfblood.

Legendary Armor
ICON PERK SHADOW BURN Shadow Burn A 10-15% chance to cause your enemy to lose health and Shadow Energy equal to 65-100% of your attack damage. Legendary Weapon
ICON PERK DAMAGE ABSORPTION Damage Absorption A 20-40% chance to reduce incoming hit damage by 30-80%. Legendary Armor
ICON PERK DAMAGE RETURN Damage Return A 20-70% chance to return 30-50% of upcoming hit damage to your enemy. Legendary Armor
ICON PERK ROCK Rock A 50-100% chance to withstand a Critical Hit without falling, reducing its damage by 20-60%.
This perk will also prevent Critical Hits from interrupting unbreakable moves that are not executed in the air, with a few exceptions.
Legendary Helm
ICON PERK BERSERK Berserk A 17-35% chance to deal +50-110% damage with a hit, but will cause the user to lose their health equal to 35-30% of the damage dealt. Legendary Weapon
ICON PERK BASHER Basher A 5-25% chance to stun your enemy for 1.8-3 seconds with a hit. Legendary Weapon
ICON PERK FIELD MEDICINE Field Medicine 50-80% chance to restore 2.5-4% Health once with every 20-9.5% of maximum Health lost. Legendary Helm
ICON PERK SHADOW BERSERK Shadow Berserk 25-65% chance to deal +60-150% damage with a shadow move, losing 30-10% of additional damage from your health. Legendary Weapon
ICON PERK SHADOW BALANCE Shadow Balance 40-75% chance to add 40-100% of taken shadow damage to the shadow energy bar, and 60-150% of it to the damage of the next shadow move. Legendary Armor
ICON PERK KINGS BLESSING Kings' Blessing 10-50% chance to increases your damage by 10-50% for 0.5-1.5 seconds after receiving hit during unbrekable state. Legendary Armor
ICON PERK PRICE OF VICTORY Price of Victory 50%-80% chance, when you lose health due to the effects of your equipment's passive and active abilities, to inflict shadow damage to an opponent equal to 80%-165% of the health you lost due to an ability or perk. Legendary Armor

List of Dynasty Perks[]

Image Name Description Rarity Equipment
ICON PERK GROWING APPETITE Growing Appetite The combo counter will last for 1-2 seconds longer.

A successful weapon attack will have a 10-30% chance to cause an extra hit, that deals no damage but contributes to the combo counter.

Rare Weapon
ICON PERK HEAVY HAND Strong Foot +25-45% to all unarmed attacks' damage, except throws. Rare Armor
ICON PERK POISON SKIN BODY Poison Skin 10-50% chance that receiving a successful attack will poison your opponent, dealing an additional 30-75% of their attack damage. Rare Armor
ICON PERK WEAKNESS Weakness A 10-30% chance to reduce enemy's hit damage by 25-50% over 2-4 seconds. Rare Weapon
ICON PERK POWERFUL KICK Shadow Kick Kicks have a 18-40% to give Shadow Energy equal to 50-100% of the damage dealt. Rare Helm
ICON PERK UNITY Unity Replenish 0.7-2% health during 5-3 sec after each 7-5 hits. Epic Weapon
ICON PERK CRITICAL FOCUS Distraction 10-30% chance to decrease your opponent's Critical attack damage by 10-50% for 2-5 sec with a successful weapon attack. Epic Weapon
ICON PERK SECRET RITUAL Secret Ritual Your shadow abilities will poison the opponent for every hit, dealing damage equal to 10-25% of the damage dealt over 6 seconds. Epic Helm
ICON PERK SWIFT MONGOOSE Swift Mongoose - 3-10% all incoming damage for every attack you add to the combo counter, as long as the counter is active. Epic Armor
ICON PERK VENOMOUS LIMBS Venomous Limbs 35-75% chance to poison enemy with a successful unarmed attack, making them take damage equal to 30-75% of your attack damage. Epic Armor
ICON PERK REGENERATION Regeneration 20-30% chance to restore 2-10% Health in 4-2 secs after receiving a head hit. Epic Helm
ICON PERK VENGEFUL TIGER Vengeful Tiger 4-20% chance to shock your enemy with an unarmed head hit attack, unless the opponent cannot be shocked. Epic Armor
ICON PERK PLUCK Pluck A 5-15% chance to shock your enemy with a weapon hit after a Combo of 5-3 hits, unless the opponent cannot be shocked. Epic Weapon
ICON PERK INVINCIBLE WIND Invincible Wind Moving, jumping or rolling will give you one Wind Charge.

After accumulating 40-15 Wind Charges, you can evade one melee attack from your opponent.

  • Activating the ability will take away said number of accumulated charges.
Epic Armor
ICON PERK TIGER STEP Tiger Step Moving, jumping or rolling will give you one Tiger Charge.

After accumulating 40-14 Tiger Charges, your next successful attack will result in a critical hit.

  • Activating the ability will take away said number of accumulated charges.
Epic Weapon
ICON PERK PERFECTION OF FORM Perfection of Form Every 10-7 successful hits dealt to the opponent will increase the damage they receive by 7.5-20% for 5-10 seconds.

If the necessary amount of hits are dealt before the timer expires, the timer will refresh.

Legendary Weapon
ICON PERK DROUGHT Drought 10-25% chance that your successful unarmed attack will prevent your opponent from gaining Shadow Energy and entering Shadow Form for 3-5 seconds. Legendary Weapon
ICON PERK STRICT MASTER Strict Master 15-30% chance to stun your opponent for 1.5-3 seconds with a successful unarmed attack after making combo of 8-4 attacks. Legendary Armor
ICON PERK BREAK Break By avoiding melee and status (like poison) damage for 5-3 seconds, you automatically begin to restore 1-3% Health per 5-2 seconds. Legendary Armor
ICON PERK POISON Poison 10-50% chance that a successful weapon attack will poison your opponent, dealing an additional 30-75% of your attack damage. Legendary Weapon
ICON PERK RISING TIDE Rising Tide Gain 10-25% of your attack damage as additional Shadow Energy after a Combo of 5-3 hits.

The effects of this perk is halved if it activates when the user is in Shadow Form.

Legendary Helm
ICON PERK WOLVERINE Wolverine A 20-40% chance to deal +30-50% damage for 1-3 seconds after a successful attack. Legendary Weapon
ICON PERK FLURRY Flurry Increase damage by 20-50% for each hit while maintaining a Combo of 5-3 hits. Legendary Armor
ICON PERK COBRA DANCE Cobra Dance Successfully hitting your opponents will grant you one Cobra Charge.

If you do not attack your opponent for 5.5-3 seconds, your next attack will use 8.5-11.5 Cobra Charges to inflict poison on your opponent, dealing 35-80% damage over time.

Legendary Weapon
ICON PERK SHADOW PREP Shadow Prep In the beginning of a round, you have 20-30 Prep charges, every one of each increases the shadow damage you deal by 1.5-3.3%. Receiving a successful hit makes you lose 2 prep charges and blocking one makes you lose 1. Legendary Armor
ICON PERK SHADOW TAX Shadow Tax 20-40% chance to gain a shadow charge with a hit after a combo of 7-3. With the next use of shadow move, shadow charges will deal 15-25% additional shadow damage and disappear. Legendary Helm
ICON PERK DANCE OF ONSLAUGHT Dance of Onslaught 20-35% inflict Confusion on the opponent for 3-5 seconds after a successful Imperial Beat. The Confusion will ignore 25%-50% of the opponent's defense by next Imperial Beat damage to them.
  • Re-inflicting Confusion will reset it's timer.
Legendary Armor
ICON PERK SHADOW FANG Shadow Fang 15%-30% chance to gain 1 Shadow Fang by dealing physical weapon damage to an opponent while you are in shadow form. When you gain each Fang, you deal 65%-140% of physical weapon damage dealt as shadow damage. Each Fang enhances the shadow damage of your physical weapon attacks by 3%-7% until the shadow form ends. The maximum number of active Fangs: 5-13. Legendary Armor

List of Heralds Perks[]

Image Name Description Rarity Equipment
ICON PERK CATALYST Catalyst +15-50%damage for 4-7 sec after exiting Shadow Form. Rare Armor


Accumulation Gain 20-35% of critical hit damage as Shadow Energy. Rare Helm
ICON PERK APHOTIC BARRIER Aphotic Barrier After exiting the Shadow Form your defense against melee attack increases by 15-50% for 4-7 seconds. Rare Armor


Critical Mass A blocked attack deals +150-250% damage. Rare Weapon
ICON PERK PREPARED STRIKE Prepared Strike First hit to your enemy during the first 5-10 seconds of the round deals 65-100% more damage. Rare Weapon
ICON PERK AMORTIZATION Amortization All incoming damage is decreased by 20-50% when you are in Shadow Form. Epic Armor
ICON PERK CONVERSION Conversion 10-25% to Shadow Energy when the opponent uses shadow abilities. Epic Armor
ICON PERK AMPLIFICATION Amplification First Shadow Ability used after entering Shadow Form inflicts 20-75% more damage. Epic Helm
ICON PERK DETERRENCE Deterrence Shadow abilities burns enemy's Shadow Energy at the amount of 60-125% of damage dealt. Epic Helm
ICON PERK PRIMARY PROTECTION Primary Protection Damage taken in the first 5-10 seconds of each round is reduced by 20-50%. Epic Armor
ICON PERK PRECISION Precision A 20-100% chance to cause 50-100% additional damage with a critical hit. Epic Weapon


Recharge A 10-20% chance to gain Shadow Energy equal to 100-200% of your attack damage. Epic Weapon
ICON PERK DISCHARGE Discharge A 10-30% chance to cause your enemy to lose Shadow Energy equal to 100-200% of your attack damage. Epic Weapon
ICON PERK IMPULSE RESONATOR Impulse Resonator Every 20-10 seconds, the device gradually increases the damage of your next weapon attack by +295-595% over 2-3 sec, and resets after that. Epic Weapon
ICON PERK REMOTE MANIPULATOR Remote Manipulator With a 15-35% chance after taking damage further than a certain distance from your opponent, the device adds 30-70% to the damage you deal from that distance or farther for 4-6 sec. Epic Armor
ICON PERK SYNCHRONIZATION Synchronization The charge period of the Critical Charge is reduced by 1-3 seconds, the active duration of the Critical Charge is increased by 1-3 seconds. Legendary Weapon
ICON PERK HALFLIFE Half-Life When you leave Shadow Form, the opponent takes additional damage equal to 10-30% the damage you've dealt on them with Shadow Abilities. Legendary Armor
ICON PERK SHADOW AFFINITY Shadow Affinity At the beginning of each round you gain 10-30% Shadow Energy. Legendary Helmet
ICON PERK VAPORIZATION Vaporization The more Shadow Energy your enemy has, the more damage you inflict. Damage raises up to 25-60%. Legendary Helm
ICON PERK TRANSFUSION Transfusion 20-100% that each usage of shadow abilities will restore 3-5% of your health. Legendary Armor
ICON PERK SHADOW REMEDY Shadow Remedy 15-35% health recovers upon entering Shadow Form. This perk may be activated only once per round. Legendary Armor
ICON PERK TIME BOMB Time Bomb A 10-20% chance to cause your enemy to lose health equal to 80-150% of your attack damage after 5-3 seconds. Legendary Weapon
ICON PERK INTERFERENCE Interference A successful attack will have 10-30% chance to disable the opponent's block for 4-7 seconds. Legendary Weapon
ICON PERK PROBABILITY RESONATOR Probability Resonator Every 20-10 seconds, the perk will do one of the following:
  • Restore 13-23% of your health
  • Restore 15-25% of your shadow energy bar
  • Increase your weapon damage by 25-65% damage for 3.5-5 seconds.
Legendary Weapon
ICON PERK PAIN CONDENSER Pain Condenser With a 20-35% chance after taking physical damage, the device will accumulate this type of damage for 2.5-5 sec, and then add 40-70% of it to your weapon damage for 4-7 sec. Legendary Armor
ICON PERK UNSTABLE NEUTRALIZER Unstable Neutralizer 25-60% chance to store incoming non-physical damage in a device that will activate after taking physical damage and transform 50-100% of accumulated damage into protection from physical attacks for 5-10 sec. Legendary Helm
ICON PERK STATIC AMPLIFIER Static Amplifier 10-20% chance to apply Electrization to an enemy for 12-16 seconds when dealing weapon damage.

Electrization: Every 6-4 sec, an electric charge deals 10%-20% attack damage and paralyzes for 0.5 sec.

Re-inflicting Electrization on the enemy increases its damage.

Legendary Weapon
ICON PERK SHADOW SHARD Shadow Shard 10-50% chance to gain stack of Shadow shard from a critical hit. Shadow Shard (cannot stacked up with other Shard) will increases shadow abilities damage damage by 20-50% and expires after 0.5-2 seconds.
  • Shadow Shard can be stack up to 2-4 times.
Legendary Weapon
ICON PERK POLARIZED REPEATER Polarized Repeater 5%-10% chance to turn on Repeater when dealing damage. Depending on the type of damage that triggered the Repeater, it activates either the Shadow Polarity, or the Physical one. Shadow Polarity activates when you deal shadow damage, reducing physical defense by 8%-16%, while Physical Polarity activates when physical damage is dealt - and reduces shadow defense by 6%-14%. Repeater activates the Shadow and Physical Polarities alternately. If the activated Repeater does not trigger within 5-10 sec, it automatically turns off. Legendary Armor


  • The perk Rock protects Legion's unbreakable moves from a critical hit's fall and allows the user to continue the attack. But, hits that do not knock the target down on Critical can nullify Rock-amplified unbreakable moves.
  • Some enemies in the Transformation quests can utilize Perks more than the limit slots on the equipment.
  • Some enemies also can utilize Perks from other Faction, even though they use equipment from different Faction.
  • If a character has critical health, Berserk or Shadow Berserk won't activate to prevent the character from losing/dies by the health drain penalty.
    • However, if both Berserk and Shadow Berserk are activated at same time while this happen, the user will lose.
  • If a character deals a finishing blow to their opponent, but it triggers the opponent's Damage Return perk and depletes all the character's remaining health, the victory goes to the opponent instead.
  • The mechanic of Kings' Blessing perk resembles King of the Legion's Unbreakable Monarch talent in Shadow Fight 4: Arena. This also refers to its name.

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