Peasant's Guandao is a weapon in Shadow Fight 3 unlocked in Chapter VI: Heart of the Legion . It is a Common guandao and belongs to the Dynasty faction. Peasant's Guandao has 1 item slot which can be customized with applicable Perks and Special Moves. It does not have any Shadow Ability. As its name suggests, Peasant's Guandao is used by Dynastian commoners, encountered in side quests in Chapter I and Chapter II.

It can be obtained as a random reward after winning any fight in Chapter VI, by opening a Chest, or by purchasing the Dynasty Booster Pack. Players must reach level 16 before they can equip and use it.

Other variants includes:

Attack Overview

Disclaimer: The preview below uses Sentry's Guandao as the weapon. Both Peasant's Guandao and Sentry's Guandao share the exact same moveset, with the only differences being the rarity and design.

Move Name Controls
Guandao Stance
Guandao Slashes SF3Punch, SF3Punch, SF3Punch
Guandao Heavy Slash Hold SF3Punch
Guandao Spinning Slashes SF3B + SF3Punch, SF3Punch
Guandao Upper Slash SF3U + SF3Punch
Guandao Low Slashes SF3D + SF3Punch, SF3Punch,SF3Punch

Shadow Ability

Being a common guandao, it does not possess any shadow abilities.

Special Moves

Main article: Special Move

Two special moves are available for the Peasant's Guandao's item slot. Only one move can be equipped at a time.

Icon Name Controls Move
ICON SUPER GUANDAO 1 Triplex SF3F + SF3Punch, SF3Punch, SF3Punch

SF3F + SF3Punch, SF3Punch, SF3Punch, SF3Punch,SF3Punch



  • Guandao is a type of Chinese pole weapon that is used in some forms of Chinese martial arts, used quite frequently in the part of contemporary Wushu derived from the Shaolin or Wudangquan form of martial arts in modern times. In Chinese, it is properly called a yanyuedao (偃月刀; lit. "reclining moon blade").
    • According to legend, the guandao was invented by the famous general Guan Yu during the early 3rd century AD, hence the name. It is said that he specified its form and size to be made by a smithy, and was uniquely able to wield such an imposing weapon due to his large stature and legendary strength.
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