Needle is Lynx's third bodyguard in Shadow Fight 2. She is the only female bodyguard of Lynx and the first female bodyguard encountered in the game. Her weapon of choice are the Sai. She is the first to mention The Order of all the bodyguards. She upholds the Order's practices, and seems to understand the consequences of failure. She warns Shadow that he will be actively pursued for attacking The Order. She appears in Act I and later reappear in the Interlude where she battles Shadow again as Lynx's third bodyguard.

Quotes Edit

  • There's nowhere for you to run, nowhere to hide. The Order will stop at nothing to defeat you. - Needle's first words
  • But that won't be necessary, for I shall land the killing blow and bring honor to my Master! - Needle challenges the player
  • I am defeated? Impossible! The Order will not ignore this outrage! You will be hunted and punished, Shadow! - Needle defeated

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