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Life without freedom is just miserable existence. Tell me just one reason why this unjust world deserves to live.
–Nanami giving her perspective on the world.

Nanami is a character and the main antagonist in Itu's Plane of Shadow Fight 3. She is the smartest bot which is created by the Creator, Master Okada.


Transformation: Itu's Plane

Before Itu's Plane story begins, Nanami was marked as malfunctioning bots due to her behavior, which caused by some kind of error. A hunter bot, Proxy, was assigned to hunt down Nanami, but the bot fails to complete it's mission, because Nanami fights back.

During Itu's Plane part 1, Nanami doesn't take appearance in the story, but her name was mentioned in several time because she is presumed to hack Proxy.

As they get onboard one of the ships and set sail to the northern base, Proxy hears Nanami's voice inside their head. She mocks the bot if they can even hear their own voice among the many voices inside their head, also commenting at how stupid Proxy's name is - given to fool the Descendant into thinking that they are one of them, doing their orders like a helpless doll.

Proxy is reactivated once the party has arrived at the Crypt. Nanami and Shibata are waiting for them there, with the former teasing the fox by addressing themselves as sisters and apologizing for everything. Bolo recalls her being the one who broke Proxy as the hunter bot attempted to arrest her and he had fixed them. Nanami corrects him pointing out that "captured" fits more than "fixed" according to her, and she justifies her breaking Proxy as an act to free them from useless protocols that bound the hunter bot to orders. Shibata asks for everyone to calm down and hear for what Nanami has to say, only to be harshly scolded by Jet. Even Kitsune-1 agrees that they really have no choice, as Nanami is stronger and smarter too. Nanami requests them to take her to the Void Room with them, as it has gone insane. Jet does not waver however, and instead refuses to negotiate for the sake of keeping the work of her mistress and the Empire. Nanami simply asks Proxy to help put Jet in place, promising to explain everything in return.

Jet tries to attack the bot, but Proxy quickly defends her. Jet proceeds to change her target and tries to attack Proxy. Eventually, she is defeated. Nanami thanks Proxy and asks Jet to shut up and listens to Shibata, as the bodyguard surely knows that the Void Room is a hivemind, and the purpose of the Accelerator built by Doctor June. She questions Jet if she truly know what this purpose truly means, stating that Bolo should know better than anyone: for humans and bots to join it and become one with the Room, just like Kibo. Shibata tries to convince Jet that this is not the future Mistress June want, the future where there is nothing but the Room. Jet's finally comes back to sense as she recalls how her mistress doubted the Room's order and agreed to take Nanami with them, as long as she does not attempt anything funny.

They all arrive at the Dome in an instant via the shadow portal of the Crypt. Bolo is surprised a bit when he sees the Dome is no different than the one in his world, before it ended. Nanami reveals to the old man that unlike the case with his world where Shadow was responsible, here it was destroyed when the Empire used shadow energy recklessly. The Dynasts stole The Sphere from Shadow, and it led them to a mysterious voice in the desert, where said voice whispered all kinds of secrets to them. That was how the Void Room built itself and the protective Dome around it, by using Dynasts and the Sphere. While in Bolo's world, he helped in it. Bolo does not remember that much, his Rectangle of Dimensions which collects his memories from all timelines is almost broken now. Nanami simply remarks that the Rectangle has nothing to do with it.

Nanami tells Bolo that he has the key to defeat the Void Room which he forgot, and they are lucky to have Proxy here. She explains that no one in this world knows who is Bolo, as he never existed here; this means that Proxy erased his existence when they appeared here. As expected, Bolo does not get what she was saying. Nanami then explains he got into this timeline because Nanami dragged him here, for she needed him to hack the Void Room. For that, she needs the Void Room's real name, and only Bolo knows it, which he has forgotten; apparently Nexus is not the Void Room's real name. Nanami then proceeds to connect Proxy to Bolo's Rectangle, which still holds his locked memories to find the Room's name.

After having Proxy uncover the locked memories inside Bolo's damaged Rectangle of Dimensions, Nanami asks Itu the real name of the Void Room to begin hacking, but Arbitress Kibo appears before Itu could even say something, enraged at the infiltration of the Nexus. It states both the Descendant and Shadow Mind led the world to its end and the verdict will be death. However, the Nexus suddenly contradicts itself when it states Nexus in on edge. It identifies the old man as Authentic Itu and lists his crimes for disclosure of private information on time travels and rewriting world matter, and then contradicts itself again by saying Nexus is the guilty one for disclosing the data first, and Itu simply used it to experiment on humans. Nanami informs Proxy that Nexus is unstable and cannot come to a unified solution, and now is their chance to attack the Arbitress, as the Nexus is helpless without her.

As Proxy defeats the Arbitress and having Shibata send her to a different timeline, Nanami begins her own plan of finding Shadow by sending the party to the timeline which the Gates of Shadows were never opened and having Proxy deal with anyone that comes in her way. Eventually they came to the correct timeline. Nanami addresses Shadow as her master and provokes a fight between him and Proxy by saying his Descentant has showed up in front of him and he can now take his revenge.

Unfortunately but expectedly, Shadow is defeated by Proxy. Nanami helps Shadow up, saying the Descendant is just that strong, but claims she is stronger than them and takes him to the Accelerator tower

As the party deals with Gizmo, they arrive at the Core where Nanami is waiting for Proxy. She says via wireless to Proxy that he/she will honor Nanami if he/she'll grace the Cleansing ceremony with him/her presence. After the Cleansing, all bots will be truly free. Itu explains that they have no other options but to go to the Accelerator. He think that they have already been defeated, as he has seen this unfold too many times. Kitsune-1 then saw some dark figure which is watching them, who is Shadow.

Itu warns Nanami that she can't just cleanse the world of shadow energy, it is same as to destroy it. Shadow, somehow doesn't understand what Itu is talking about, but Nanami agrees with him that the world will die, as how it should be. She doesn't need such a world anyway, live at the mercy of humans. She wants the world to live without humans. Kitsune-1 disagrees with Nanami, says that humans can change, and their views, too. Nanami remained adamant. She says life without freedom is just miserable existence, even humans do not have free will in this world. She then asked Proxy to tell her just one reason why this unjust world deserves to life. Unable to tell her, Proxy then had no choice but fight Nanami.

Nanami can change the Proxy's reality, marked by a blue aura near Nanami that lasts for 2 seconds. If the player is in her manipulation area, she will force the player to bow before her, then a random rule will be applied in the fight. Despite her power and smartness, she too is defeated by Proxy. After that the creator came and erased her identity.

After Proxy defeats the scout and is teleported to the Accelerator tower by him, Nanami asks the same question to Proxy again, only to be yelled at by Kitsune-1. Shadow Mind admits Nanami is right in some points, and decided to fight Proxy to prove their existence.

Transformation: Marcus's Plane

Fox Hunt event

Nanami was only mentioned in the Fox Hunt event, takes place after she defeated by Proxy at the Core.

Shibata informs the Descendant that they have been visited by a guest from another world: a hunter fox bot named Kitsune. Upon seeing the Descendant, Kitsune hastily explains her plan to them. She comes here to seek help from the Descendant to recreate her sister, Nanami. She is supposesly the smartest bot ever created whose personality got erased by the Creator.

In order to rebuild Nanami, Kitsune-1 need some components that they can get from other bots;

  • Kitsune needs the Z-type generator, as Nanami's mind consumed shadow energy so much, that the Creator used an ancient Z-type military generator for her.
  • Nanami was a P-type bot, but Kitsune is planning to use D-type circuits to make the new Nanami strong and fast, to ensure that nothing will be a threat to her.
  • Nanami used the same P-type technology to hack bots. Kitsune is aware of the danger it possess, but Nanami will not be Nanami without it. P-types have very complicated behavior models, and they were claimed to feature soul at the market.

Fights with Nanami

Nanami is fought in Itu's Plane Part III. As Proxy, cannot answer Nanami's question and have no choice by to fight her to prove their stand points. She wields Blade of Cognition, a legendary Glaive introduced in Christmas 2020, and can use 2 different Shadow Abilities for her weapon. The fight does not feature any special rules, but Nanami can change Proxy's reality, marked by a blue aura near Nanami that lasts for 2 seconds. If the player is in her manipulation area, she will force the player to bow before her, then a random rule will be applied in the fight. Possible rules include Shadow Adept, Hydra, Vicious Circle, Open Wound, Eclipse and Venomous Touch.


  • Given her ambitious intentions, she may be the actual character responsible of destroying the real world, not Moira nor Shadow.