The table below lists all possible moves a player or their opponent can perform in Shadow Fight 3. Shadow Ability moves can only be activated once the shadow energy bar fills up.

Controls Move Executed
Any Direction + SF3Punch , SF3Punch , ... Weapon Combo
Hold SF3Punch Weapon Heavy Combo
SF3F + SF3Punch , SF3Punch , ... Weapon Special Move
SF3B + SF3Punch , SF3Punch , ... Weapon Spinning Combo
SF3U + SF3Punch , SF3Punch , ... Weapon Upper Combo
SF3D + SF3Punch , SF3Punch , ... Weapon Low Combo
Laying On Ground SF3Kick Laying Down Kick (unblockable)
Close To Enemy SF3F + SF3Punch Forward Throw
Close To Enemy SF3B + SF3Punch Backward Throw
SF3F , SF3F Dash Forward
SF3B , SF3B Dash Backwards
SF3DF / SF3DB Roll Over
Close To Enemy SF3F , SF3F Get Around
SF3D + SF3Ability Armor Shadow Ability
SF3U + SF3Ability Helmet Shadow Ability
SF3F + SF3Ability Weapon Shadow Ability
SF3B + SF3Ability Ranged Weapon Shadow Ability
Stand Still Block

The table below lists all unarmed moves that can be performed. Basically, each faction shares similar movesets, only differs in combo potential and the way they executed due to their different fighting style. Jump off the Wall is the only move which is exclusive to Heralds and Dynastians. It cannot be performed by Legion, perhaps on account of their bulky Armor.

Controls Legion Small Dynasty Small Herald Small
Any Direction +
SF3Punch , SF3Punch , ...
Punch Combo
(Max. 2 hits)
Punch Combo
(Max. 3 hits)
Punch Combo
(Max. 2 hits)
Hold SF3Punch Heavy Punch Jump Punch Heavy Palm Strike
SF3B + SF3Punch , SF3Punch , ... Spinning Punch Combo
(Max. 2 hits)
Spinning Punch Combo
(Max. 3 hits)
Spinning Palm Strike
SF3U + SF3Punch Uppercut Uppercut Upper Hand Chop
SF3D + SF3Punch Low Punch Low Hand Chop Low Hand Chop
Any Direction +
SF3Kick , SF3Kick , ...
High Kick Kick Combo
(Max. 3 hits)
Kick Combo
(Max. 2 hits)
Hold SF3Kick Front Kick Flying Kick Leap Jump Kick
SF3F + SF3Kick , SF3Kick , ... Unarmed Special Move Unarmed Special Move Unarmed Special Move
SF3B + SF3Kick Spinning Back Kick Spinning Step Kick Horse Kick
SF3U + SF3Kick , SF3Kick Jump Kick Spinning Jump Kick Jump Kick Combo
(Max. 2 hits)
SF3U ,
While Midair Hold/Press SF3Kick
High Jump Kick Axe Kick Axe Kick
SF3D + SF3Kick , SF3Kick Low Kick Sweeps
(Max. 2 hits)
SF3UF + SF3Kick Flying Knee Kick Cartwheel Kicks Flying Jump Kick
While Midair Hold SF3Kick
Flying Front Kick Front Flip Kick Front Jump Kick
Close To Wall SF3UB N/A Jump off the Wall Jump off the Wall

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