Moira is a character from Shadow Fight 3. She is a mysterious child with a strong affinity to shadow energy, capable to speak to shadow mind. She is also the source of power in the Shadow Island. And despite her appearance, she is actually very old, as Moira has been living since a long time ago, even before Marcus was trapped in Bolo's time loop.


Moira was a princess of Legion, one of the twin Legion princesses besides Iolanda. Unfortunately for her, shadow beasts invaded her land and she got infected by a shadow disease called Scourge. But, a hero named Shadow appeared and drift away the Scourge, saving the land. Moira herself was still infected and slowly dying from the disease. In order to save her life, Shadow took Moira to an island faraway from her land. When she arrived on the island, a source of power appeared on the island, and the Scourge influence has disappeared from her. However, Moira was not fully cured, as the Scourge will reappear once Moira leave the island. Shadow told Moira to never leave the island because the Scourge could not reach her there, before he left. From then on, Moira lived on the island with the locals, who accepted her and treats her like their own kind.

Chapter V: Shadow IslandEdit

When the party enters the island, the shadow mind suddenly rises out, after hearing a call from Moira. The player stopped it, and they continues forward to the island. The party meets her, and Moira says her hello to them. Before they could talk further, the island Chief cuts off their conversations and threatens the party to leave the island. They refuse and the player deals with the Chief. Moira reveals to them that this Chief has been exploiting the shadow power for his own benefits, and he used it to rule over the island. Hearing this, June asks Moira to come with the party, and that she will try to convince the island people to go against the Chief. Moira really wanted to see Shadow again, so she agrees to come with them. She informs them, that, they can find Shadow in the North, where her homeland lies.

Along their way to the ship, the party encounters shadow bots and enemies who are trying to stop Moira from leaving the island. While the player deals with them, Moira tells her story to Marcus and Itu about the Scourge and why she is in the island. Itu convinces her that the Heralds can cure her disease, while Marcus recalls a portrait of her in Legion Castle and wonders how could Moira lived since his time and still looked so young. Itu speculates that it probably had something to do with Shadow, he may have somehow made Moira immortal. They are also clueless about how Moira can speak to shadow mind.

Once everyone makes it to the ship with Moira, they sail away from the island. Captain Phang and Master Okada are confused to have a new guest. Before she could introduce herself, however, Moira starts to weaken and she desperately warns everyone to run. Before they could do anything, the Scourge has returned and appears upon them. The player fights the Scourge and it is defeated, finally freeing Moira from it completely. Marcus recalls a legend about a foreign hero who saved a land from a Scourge. He comes to the conclusion that Moira could be the Legion queen.