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This article refers to Modes of Play in Shadow Fight 2. For other uses, see Modes of Play (disambiguation).

Modes of Play are the different variations of game modes available in Shadow Fight 2. This includes Tournaments, Survival, and boss fights.

Act I to Act VI

Shadow Fight 2 over-world consists of five main modes of play from Act II to Act VI (apart from Act I which has four). Each mode of play is unique but may share several internal rules with other modes.


Tournaments are a Mode of Play available from the beginning of every Act. The player must go through simple fights in 24 stages one by one with a maximum of 3 rounds each, and must win two rounds in each stage. However, the Incubator tournament in Act VII: Revelation only has 8 stages. Winning rewards the player with gold coins and XP. After the first completion, tournaments can be replayed in eclipse mode; though they only have 8 stages.


In Survival, the player must endure ten successive rounds consisting of simple fights. They are playable in every act from the beginning. Rewards include gold coins, very small amounts of XP, and green shadow orbs.

Boss Fights

The player must have a simple one on one with each of the 5 bodyguards to get to the Demon bosses. They are playable in every act from the beginning. Bodyguard fights have a maximum of three rounds while boss fights can have up to 5 rounds; the player must win 2 and 3 rounds in each respectively. Bodyguard fights award the player gold coins and XP (in addition to green and red orbs if fought in eclipse) while boss fights offer gems along with fight bonuses, XP, and unlock the next Act. Every act/province is unlocked if and only if the previous storyline fight(s) is/are completed. It does not require the completion of tournaments/challenges, despite them being necessary to level up.

Act VI

The Act VI Storyline Fight with Shogun has the unique feature of Mercenaries, which are fought before Shogun's last bodyguard. The fight with mercenaries is based on survival mode, although it has a preview of the enemies after each round.


Duel is unlocked after the defeat of two bodyguards of the demons. They have a maximum of 3 rounds in every try; two of which are required to win (unless otherwise stated by the rules). Rewards, after the unlock of ascension, are 2 tickets for the latter and small XP (they reward gold coins before the unlock of ascension). They have altered rules and conditions in addition to random equipment, except in Act I before Interlude. They are only available to fight every 4 hours. Internet connection is required to play a Duel.


Challenges are not present in Act I. Unlocked after six stages of tournament, the player must go through fights with altered rules and conditions in 24 stages one by one with a maximum of 3 rounds each, and must win two rounds in each stage. However, the first appearance of the Stone Grove Challenge in Act VII: Revelation only has 16 stages. Winning rewards the player with gold coins and XP. After the first completion, challenges can be replayed in eclipse mode; though they only have 8 stages.

Old Wounds

Old Wounds is a mode of play introduced in the Special Edition of Shadow Fight 2 and is exclusive to the special edition. It is unlocked after completing three stages of the tournament. The players control a middle-aged Sensei and must defeat the two bodyguards and the Demon boss in each act. Each fight can last a maximum of three rounds with the player required to win two in order to be victorious. The fights do not carry any special rules and reward the player with gems, coins and XP upon successful completion. 

Special Modes

These two modes do not fit in the other classification and thus are special. They do not share any similarities and take place at different times.

Challenger Fights

Shadow Fight 2 is known to have Challengers, skilled fighters who randomly appear to challenge Shadow for a fight in their respective Acts anytime after Shadow defeats the first bodyguard in that act. This fight takes place in the location of Duel but is not characterized by the altered rules and random equipment. It has a maximum of three rounds, two of which are required to win. All rounds are timed 99 seconds. Reward for winning is the Challenger's weapon, small amount of XP and fight bonuses. Challenger Fights are only available when the Challenger willingly presents a challenge. If the fight is lost, the Challenger offers a rematch if the player can pay gems for it. If a challenger is fully declined, s/he never can be fought again. Challenger Fights are Non-Storyline Fights.


Ascension is a non-storyline fight. Ascension fights are only one round long. They use Challenge rules. Enemies are Ninjas who have the enchantments. The enchantments can only be on weapon and ranged weapon, or on armor and helm; they are identical in both cases. Ascension Ninjas do not use magic. They have ascending difficulty. After successfully defeating a Ninja in Ascension fight, the player will be rewarded with a complimentary "spin": a random prize consisting of either coins, green, red and purple enchantment orbs, Monk Equipment pieces and tickets. After the spin, the player may choose to pay five gems for another spin, and then +5 gems for each re-spin with a maximum of 55 gems. It will always require 55 gems after the 11th spin.

Gates of Shadows

Gates of Shadows is a Storyline Fight having features of both survival and challenge. It takes place right after defeat of Shogun when Shadow proceeds to close the Gates of Shadows. The demon bosses from all previous Acts in the game must be fought again in a Survival-like battle with altered rules like those of Challenges for each round. There are a total of six rounds to be won and only after all are defeated can Shadow close the Gates. If the player fails, it will reward them with the respective amount of coins and fight bonuses; which makes it a reasonable mode to farm coins if the player is not capable of beating it yet.


Interlude features an altered version of the original modes of play


The Tournament in the Interlude is almost the same as the standard tournament. The Tournament in Interlude only has 8 battles, as opposed to the usual 24. The difficulty levels in this special type of tournament do not vary much, as they can only be beaten with one weapon (Interlude levels give one or two weapons per province). Rewards include platinum coins and XP.


Interlude Survival require the player to endure six successive rounds consisting of simple fights. Rewards include Platinum coins and small amounts of XP.

Storyline Fights

Ditto to Interlude Survival, featuring six successive opponents (the five bodyguards and the Demon). Rewards are Platinum Coins and XP. Once beaten, the demon's seal will be broken and the player can advance o the next province.


Nearly identical to original Duel; although they are unlocked from the very start. Lynx's Duel has altered rules and conditions during and after Interlude.


The Challenge mode in the Interlude is also very similar to the standard challenge mode, only variation is that there are 8 battles instead of the normal 24. The difficulty levels in this mode are not very far apart, as they need to be beaten with the single weapon that is provided in every Interlude province. But like the original mode, Interlude Challenge is not available in the first province. And unlike original Challenge, Interlude challenges get unlocked along with the four other modes; all at once.


Act VII differs from other acts with its unique stages and modes of play appearing and changing at different places with each chapter. Every mode of play has a part in the storyline in the Act VII.


The tournament from Chapter 1 brings back the 24 stage format of the pre Interlude era for Tournament. It takes place in the Hideout, the enemies are the refugees from the worlds that has been conquered by Titan. In chapter 2, there are only 8 stages of tournament, like in Interlude. It takes place in the Incubator, the enemies are Titan's soldiers. The tournament in Chapter 3 consists of 24 stages once more. They takes place in the Stone Grove, the enemies are the ghost of Titan's fallen soldiers, which ancient has brought up from his memory.


Survival in Act VII continues Interlude's format of having only six rounds per attempt. Survival in Chapter 1 and 2 is named Factory on the map as it takes place in a factory of Looters whom Shadow must face. Survival in Chapter 3 is named Incubator on the map as it takes place in the incubator, where Titan's soldiers are hatched. The enemies are Titan's soldiers.


Challenge mode in Act VII first appears in Chapter 2. It consists of 16 stages. They take place in Stone Grove. There are 8 new stages available after Ancient gets defeated. The opponents are the ghost of the champions that lost to Titan. In Chapter 3, the Challenge mode brings back the 24 stage format of the pre-Interlude era. They take place near a huge Spaceship, the enemies are the Scavengers. There is no Challenge mode in Chapter 1.


Duel in Act VII is identical to the Duel from previous Acts. Duel in Chapter 2 takes place in the Hideout, unlocked after all tournament stages of Chapter 1 is completed. Duel in Chapter 3 takes place in the Factory, unlocked immediately after the player reaches Chapter 3. There is no Duel in Chapter 1.

Mini-Boss Fights

Act VII features mini-boss battles, where the players must defeat a boss to continue the story. Unlike demon boss battle, players only need to win two rounds instead of the usual three. There are 5 mini-boss in Act VII:

  1. Cypher will challenge the player after 16 stages of Hideout Tournament is completed.
  2. Cronos can be fought at the Factory Survival after Cypher is defeated. Unlike other mini-bosses, the fight with Cronos takes six rounds without a break. Players have to defeat a looter each round and the Cronos in the final one. It is similar to a demon boss battle in the Interlude.
  3. Ancient will challenge the player after all 16 stages of the Stone Grove Challenge in Chapter 2 are completed.
  4. Shroud will challenge the player at the Hideout Duel after the Incubator Tournament of Chapter 2 is completed.
  5. May will challenge the player at the Titan Boss Battle after all of Titan's bodyguards are defeated. Players need to defeat her before they can challenge Titan.

The Boss Fight

The fight with Titan is unlocked after the 7th stage of Spaceship Challenge in Chapter 3 is completed. Similar to the boss battle from the previous Acts, there are 5 bodyguards that needs to be defeated. However, players also need to defeat mini-boss May before Titan can be fought.


These are the modes that can be replayed again in Eclipse mode. Completing each stage awards the players with a small amount of Shadow Orbs.

Tournament and Challenge

Tournaments and Challenges in the eclipse are harder than the regular ones, and only has eight stages instead of 24. The difficulty is harder, as usual. Completing all of the Tournaments and Challenges once more in an Act awards the players with an Achievement.

Boss Fights

Players need to defeat all 5 bodyguards before they can challenge the demon. Each bodyguard will be 1-2 level harder. When the player defeats the boss for the first time, they will receive the boss's weapon, with the enchantment on it (Lynx's claws only have time bomb enchantment on them when obtained, although they also have poisoning when Lynx is wielding them during eclipse and in the Gates of Shadows).


Underworld features a unique multiplayer mode, allowing players to team up together in order to bring down demon bosses known as the Eternals.

A key is required to fight an eternal, which can be obtained by defeating another eternal, completing certain daily quests, and at the end of a season; they can also be bought from the shop. Certain Dan is required to fight stronger bosses as well. After entering, players need to wait the other players to join them. Once enough players have joined, the raid will be started.

Each boss has a shield that must be destroyed within a time frame before they can be defeated. They will lose if they cannot destroy the shield before the time frame is up. The raid-fight consists of only one round, with each round consisting of 45 seconds instead of the usual 99 seconds. After all the shield is destroyed, players can finish the boss. If they lose during the finishing, they can repeat the fight until they win. Some bosses also features random Challenge-like rules in each round.