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The Metal Shuang Gou are a pair of weapons in Shadow Fight 3 introduced in Chapter II: Dynasty. They are a pair of Common shuang gou and belong to the Dynasty faction. The Metal Shuang Gou feature 1 perk slot for Perks. They do not have any Shadow Ability.

They can be obtained as a random reward after winning any fight in Chapter II, by opening a Chest, or by purchasing the Dynasty Booster Pack. Players must reach level 4 before they can equip and use it.

Other variants include:

Attack Overview[]

Move Name Controls
Shuang Gou Stance Start of Fight
Shuang Gou Slashes SF3Punch, SF3Punch, SF3Punch, SF3Punch,SF3Punch
Shuang Gou Heavy Slash Hold SF3Punch
Shuang Gou Spinning Slashes SF3B + SF3Punch
Shuang Gou Upper Slash SF3U + SF3Punch
Shuang Gou Low Slashes SF3D + SF3Punch, SF3Punch

Shadow Ability[]

Being a Common weapon, Metal Shuang Gou does not possess any Shadow ability.

Special Move[]

Being a Common weapon, Metal Shuang Gou does not have special slot for Special Move.

Item Set[]

Weapon Armor Helm Ranged Weapons
Wpn shuangou 01 01
Arm agl 08
Helm agl 08
Rng chakram 01 01
Metal Shuang Gou Plain Waistcoat Rag Banded Chakrams


  • A Shuang Gou (also known as a hook sword) is a Chinese weapon traditionally associated with northern styles of Chinese martial arts and weapons routines, but now often practiced by southern styles as well.