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It's up to you to decide which one of them is real for you, child! Which one can be truly named as Descendant of Shadow, the greatest hero...
– May convinces Shadow Mind to keep faith in its true Descendant.

May is a character in Shadow Fight 3. She is the late wife of the greatest hero, Shadow, and also the biological mother of the Descendant and Shadow Mind. After her death, her spirit has merged with shadow energy and become a lonely voice at the end of the world.


At the end of a long adventure, May began a happy life with Shadow, the man she loved and together, they had an unborn child - the Descendant of Shadow, but everything changed after May was infected by a strange disease. From May's illness, Shadow found out that the baby brought along a sentient entity of pure shadow energy known as Shadow Mind. May accidentally brought this entity from the Gates of Shadows into the human world without even knowing, since then Shadow Mind has formed a special bond with her child. Because May was suffering from the illness, Shadow immediately attacked in an attempt to exterminate Shadow Mind, causing it to summon the shadow beasts in order to protect May and the baby. Shadow slaughtered them all but accidentally, he killed his wife in process. Blinded by grief and hatred, Shadow refused to accept the truth that he was the one killing the person he loved most with his own hands, instead blaming the Descendant and Shadow Mind. Holding May's breathless body in his arms, Shadow vowed to destroy the Shadow Mind, but he could only split the entity from the baby and imprison it inside the Sphere. He hates his own child so much that if ever meet again, Shadow will kill him right on sight.

It is then believed that the child was dead before he was even born, however, the baby was saved by May, or her spirit in fact. May is not an ordinary woman, she went to the Shadow World and then came back. After her death, her tomb became the biggest shadow concentration ever, somehow her consciousness managed to survive and merged with shadow energy. Then May did what any mother would do: She tried to save her son, no matter how slim the chances were by bringing him to the Shadow World, that is how the Descendant could survive all along after being separated from the Shadow Mind. After that, her spirit became a lonely voice of shadow energy at the other end of the world. Bolo, who had heard the past story about Shadow, May and their child, managed to find the signal she sent and found its source. He then built a special room to receive and decode her messages, the entire Dome is ultimately constructed around it and May herself becomes the core of the Void Room.

Transformation: Itu's Plane

May, just like in the original world, became the core of the Void Room. Now the Room has a new name - Nexus, a collective mind that includes many Heralds who lived long ago and even May herself. The Sphere was put right in the Nexus's core as its power source. Later in the story, a shadow bot named Nanami tries to hack the Room by asking Bolo, also known as the Authentic Itu, its real name. But before he could say anything, Nexus, as now talking through Arbitress Kibo's body, appears and is enraged at the infiltration of the Nexus. It states the Descendant and Shadow Mind both led the world to its end and the verdict will be death. However, Nexus suddenly contradicts itself when it states Nexus is on edge. It lists Authentic Itu's crimes for disclosure of private information on time travels and rewriting world matter, and then contradicts itself again by saying Nexus is the guilty one for disclosing the data first, and Itu simply used it to experiment on humans. Nanami informs the Descendant, now has a new identity as a shadow bot named Proxy, that Nexus is unstable and cannot come to a unified solution, and now is their chance to attack the Arbitress, as the Nexus is helpless without her. After Grand Arbitress is defeated, Itu then mocks the Nexus, calling out the name of the its first mind and the core, May. He curses her for accusing them responsible for the world's destruction and reveals with brutal honesty that it is Shadow's doing and they must eliminate him instead, something May cannot afford to do because she loves him and Itu is tired already with all her excuses. This causes Nexus to suffer a severe breakdown as the collective minds started detaching from the core May.

After Nanami succeeded in her plan to hack in to the Room's simulation and rescue Shadow from its imprison, the party still confuses at what just happened when suddenly, the Arbitress shouted for help. She is dying and attacked by an Unknown Person, who wants to runaway. Proxy is proceed to defeat the person, whom then turns into Shadow Mind. Shadow Mind claims its power has returned and it no longer belongs to the Void Room. As the Arbitress is saved from that person, she becomes May's Voice. She tries to convince Shadow Mind to unite with the Descendants to stop Shadow destroy the world. Shadow Mind, however, still does not want to reunite with the Descendant again, because the Descendant has betrayed it. May said Shadow Mind is lost and confused, it became so close to human that it can't distinguish him own thought from people. Shadow Mind says it wouldn't be alive without people, it only lived in those fleeting moments when it tried to save May. But, Shadow still killed May, and blamed Shadow Mind for her death. May then asks Shadow Mind to take the party back to the Dynasty to help them stop Shadow, and prove they are good people. Shadow Mind finally helps by taking the party to the outer world, but it won't promise anything, it needs to make its own decision. Shadow Mind then farewell to May and disappears.

At one point in the story, we learn that Proxy, or the player is just a clone of the original Descendant, whom revealed to be Shadow and May's true son, and the original Descendant is planning to overcome his father and get rid of him. Shadow then has a brief reunion with his wife's voice. May explains that when the Descendant surpassed Shadow, the world will bend to his will, but he still has a weak spot. He created half a billion copies by jumping in time, and they're all connected to him. Every victory or defeat of theirs is also his own. By defeating them, he'll give one of them a chance to stop the original Descendant. May says they can't change the past, but they can try to help. Shadow then fight with the Descendant's copies at the temple in a spatio-temporal loop.

In the conclusion of Itu's Plane, Proxy has proven who they really are to Shadow Mind and successfully reunite with it. Shadow Mind then finds itself on the Core realm again. It explain this alternate world is so cruel and dangerous, and it almost hated people this time. It states the Descendant was fake, Proxy just a copy of the real one. It asks to itself how does he find it every single time, he doesn't give up to find Shadow Mind. May's Voice agrees with Shadow Mind, he indeed wasn't the first one, but he is real. He's trying to save his friends tirelessly, he has demonstrated his willpower many times already. The one who claims to be real thinks of his own good only, and Proxy that Shadow Mind loves is trying to save the whole world. It's up to decide which one of them is real for Shadow Mind, which one can be truly named as Descendant of Shadow, the greatest hero.

As Shadow Mind prepares itself to enter the last portal, it says how can it change anything for now. It helped the Stranger without even knowing it and he wants no good for the world. He just used Shadow Mind and Descendant to fulfill his own plan, and he's planning something terrible. May's Voice convinces her child that now it is aware of everything, because it knows peace, and it has all the intelligence. But something is still unknown to its soul. The only medicine from terror and evil. Shadow Mind must depart to the final journey. Shadow Mind asks how can this help; if its Descendant became stronger, it only gives power to that original one. May's Voice says the Shadow Mind will find the answer, but it will not be intellect that will help it. She convinces Shadow Mind to not be afraid because it is not alone anymore.

Transformation: Marcus's Plane

The Master has taken over this world - Space and time becomes distorted here, Scourge and shadow beasts starts rising everywhere causing the whole world to fall into chaos. The Master wanted to destroy Heart of the Forest, which lies inside the Holy tree on Northern land. So he decided to use the Immortals to do the dirty work for him - They have sent their forces to attack the Northern land, their aim is the Heart of the Forest itself as Master's wish. The party fought bravely in order to repel the Immortals' attack, but some of the Dark Abdicators have managed to summon Millennium Wolf - The Patriarch of all drevars with their ritual. Upon seeing the shadows corrupting the Holy tree and his homeland, Wolf was enraged before saying that he will burn all of them to create new Fire Children from their ashes, the General then had to step in to stop Millennium Wolf. In the battle, the Great Patriarch proved to be a tough opponent with his capability to control powerful Fire magic, which deals devastating damage. But in desperate moment, the General was suddenly blessed by the Forest itself with the ability to resist Wolf's Fire magic. After a fierce battle, the General emerges victory.

Unexpectedly, a spirit appears from the Holy tree and surprises everyone. It is May, she is in fact the Heart of the Forest who helped the General in the last battle. She thanks Wolf for his Fire that freed her, then reveals the secret of the world to everyone - Light and Darkness must always go hand in hand, one cannot exist without the other. Everyone was overwhelmed by this majestic moment and starts kneeling before the Heart of the Forest, even the Great Patriarch couldn't believe in his eyes and asks who she is, since she is lost and there is no evil inside her. May then replies that her son, Master of the worlds, has forgotten about this secret and she asks the party to help him remember, to free him from the shackles of darkness before he brings all worlds to their end. She is happy that they are all together now and they have to protect Moira because only she has the power to command the Voice of the Shadows. May farewell to the party and then disappears.

In the conclusion of Marcus's Plane, the General has proven who they really are to Shadow Mind and successfully reunite with it. Shadow Mind then finds itself on the Core realm once again. For Shadow Mind, eternity seems has passed, but it is finally here. It could not break this Stranger's will, who wanted it to create the world he wanted. May's spirit also appears there, stating that Shadow Mind has been through painful transformations, it is now aware of its own of peace, intelligence, and faith. Here, at the Bridge-Between, Shadow Mind's will is especially strong. May then asks what Shadow Mind really wants, either to obey the Stranger's will, or to fulfill its own wishes and no Strangers can stop it from doing so. Shadow Mind ends the story: It wants May to live again.

This marks the end of Transformation story.


  • May was one of the main characters in the previous installment, where she, along side with Shadow and others, journeyed through six provinces to defeat the menacing Demons and seal the Gates of Shadows.
  • The reason why May has a pendant with Herald faction symbol on, which suggests that she is a Herald, is yet clearly explained. It is very likely that being the core of the Void Room, May's consciousness has merged with many other Heralds who lived before to create a hive-mind for the Room.
  • The disease that May got while pregnant the Descendant is also the same disease that infected Moira when shadow beasts attacked her homeland - The Scourge.
    • This also explains some of their weird powers and abilities.