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Marcus, the great hero of the past, was the only one who refused to participate in the tournament. But the Shadow Mind always gets what he wants, and somehow he forced Marcus to do it. The hero was famous for his unbending will, but is he still the Marcus we know?

Marcus is one of the playable characters in Shadow Fight Arena, obtainable from chests.

Unique Abilities

Preview Name Icon Description
SFA ThroughTheGlitch.gif
Through The Glitch Icon ability Marcus 01.png If Marcus's health falls below 50%, his attacks start to Glitch, becoming faster and more dangerous.
Marcus Unstoppable Will.gif
Unstoppable Will Icon ability Marcus 02.png Marcus can become invincible; he takes no damage and no opponent can interrupt his actions.


Move Controls Description
Marcus Slashes Attack.gif
SF3Punch.png, SF3Punch.png Marcus' basic attacks
Marcus Heavy Attack.gif
SF3Punch.png Hold Marcus' heavy attack
Marcus Super Attack.gif
SF3F.png (Player direction) + SF3Punch.png X3 Marcus's special attack
Marcus Upper Attack.gif
SF3U.png + SF3Punch.png Marcus' upper attack
Marcus Low Attack.gif
SF3D.png + SF3Punch.png Marcus' low attack
Marcus Spinning Attack.gif
SF3B.png (Player direction) + SF3Punch.png Marcus' spinning attack

Shadow Abilities
Preview Name Controls Icon Description
Marcus Shadow Sword.gif
Heavy Somersault SF3F.png + Shadow energy blue.png SHADOW GIANT SWORD SLASH 1.png Leaps forwards and anchors the Giant Sword point into the ground with an overhead strike, before using the anchored Sword point as a pivot to front flip into an overhead Sword slam.
Marcus Shadow Pilum.gif
Harpoon SF3B.png + Shadow energy blue.png Icon shadow ability Marcus back.png Throws his ranged weapon towards the opponent, which locks the opponent against a pillar conjured behind on hit.
Rift SF3D.png + Shadow energy blue.png Icon shadow ability Marcus down.png Thrusts his Giant Sword to the ground, creating a trail of shadow energy that travels the ground towards the opponent, knocking down the opponent.


Note: Only one of the two talents can be selected at a time.

Level Selection
2 General's Luck

Marcus's attack have a small chance to break through the opponent's block.

Shadow Warrior

Marcus gets more shadow energy for his successful attacks.

3 Icon attribute defense.png+10%
4 Shadow Lord

When Marcus enters shadow form, he becomes temporarily invincible.

Legion's Hero

When the opponent enters shadow form, Marcus becomes temporarily invincible.

5 Icon attribute attack.png+8% Icon attribute magic.png+8%
6 Lasting Invincibility

Invincibility lasts longer.

Explosive Will

Marcus's Invincibility ends with an explosion.

7 Icon attribute defense.png+15%
8 Rift

Marcus gains a new shadow ability. Shadow form duration is increased.

Healing Invincibility

When Marcus is invincible, he gradually restores his health.

9 Icon attribute attack.png+10% Icon attribute magic.png+10%
10 Absolute Control

When Marcus is invincible, he deals bonus damage, deflects opponent's attack, and breaks through block.

All-Consuming Chaos

Through the Glitch is activated at the start of the round.

11 Icon attribute defense.png+10%
12 Icon attribute attack.png+5% Icon attribute magic.png+5%
13 Icon attribute attack.png+5% Icon attribute defense.png+15% Icon attribute magic.png+5%


Marcus' giant sword deals a lot of damage, but it's very heavy. Remember that it will be much harder for your opponent to dodge when the Through the Glitch ability is activated! Marcus' attacks become fast and unpredictable. Learn to use them and become an unstoppable force!


Marcus's Giant Sword not only deals tremendous damage, but also covers a lot of distance which allows him to easily counter opponents' missed attacks. Also, with the Legion's Hero talent, he can hard counter opponents that can only stay in Shadow Form for a short amount of time, like Fireguard or Kibo.

However, its when he obtained the Through the Glitch ability that allows him to become the real deal. When that ability activates, his Unbreakable Intervals will now warp him out of existence, allowing him to evade hits completely. Also, his attacks now becomes much faster, especially with the heavy attack which is now much faster and has less recovery, allowing for spams with little risk of being punished.


Despite his strengths with the Through the Glitch ability, he is just not good when he does not have the ability. Not only are his attacks slower than a turtle without it, the moves also has a long recovery time, allowing the opponent to perform roll + throws with no risks whatsoever. Also, due to him being slow, Marcus is completely helpless when he is cornered by agile characters like Jet and Kibo.



Name Rarity Obtainability Preview
General of the Legion Common Marcus' default skin.
Marcus General of the Legion Model SFA.png
Shadow Lord Epic Obtainable in offers and from Celebration of Luck Roulette. Previously available in Fight Pass Season 2.
Marcus Shadow Lord Model SFA.png


Name Rarity Stats Obtainability Model
General's Sword Common Icon attribute attack.png+5% Marcus' default giant sword.
Wpn Marcus C Default.png
Dragonslayer Common Icon attribute attack.png+5% Comes with Shadow Lord skin.
Wpn Marcus C Lord.png
Shadow Razor Rare Icon attribute attack.png+3%

Icon attribute defense.png+7%

  • The amount of shadow energy Marcus receives from his attack is increased
Obtainable from chests.
Wpn Marcus R Lord Rec Brown.png
Magmarion Epic Icon attribute attack.png+10%

Icon attribute magic.png+5%

  • A successful heavy attack sets the opponent on fire
Obtainable from chests and Celebration of Luck Roulette.
Wpn Marcus E Lava.png


Name Rarity Obtainability Icon Preview
Trusty Weapon Common Marcus's default stance
Trusty Weapon Stance.gif
Glitch Malfunction Epic Obtainable from Fight Pass rewards or Celebration of Luck Roulette
Fleeting Peace Epic Obtainable from Fight Pass rewards or Celebration of Luck


Fleeting Peace.jpg

Victory Poses

Name Rarity Obtainability Icon Preview
Respite Common Marcus's default victory pose
Another Victory Rare Obtainable from Fight Pass rewards or Celebration of Luck Roulette
Eternal Memory Epic Obtainable from Fight Pass rewards or Celebration of Luck Roulette


Name Rarity Obtainability Icon Preview
Laughter (Universal taunt) Common Default taunt Laughter taunt.jpg
Threat (Universal taunt) Rare Obtainable from Fight Pass rewards or Celebration of Luck Roulette Threat taunt.jpg
Facepalm (Universal taunt) Seasonal Obtainable from Fight Pass rewards or Celebration of Luck Roulette Facepalm taunt.jpg
Disappointment Rare Obtainable from Fight Pass rewards or Celebration of Luck Roulette Disappointment taunt.jpg


Marcus sword bug.gif
  • Marcus is fought as the second boss of Chapter III and the first boss of Chapter IV (if Shadow's Descendant chooses to destroy the Sphere) in Shadow Fight 3. He also takes the role as one of the four main characters when starting Chapter IV of the game.
  • Due to a bug, Marcus's giant sword will disappear when he executing his special attack.
  • The Heavy Somersault Shadow ability is the same as the Tumble Shadow ability in Shadow Fight 3. The Harpoon Shadow ability too is the same as the Collector Shadow Ability in Shadow Fight 3.