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Shadow Squad TerritoryEdit

These locations belong to the Shadow Squad camp of the Legion.

Location Description
Dojo legion
Legion Dojo, the place where Legionaries train and spar with their partners. There are many equipments stored here, such as halberds, swords, and shields. There is also a small map that is put on display on a wooden table, showing a portion of the Legion territory, lands of Dynasty, and the ocean area.

Appears in:

  • Chapter I
  • The players that chose to destroy the Sphere will be using this place as their training location.

Camp night
The camp of Shadow Squad. They use this place as their arena for real fights, mostly to punish Legionaries that behaved wrongly or those who bring shame upon Legion. Some Two-handed Swords such as Ornate Two-Hander and Battle Sword can be spotted in the background.

Appears in:

  • Chapter I
Bamboo Fort
Bamboo Fort, the guardhouse of the Legion army. As its name suggests, the fort is surrounded by many bamboo trees.

Appears in:

  • Chapter I

Lands of DynastyEdit

These locations are located inside the Dynasty capital and the territories that belong to the Dynasty.

Location Description
Dojo dynasty

Destroyed Gray Dragons Dojo
Dynasty Dojo, the dojo inside Galen's school. Galen's disciples practice their moves here. Sometimes, spars and tests are conducted here as well. There is a large map placed on the wall, showing all the Dynasty territory, along with the Legion territory and the wasteland area. Some weapons are put on display too, like the Jian and various Guandao.

This dojo now lies in ruins after the Legion's attack initiated by their Ambassador. There is a red Legion symbol marked on the broken map.

Appears in:


Burning Village

Backstreets, the outskirt of the capital. Due to it being a rather secluded area, this place is often used for shady transactions.

Once in a while, a famous travelling circus often comes here to entertain people.

This place is now burning, turned into a warzone after the Legion's attack initiated by their Ambassador.

Appears in:

Shadow forge
Ling's forge, located at the capital. This is where the blacksmith Ling works, using his knowledge in shadow energy to help the people of Dynasty.

Appears in:

  • Chapter II
  • Chapter IV
Dojo dinasty abandoned
Iron Beaks dojo. This the place where Kibo's disciples train to fight like Heralds. Although according to Ling, this school is crap.

Appears in:

  • Chapter II
Dynasty Palace. This the Emperor's throne room.

Appears in:


Bg china full

Arena football
Arena. This is where the Hundred School Tournament takes place. Various fighters from all around the world participate here to show their skills.

When not used for the tournament, this arena is used for festive fights instead, like the battle with Monkey King to celebrate Lunar Festival, or the unique soccer game to celebrate World Cup.

Appears in:

Destroyed village
Destroyed village. This is one of Dynasty village, which was blown up by a shadow rig explosion. Some Spectres of Bolo patrol around here to quarantine the people exposed to the explosion and to prevent any form of infections.

Many fall victim to this explosion. To make things worse, the Legion invades this area as well, causing even more people to fall prey to this infection. A shadow rift was formed here following the explosion.

Appears in:

Pier. This area is used as a harbour for the ships of Dynasty.

Appears in:

  • Chapter V
  • Chapter VI

Winter Market
A market in Dynasty capital. Mayhem almost always occurs here.

The bazaar is held here. Due to unknown reasons, shadowlines always blow up from time to time, infecting people and turning them lunatic. This forces the Feldsher unit to come here to handle the situation, only for them to be affected by the shadow contagion and turn berserk as well.

During winter, this market is turned into a winter fair, where shadow bots help with the decorations, sweets, ice sculptures, and many more.

Appears in:

Heralds DomeEdit

These are the locations inside the invisible Dome of Heralds and the area surrounding it.

Location Description
Dojo heralds
Heralds Dojo. This the training area for Heralds apprentices of the Dome, and where the Dome masters test said apprentices. The dojo belongs to Itu, before Bolo betrays him and turning him into an enemy of the whole Dome. A detailed map can be seen displayed in the dojo, along with some gears such as Keen Katana, Ebony Armor, Kendogu Mask, and Envoy's Helm.

Appears in:

  • Chapter III
  • The players that chose to either preserve or exploit the Sphere will be using this place as their training location.
The forest outside the Dome. A thick forest with many tall trees, guarded by Sliders. The Dome is located somewhere inside the forest, although finding it is impossible without the guidance of a Herald.

There is a similar forest located near the Legion territory, where a weird death cult is residing inside the forest.

Appears in:

Heralds street

Heralds street spring
The main street inside the Dome. This is the place where the Dome citizens demonstrate their fighting skills. During Spring, the Heralds celebrate it by displaying their best inventions at this street.

Appears in:

Void room
Void Room. Bolo created this room for the purpose of releasing the Emperor from the side effects of researching the Sphere. Supervised by Shibata, the Void Room is capable of creating simulations based of the player's memory. This room can also transport people into the Sphere Temple.

Appears in:

The Dome's Citadel. It is the core fortified area of the city.

Appears in:

  • Chapter IV

Legion FortressEdit

These are all the locations of the Legion Fortress, the heart of the Legion. The Fortress itself is located far in the north.

Location Description
Legion Castle
The Castle, covered by a huge wall. Beyond the indestructible walls, lie many dark secrets.

Appears in:

Prison preview
The prison of the Fortress. Aside from the Dynastian criminals, some people that disagreed with the Queen are also imprisoned here, such as the last living Elder.

The corrupt Jail Keeper created a brutal gladiator-styled prison fights here, where prisoners have to fight against each other for freedom. The Jail Keeper and his guards participate as well. One particular fighter managed to win these prison fights five times.

Appears in:

Legion Streets
The streets of the village in the Fortress.

Appears in:

  • Chapter VI
Legion Throne Room
The Castle's Throne Room. This place is the throne room of Queen Iolanda. It is a huge palace with a huge statue of a Legion knight standing behind the throne.

Appears in:

  • Chapter VI


These locations are located in various area in the map and belongs to neither the Legion, Dynasty, nor Heralds.

Location Description
Falcon's Gorge, located in the mountains near the Legion territory. There are many weird anomalies occuring here, by which some cults use this opportunity to come here and worship an other-worldly deity. One of the anomalies includes a possible passageway to a timeless dimension.

Rumors have it that there is an old master who trains in this area to improve upon his outdated fighting style.

There is a stone face in the background, whose face belonged to a "monster", a parasite for whom life itself means nothing.

Appears in:

Marcus village
A village of Legion, located inside a time glitch. This is the village where Marcus and his Purists army stayed before they marched forward to destroy the Dome and the Sphere. Bolo, however, trapped them inside this timeless dimension, where Marcus is forced to undergo the exact same cycle of events over and over again.

Appears in:


Temple Warp
A mysterious temple located inside the time glitch. There is a small pond inside this temple, which appears to be a passageway through time.

Appears in:

A swamp located in a wasteland near the rift. Soon after the rig explosion, some shadow energy sources form on the ground.

Rumors have it that this swamp is inhabited by an exiled Legionary and his unit, which seeks out revenge against the Legion.

Appears in:

Sphere Temple
The Sphere Temple. This place was built by the Dynasty to hold the power of the Sphere. According to Shibata, this Temple exists in a different dimension.

Appears in:

  • Chapter IV
Ship peace

Burning Ship
Ships deck. There are many ships encountered here by the players, such as the ship robbed by Legion pirates, and the fastest ship of Dynasty which is owned by Master Okada. The player also have experienced a nightmare of said ship being burned.

Appears in:

The beach of Shadow Island. There are some abandoned buildings here, with vines surrounding said buildings. An old knight of Legion who came here long ago was put to a long sleep by the island Chief somewhere around here.

Appears in:

  • Chapter V
The canyon of Shadow Island. Many treasures are scattered around the canyon. There are many bots called Defenders hiding in this area, their purpose is to prevent Moira from leaving the island.

Appears in:

  • Chapter V
Island Cave
The cave of Shadow Island. Moira is forced to stay inside this cave by the island Chief. The Chief himself is capable of controlling the whole cave and using it against his opponents. There is a huge stone face in the background, and a twin lions statue above the small lake.

Appears in:

  • Chapter V

Crypt Night

The crypt. This is May's grave. There are some statues standing in this place, with one of them already damaged and laying on the ground. One of the statue does shares some resemblances with May. This place is guarded by Bolo's Cryptkeepers. According to Shadow Mind, the shadow anomalies in this place are strong enough to harrow the mind of normal people, turning them as blank as shadow bots. The grave itself turns out to be a shadow portal through the future.

Despite what Shadow Mind has claimed, some people are actually using this place to celebrate Halloween. Even going as far as bringing a cart and putting some decorations, like putting a pumpkin head on May's statue.

Appears in:

Location mist
This place is the depiction of the inside of the player's mind, a huge bridge shrouded with mist which seemingly stretches infinitely in all directions. This location has two moons signifying the two souls battling for the consciousness of a single body. Here the player must prove their worth of Shadow Mind's power.

Appears in:

  • Chapter VI

Future Edit

Various locations of the world 10 years after the events in Chapter VI. Many places are destroyed by Shadow, including but not limited to the Dynasty capital and Heralds Dome. They appear in Chapter VII.

Location Description
Legion Future
Cyber Legion Fortress. After Shadow took over the Legion, the Fortress has been transformed into a cyber military stronghold, which house many cannons and shadow missiles. This place is heavily guarded by Legionaries, which are adept at using shadow energy. There is a poster placed next to the missiles stock, showing a knight holding a missile, standing in front of the Fortress. Below him is written "To the glory of Legion".

Valley Night
Accelerator Territory, the lair of Shadow. It is a valley located in the Wastelands. There is a huge, ominous tower in the middle of the valley. The tower is an Accelerator of shadow particles, which is crucial for Shadow's evil plot. The valley was used to be much more fertile before the Accelerator was built.
Shadow Storm Village. This village was used to be a part of the Heralds Dome, before it was destroyed by Shadow. Shadow's attack to the Void Room caused this village to be distorted with anomalies. Many Heralds and sapient bots died here, and the anomalies keep on replicating them. The anomaly can be seen in action when a lightning strikes a faraway building, the debrises keep on floating instead of falling. There are some wanted posters nearby, showing the faces of Ambassador, Scout, and Ling.
Anomaly village, the stabilized part of the Dome. Aside from Bolo and his worshippers known as Moths, no one lives here. A sighting of ghost can be spotted in this area.
Legion Interior
Arsenal Interior, located inside the Legion Fortress. Many Legion arms, including shadow bots and shadow energy in the form of liquid, are stored here.

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