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Shadow killed my minions, so the locals began to worship him, hating me as much as he did. And so the Legion was born.
Shadow Mind explaining how Shadow founded the Legion.

Legion is the name of a faction in Shadow Fight 3. It is introduced in Chapter I. The Legion is a warlike faction aiming to destroy the Shadow Energy. The Legion live by strict laws and would readily accept into their ranks anyone who will not stop at working flat out.


The Legion is a militarist faction. Its aims are simple and clear: eliminating Shadow Energy throughout the world and preventing it from re-emergence. Its ideology is stern: it accepts no weakness, gives no apologies or explanations for its actions, and is willing to make every sacrifice for the sake of humankind. This is why other factions regard the Legion with little favor, to say the least.

Legionaries live by severe laws of the military, valuing subordination, dedication and will above anything else. Their belief in human constancy is comprehensive. A true Legionary is the one who rejects all weaknesses on his/her path to becoming great as a warrior, and relies upon strength and unremitting toil. Being one of them is risky, because every next battle can become one’s last. Regardless, the influx of those volunteering to stand under their banners never stops, for there are many willing to become war heroes and saviors of the world. Now the Legion readily accepts everyone who can endure its exhausting training, after which the fighter obtains staunch allies who would stand foursquare behind him or her.



Legionary uses their advantage in strength to overpower their enemies.

The Legion fighting styles rely on their strength as their primary offense. They prefer heavy weapons and armor, prioritizing brute strength and exhausting training. Legion weapons are mostly heavy and pack a powerful blow, designed to bring the opponent down with brute force. These weapons can be difficult to wield because of their heaviness. Legion armors are made of durable material and therefore are strong and heavy. These armors limit movements, but they fit perfectly with the fighting style of Legion. Legion perks are focused to bringing down opponents as quickly as possible with bruteness. These perks give effects that mostly will increase durability and attack damage.

Unbreakable State[]


When the interval occurs, Legionaries will not be interrupted.

When performing certain attacks with a Legion weapon or special move, there will be a short interval occurring, indicated by the character glowing in white. During the Unbreakable, any hit taken will not cause the user to lose balance, allowing them to finish their attack. The user still takes damage (but the damage can be reduced by Colossus Step's passive), and the Unbreakable cannot protect them from Critical hit (though can be negated with the Rock perk), Shock knockback, or Shadow Abilities. The Unbreakable State, however, cannot be canceled by Critical hit while the user is airborne (when they use moves that involve jumping such as Guillotine, Snakebite, Avalanche, etc).

Notable Members[]



  • The Legion was formed by the people who admired Shadow, who actively fought against Shadow beasts. In turn, these people inherited his hatred towards Shadow Mind, and to Shadow Energy in common.
  • According to the Year One Celebration video, the percentage of players who chose Legion are 19%.
  • The Legion ideals and weaponry are reminiscence of the knighthood and warfare of Late Middle Ages period.
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