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Kitsune-1, also know as Mistress Kitsune or Fox is a character who first introduce in Itu's Plane of Shadow Fight 3. She is a fox-like hunter bot on duty to hunt and bringing Proxy back to the fortress. She is also the sparring partner throughout the entire Itu's Plane.


Transformation: Itu's Plane

An old man is fixing a shadow bot behind a warehouse, who got attacked by another worker bot earlier. Suddenly, they are ambushed. The ambusher, who is identified as Overseer Gizmo, orders the human to stand still and calls for someone as he has found Proxy. A foxlike bot named Kitsune-1 then arrives, saying that she has been searching for Proxy everywhere since 3 days. The old human is surprised that a bot can talk and asks if it is legal. The Overseer is offended at the old human's attitude, and he sends his men to teach him a lesson. The old human retaliates by activating 127th Protocol, which causes Proxy to defend him from the Overseer's lapdog. Kitsune-1 is shocked when she sees that Proxy has been reprogrammed, wondering what the old human did to them. He angrily claims that he fixed Proxy after they were attacked by the other bot. The Overseer then suggests to turn Proxy off for now, while they still can. Kitsune-1 agrees with the Overseer's suggestion, she then apologizes for having to deactivate Proxy until she has a word with the Boss. She also promises Proxy that she will not let them down, before uttering the phrase: Trust me.

Proxy gains their consciousness back, inside an Arsenal where their fate is currently being discussed by some figures. A woman identified as Mistress Kibo tells Kitsune-1 something which seems she has been repeating many times, that her partner is out of order and they will be send for reformatting. Another woman identified as Mistress June agrees with Mistress Kibo, saying that this matter falls under her jurisdiction. It could be worse if there is even a slightest possibility that Proxy has been hacked by Nanami. Kitsune-1 desperately tries speaking to Proxy, hoping that her partner will at least respond with anything; their speech module has been damaged, seemingly by Bolo. It is revealed that Proxy's other modules are still functioning after they sparred with June's bodyguard. In fact, Mistress Kibo states that Proxy fights better, which she figures out to be Bolo's doing. This old human is at Isolation Floor currently, and Mistress Kibo plans to interrogate him tonight, as he witnessed Nanami attacking Proxy before fleeing. Mistress June points out that considering his age, this is unacceptable, as that place is literally catacombs. They are then interrupted by the arrival of a cyborg woman identified as Boss, which Mistress June calls Iolanda. The Boss requests both Mistresses to leave at once, as her hunters must attend an urgent, confidential meeting. They both leave, after Mistress June wishes Kitsune-1 good luck.

The Boss then orders Kitsune-1 to arrest Proxy, much to the fox's dismay. She tries to reason with her superior that Proxy is the best hunter of the Committee who has caught many fugitives this year, to no avail. Kitsune-1 cannot defy orders, so she has no choice than to attack Proxy and hoping her partner will overcome her somehow. Fortunately for her, Proxy does not lack focus and capable of defeating Kitsune-1. The Boss immediately orders Kitsune-1 to tell Proxy's deactivation code to her at once, but the fox refuses and requests Proxy to run. The Boss is even more enraged than before, she initiates Code Nine and orders her Spectres to detain the hunter bot. Kitsune-1 tries to beg to her Boss to give Proxy a second chance, she promises that Proxy will hunt down Nanami. The Boss replies that this is not about Nanami - Proxy is not the same person she used to know, they are very dangerous.

After Proxy manages to defeat The Creator. Kitsune-1 arrives there, unfortunately too late as the fight was over already, but at least not before things got uglier. She informs The Creator that Nanami broke Proxy and Bolo altered their software. The Creator only comments that he warned Iolanda already, Proxy cannot hold a candle against Nanami, his perfect, greatest creation. He continues by saying there is no use of fixing Proxy now, as he is just a beautifully handsome but stupid bot, not even he remembers why he assembled Proxy in the first place. The Creator also does not miss the chance to scold Kitsune for being too emotional, remarking that this does suit the fox and will be taken care of in her next revision. Bolo confronts Okada's Bad Dad attitude towards his bots not named Nanami, telling him they have feelings too. The Creator now remembers Bolo, who was mentioned by the Void Room. She used Bolo to build the Dome in another timeline.

Transformation: Marcus's Plane


Kitsune-1 is fought during Itu's Plane Part I. Having failed to persuade her boss to spare Proxy, she has no choice but to engage them and hope they will be able to defeat her. She wields a pair of Ninjato, a never before seen weapon with incredibly agile but not so acrobatic movements, attacking the opponent with pinpoint precision. There could be a total of 5 rounds and the player must score 3 wins in order to win. The timer for each round is 99 seconds, and the player must defeat Kitsune-1 before the timer expires otherwise they'll lose the round.

Kitsune-1 can unleash Shadow Abilities without the need of entering Shadow Form, and her attacks (regardless of block) reduce the white line bar of Proxy's health, which limits the maximum health they can have if they somehow restored health with perks/set bonuses.


"What's up, Proxy"

"Yay, Sparring!"

"Proxy, Let's Train!"



  • During the Fox Hunt event, she know that the Proxy is the Shadow's Descendant, and mentioned Nanami as her sister, which their Creator erased her personality.