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Kenji is the first opponent the players encounter in Shadow Fight 2. Once Shadow returns to his native village after opening the Gates and losing his physical body, his Sensei asks him to demonstrate a few moves to see whether he still possessed all his fighting prowess. Shadow is made to attack a punching bag to test his moves. Apparently satisfied with what he sees, Sensei next commands Shadow to fight an opponent who would be able to defend and counter-attack. To this end, he summons his other student - Kenji - to fight against Shadow. Defeating Kenji rewards the players with 70 coins.

Appearance and Characteristics

Kenji has medium-length, flowing maroon hair and a well-built muscular body. He fights barehanded and was apparently under the the tutelage of Sensei before the latter left to search for the seals with Shadow. He does not have any speaking role in the game.


  • During the first three versions of game, when the players updated the app, a huge amount of XP would be required to reach next level. To solve this issue, Kenji would appear and ask the players for a re-match in order to exact vengeance for humiliating him in front of Sensei earlier. Defeating him would provide the players with the required experience boost.