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I wanted to devote my life to the Sphere studies, but the price is too high! Even if my Herald brothers think differently.
–Itu expressing his thoughts regarding Shadow Mind

Itu is a main character in Shadow Fight 3. He is the first Herald met in the game. Itu was called as the Dome redeemer by the Void Room. He accompanies the player in their quests, using his knowledge in shadow energy to help his allies during their adventure.

Later, it was revealed in Itu's Plane that Itu who accompanied the player in his journey is a copy of The Real Itu, who erased his master, The Real Bolo from existence and replaced him.


Chapter I: Legion

After the player and June find out that Sarge is after the Sphere, they plan to head back to the Legion camp to stop him. However, they are interrupted by Itu, who is invisible to keep his safety. Itu reminds June about their secret mission, before proceeding to fight the player in order to know them better. After he is defeated, Itu leaves them, stating that the player is worthy enough and that they will meet again.

Chapter II: Dynasty

Last night I heard some noise from the throne room. I went and found your friend. He/She wasn't alone. There were a few men in shadow form. I was knocked out. When I woke up, there was no Emperor and no Sphere.
–Itu claiming to have seen the player in the throne room.

When the player and June arrive at the palace, they find an enraged Itu there. He tells them that the Shadow Sphere is missing and it is the player's fault. Itu then attacks the player, but they can defend themselves and defeat him. After that, Itu informs them what has happened the night before: He heard some noise from the throne room, went there and saw the player with a few men in shadow form; he was then knocked out and, when he woke up, both the Emperor and the Sphere were missing.

Itu continues to gather information while the Hundred School Tournament is ongoing. He finds out that Kibo was seen at the palace the night the Emperor and the Sphere went missing. She is also in account with Deng Rao, who attacked the Legion with the elements of Dynasty, and the Ambassador. Later, they find out from Iron Beaks that Kibo was recently urgently summoned to the front line to oppose the Liquidators. Itu says that the Liquidators are the Legion's front liners, and he wonders if the Ambassador has started the war already.

They decide to find Kibo to get confirmations from her. Kibo is pleased when the player arrives there, but they are interrupted by the Liquidators. They manage to take down the Liquidators, so Kibo leaves them and goes for reinforcements. Itu is reluctant to let her go, and June reminds him that it is not the right time as she fought for the Dynasty; they should stay close to her, but not too close. The trio heads back to the square, only to find that the square has been invaded by the Legionaries. After the player fights off Greta, June suggests that they rejoin Kibo to find out about the Emperor.

After being told by Ling about a blown up Shadow rig in a nearest village, the trio finds Kibo there, fatally wounded. Itu bombards Kibo with questions, but she is too weak to even talk. Kibo could only mutter and tells the trio to escape to the dome.

Chapter III: Heralds

Send me then! I will bring the Sphere to the Dome, we will save June's father and use the Sphere's potential for the good of all!
–Itu persuades Shibata to send him to the Sphere Temple.

Itu leads the player and June to the Dome. It is invisible for common people, and there are many anomalies near the Dome that only the Heralds could overcome. With his guidance, they reach the Dome. Itu then introduces them to Bolo and says that Bolo knows about the Sphere and what to do. But before discussing about it, Bolo offers them a tour with him to explore the city under the Dome.

An image of itu.

While they are exploring, Bolo claims that the Emperor has changed his mind about researching the Sphere and he has another plan, which is to extend the Dome and cover the capital, trapping common people in a time illusion. He intends to give people a happy life in the endless time cycle without worrying about the Sphere. Even Itu is surprised by this, but June thinks that Itu is involved in this scheme and she thinks that her father is no longer alive or that psycho changed his mind somehow and so in this case, she promises to kill Itu. Nonetheless, Itu tries to convince her that he does not know that Bolo has planned this and he is not siding with him. After the player defeats Bolo, he sends the trio to the time glitch.

Inside the time glitch, they meet Marcus and his army (who have been trapped by Bolo for a long period of time). Itu informs them where they are and tells them how to escape the time glitch. June starts chanting as told by Itu to make a doppelganger appear, but a Legion Scout appears instead. According to the Scout, they can escape by defeating Marcus' glitched copy. After the player defeats Marcus, the link to the time glitch eventually breaks and the trio escapes.

Once they return to the current time, they meet Galen. He then takes the trio to meet the Emperor while explaining that Kibo is his agent and she has saved the Emperor from the blown up rig. After they meet the Emperor, he tells them that Kibo saved him from a monster who was capable of blowing up the shadow rig. The Emperor, however, does not have the Sphere anymore, as it is now at the Sphere Temple. The trio then heads to the Void room to get to the Sphere Temple. Shibata, Itu's underling and supervisor of the Void room, tells Itu that the room had been trying to create some kind of temple since the player, the Shadow's descendant, arrived there. Itu confirms that it is really the Sphere Temple and they will send the player to retrieve the Sphere. But out of nowhere, the Emperor suddenly becomes possessed by the same monster that had blown up the rig.

Itu then asks Shibata to send him to the Void room, saying that he will take the Sphere to the Dome and will use its potential to save the Emperor and for the good of all. If the player chooses to support him, he will be given the power of the Sphere at the end of Chapter III.

Chapter IV: Consequences

I spent so long pushing torwards this! Any Herald dreams of merging with shadow energy and learning all its secrets! Now the entire world will become my laboratory, and the people will be my test subjects!
–Itu's speech after he gains the power of the Sphere.

Once chosen to support him, Itu is now possessed by the Shadow Mind inside the Sphere. With his new power, he will turn the world into his laboratory and the people will be his test subjects. He also says that he will start by studying the player. Shibata then teleports the rest of the allies to the Void Room. He then tests the player in a sparring, as they were fatigued after fighting the Emperor. Shibata also concludes that Itu had sacrificed himself for the Shadow Mind. Having witnessing it with his own eyes, Marcus disagrees, as Itu seemed to be enjoying his new power instead. Together with the player and June, Marcus rushes to the Temple in order to stop Itu. Thanks to the player, they manage to pass through all the obstacles to the Temple, and eventually free Itu from the control. Despite this, the Shadow Mind is still hiding inside Itu, capable of emerging anytime. After regaining his senses, Itu panicks, but not for long, as he had prepared in case this happened.

Itu tells his friends about who may can help them. Ling, the blacksmith in the capital, was a Shaman. The Shamans were Heralds of ancient times that believed about the existence of a certain core, the mind of Shadow energy. They have been wiped out by Bolo, with the exception of Ling who escaped. When the party reached his forge, Ling is nowhere to be found. Instead, Itu finds a writing on the wall says "destroyed village". The party goes to the destroyed village, hoping to find Ling. This leads them to meet a rebel group called "Insusceptibles" and after knowing their plan to causes destruction using the shadow rift, the party comes into conclusion that Ling is trying to warn them about this. After obtaining information, the party heads to the location of negotiation and confronts the Ambassador.

After expelling the Ambassador's soldiers and the arrival of Deng Rao, everybody finds out that the Insusceptibles leader has mislead them to believe he want to negotiate with Legion, when his actual plan is to pit Legion and Dynasty against each other. Later, Deng Rao's bodyguard is defeated as well. Deng Rao refused to leave the location, but eventually the leader, which is none other than Ling, appears and expells Deng Rao away.

The party is surprised to find Ling is the leader of Insusceptibles, with Itu asking how could he do this. Ling's answer is that he simply dares to stand up for his people and go up against everyone. He concludes that after witnessing the shadow power of the rift, the power can only land in his hands. After he is defeated by the player, Ling gives them the answer for their question; the trace left by the shadow monster after the rig blown up is the same trace that was left after Gates of Shadows was destroyed. He came into conclusion that Shadow is returning to the world.

Chapter V: Shadow Island

Shadow is the only one who can defeat the Shadow Mind, and he will do it at any cost. Ling tells the party that if there is someone knowing Shadow's whereabouts, it is Galen, who was Shadow's disciple.

Galen is revealed to know Shadow very well, as he could describe Shadow's personality really well. He gives the party a map with coordination to find Shadow Island, a place Shadow referred to as his shelter, where he used to return, again and again. Before the party goes, Galen asks them whether destroying Shadow Mind is right. After knowing what the Shadow Mind is capable of, Itu came into realization at how unprepared he actually was. Now, he is willing to give up on studying it as the price is too high, even if his fellow Heralds disagree with him. Galen tells him that the search for such truth demands a strong spirit, and hopefully Itu knows now why the Legion rejects shadow energy. From Galen's guidance, the party heads to the pier to find his nephew, Phang, who owns the fastest ship in Dynasty. When they pass through the warzone, the party finds out how bad the war can affect people, after witnessed deserters from Legion and Dynasty joining forces to rob people. Itu tells his friends that the Shadow Mind is capable of provoking thousands of wars, and finally realized the truth in Galen's earlier advice.

After the party arrived at the pier and found Phang, they request his permission to use his ship. Phang cannot help them, however, as his crew has mutinied against him and stole his ship. They offer to help Phang, and they search for the ship. When they find it, Phang is confused because his crew are nowhere to be seen. Instead, humanoid creatures are on the ship. Itu recognizes them as shadow bots, and concludes that they must be controlled by someone. The player attacks these bots to reclaim the ship. This caused the man who controlled the bots to come out, totally unhappy with how the party treated his bots. Itu knows who the man is, he is Master Okada, the most brilliant and ruthless of Bolo's assistants. Hearing Bolo's name only angers Okada even more and he attacks them. After the player defeats him, Okada reveals that Bolo had betrayed him by making Okada an enemy of the whole Dome. All of this is because he goes up against Bolo's way in treating shadow energy; Bolo treats it as if it was an animal, refusing to acknowledge the energy's consciousness merely because he will lose profit. Itu does not know this and apologizes to Okada. He then asks for a ship and tells Okada about their goals and destination, and says Bolo's reign is at its end. Okada offers them the ship; he bought Phang's ship from the mutinied crews. Phang joins them, as he is willing to work under someone else's leadership if that is the only way he can protect June, and he steers the ship. The party then sails to the island.

Upon reaching the island, Okada stays in the ship, while the rest go and explore the island. Once the party steps on the island, Itu starts to get weakened, just like back then in the Sphere Temple. The Shadow Mind rises out, it hears Moira's voice calling it, and it responds to it in a physical form. As the player stops it, the voice is silent and Shadow Mind hides again. Itu is thinking about this for a moment before he tells everyone to hurry up. As the party tries to continue, a terrified Phang prevents them from advancing further. He accuses them for threatening June's safety and tries to stop them, only for him to be stopped by the player instead. June convinces Phang that she is alright and can take care of herself. She commands him to return to the ship and keep an eye on Okada, as she does not fully trust him.

The party proceeds to the island. They meet a little girl, who greets them. Itu recognizes her as Moira, as her voice is the same voice that called out Shadow Mind. After learning about the island, its corrupt Chief, and Shadow from Moira, the little girl decided to join them together to find Shadow, albeit reluctantly. The Chief tried to prevent them from leaving the island by summoning the island totems to block their way, as her disappearance will cause the shadow power of the island to disappear as well. The player, Marcus, and Itu then take Moira to the ship, as it will render the Chief powerless. While June will try to gather the tribe and help them to confront the Chief. Moira informs June that it may be difficult, as some people are actually backing up the Chief. The current island people were born when the Chief had been ruling already. They do not remember Shadow at all.

On their way to the ship, Itu is left confused about Moira. Her comment about the current people not knowing Shadow implies that she had been living longer than almost everyone in the island. Suddenly, they are approached by a weird creature, armed with technologicaly advanced gears. After the player stops it, Itu is left mesmerized by the creature. He concludes that the creature is only performing Shadow's will and preventing Moira from leaving the island. Similar to Okada's shadow bots, except more complex, causing him to question how did Shadow obtain this kind of tech even before the Dome existed. Marcus himself is still confused about how Moira stayed as a child for all these years. Itu speculates that Shadow somehow made her immortal and he can hardly wait to meet this extraordinary man in person. As the player is dealing with more obstacles blocking their way, Moira tells them her past; shadow beasts attacked her homeland, and she got infected by a disease they call Scourge. Shadow promised to cure her and brought her to the island. The Scourge could not reach Moira when she is in the island. Itu believes that the Heralds can cure her disease, and he convinces her.

After all the obstacles are taken care by the player, they manage it to the ship. They, along with June who catch up just in time, sail away from the island. After they leave into the open ocean, Moira suddenly becomes pale. The Scourge's influence causes her to get weaker, and she desperately warns everyone to run. Itu realized what this means, and he tells a scared June to back off. Before they could do anything, the Scourge has returned and appears upon them, manifested in the form of an angel covered in shadow energy.

After the player fights and destroys the Scourge, Marcus remembers the legend of a foreign hero who saved the Legion from Scourge and rescued their twin princesses. The older sister became their queen, while the younger sister got ill and passed away, but Shadow was near her in her last night. Marcus then comes into conclusion that Moira is the missing younger princess.

Chapter VI: Heart of the Legion

After reaching landfall, the party bids their farewell to Okada and Phang, they continue their way to the heart of the Legion. The player is revealed to have fallen ill. Itu comes with the explanation that these are some side effects after fighting the Angel. With Marcus' guidance, the party reaches the Legion Fortress.

Marcus tries to speak to a guard, but the stupid guard does not recognize them at all and tries to arrest them instead. This commotion caused the queen of Legion, Iolanda, to go outside and check. After Moira introduces herself and June, Iolanda pretends to act nice by inviting Moira and June to the throne room, while she going to send the rest of them to the guest room. In fact, the queen takes Moira and June into custody and she throws the other to the prison. Marcus requests Iolanda to inform one of the Elders about his presence. However, all of them had died, except for one person, who is currently imprisoned with them.

After she leaves them, Itu is confused, as he thought the Legion was ruled by the Elders and the queen only acted as decoration for parade. A prison guard suddenly joins their conversation, saying this woman they called queen is a witch and she will not stop until the Legion is doomed. The prison guard introduces himself as Sarge, the former sergeant of Shadow squad. Sarge sets them free as he needs help supressing a riot that is going to be started by Dynastian prisoners. The riot is led by a wannabe known as Xander, and they're going to join Deng Rao's army on approach.

They then confront Xander, who boasts himself as the Champion of the North, five-time winner of the Legion prison fights, Xander the Immortal. However, Itu still remembers well who this person actually is. He is Xiang Tzu, Kibo's underdog who lost and was humiliated by the player at Hundred Schools Tournament. After the player defeats him again, Xiang Tzu declares that this minor loss will not stop him, only to be brushed off by Itu, as they have more pressing matters now. Sarge then shows them the way out.

Itu then heads off to the throne room to check on June and Moira, while the rest of them marches forward to the wall to thwart the invasion. After Deng Rao is captured, Itu informs them that June and Moira are fine, but they are surrounded by Heralds inside the throne room. Marcus had experienced too many weird things lately that he is not so surprised anymore.

Using the secret passage Marcus told them, they make it to the throne room and they confront the queen. These Heralds are Iolanda's personal guards, Watchers who are lended to her by Bolo. Iolanda believes that Bolo had helped and protected her in the most vulnerable times, while the Elders were too busy chasing after the Sphere and Marcus only cared about his selfish pursuit of glory. After her Watchers fail to terminate them, Iolanda decides to get rid of them herself, revealing her robotic body, an upgrade given by Bolo to suppress the Scourge. After she loses to the player, Itu tells her that she has been deceived by Bolo, and that if she had been infected by Scourge, she would have turned into a shadow beast by now. Itu then repeats Moira's request to share with them the information on Shadow's whereabouts. With his help, they plan to destroy the Shadow Mind, which controls the shadow beasts. Iolanda simply says that Shadow disappeared long ago. She suggests to check the crypt, where May, Shadow's beloved one, was buried. She reveals that May had been killed during the shadow beast invasion into their land. Shadow once visited the crypt, and he never came back.

Iolanda leads them to the crypt, but no one can enter the crypt as there is an anomaly that turns the weak willed into aggressive husks. Itu and the others then stay behind as the player, the only one capable of resisting the effect, enters the crypt alone. After the player enters the glowing grave, Itu returns to the Dome.

Some times later, Shadow and his Legion force invaded the Dome to seize the Accelerator Core prototype. Itu, desperate to end the bloodshed, hands over the prototype to Shadow. Itu knows that Shadow has evil intentions, but he has a slightest hope of Shadow sparing his fellow Heralds. However, Shadow attacks the Void Room instead, causing anomalies and distortions around the place. Many Heralds and shadow bots died from this attack, and the Dome is destroyed. What left of the Heralds now are glitched, desolate villages in the middle of Wastelands. Ever since that happened, Itu keeps on blaming himself for giving Shadow the prototype.

Chapter VII, Part I: Forget the Past

10 years have passed since the player, the Descendant of Shadow, entered the glowing grave. The shadow rigs are glowing all over the Wasteland, a sign of the player's arrival. Itu pays Jet, a Nomad, to pick the player up and escort them to him. Nomads are what is left of the Dynasty after it was destroyed, and Itu asked Jet's help mainly because of his nostalgia for the Dynasty. But, he quickly remembers that the Nomads inherited Dynasty's worst traits, as they are greedy and untrustworthy. Itu then heads into the Wastelands and he finds out that he was right. Jet and her fellow Nomads plan to betray Itu and give the player away to Shadow. After Jet and her associates are defeated by the player, Itu leads them to the Wastelands, which used to be where the Dome is at, while telling them what had caused it a sad manner. Itu also informs the player about the Accelerator and what Shadow is up to. He does not know how much time they have, therefore Itu asks the player to come with him to the Void Room, and asks it the way to take down Shadow.

Itu takes the player to visit the real Bolo, who lives in a stabilized part of the Dome. Itu greets him as it has been a while, before telling him that he brought the Descendant of Shadow here. Bolo gives a bitter response, telling Itu to stop making a local attraction out of him and that this 'Shadow's Descendant' is a non-sense and has never existed. Bolo states that Shadow killed May and his Descendant before the child was even born, Shadow Mind was the only thing left of the baby. Bolo then accuses Itu for clinging to the past. Itu does cling to it, he says he will make Shadow pay and Bolo will help them, before requesting him to show them the Void Room. Bolo warns them that Shadow is powerful and the Accelerator made him invincible, they cannot change anything. Itu argues that they can change everything. The player is here at last, and they are Shadow's Descendant as the Void Room called them. Bolo replies by saying the Void Room also called Itu a Dome redeemer, before sarcastically asking him where is the Dome and the Heralds now. Itu desperately tries to convince Bolo that the Void Room was right. Bolo then tests the player to a duel, saying that the player should not be affected by his temporal tricks if they really have Shadow Mind with them. With the power of Shadow Mind, the player can overcome all of Bolo's tricks and they win against him.

Bolo is finally willing to help the player and Itu opening Void Room, but he wants to show the player how useless their attempts to alter what had happened by sending them to the past are. Even after the player stopped Itu in the past, the altered series of events will always result in Shadow getting the prototype, essentially changing nothing significant in the present. Bolo opened the Void Room, and Itu asks the Room the way to defeat Shadow. The Void Room suddenly goes nuts, and it creates a projection of Moira begging for help. Itu is surprised to see Moira. He contemplates that Moira was with June, and wonders if they could possibly still be alive. Itu then shouts the Room to tell them where Moira and June are.

The Void Room responses by teleporting the trio to the Legion Fortress. Before anyone could figure out why the Void Room is doing this, they spot Jet captured and dragged by Legionaries. Itu then asks the others to help her, as even though she had done many despicable acts as a nomad, he cannot let the Legion end her life here. When they deal with guards, an enforcer grabbed her and dragged her into the Arsenal. The trio immediately barges into the Arsenal to rescue Jet. While the player is fighting the Corporal and Bolo argues with Gizmo, Jet warns Itu to rush to the ruins of Dynasty palace to save a little girl, who is living with the Nomads, and she does not age at all. Itu finally gets what the Void Room is trying to tell them. After the player deals with Gizmo, they head to find Moira, as Shadow needed her for his plan and the whole Legion squad is after her.

Fights with Itu

Itu is fought as an enemy at least three times. The first one is in Chapter I, player must win two rounds in order to win. In this fight, the opponent is invisible, and he uses Noble Sword and utilizes Dynasty fighting style.


Later, Itu is fought again as the first boss of Chapter II. Unlike the previous fight with him, player needs to win three rounds this time. Itu fights with the Heralds fighting style, and utilizes an exclusive ability and three Shadow abilities. He wields Hermit Katana as weapon. Itu's special ability allows him to meditate and heal himself quickly for a few seconds while fighting. This meditation can be stopped by attacking Itu from behind or using shadow abilities on him.

Itu also can be fought in the Training mode in Chapter III. He also can be fought from Chapter IV onward if the player chooses to exploit Sphere.

If the player chooses to exploit the Sphere, Itu will be fought as the first boss of Chapter IV, possessed by the Shadow Mind. He wields the same gear like in the previous fight, and he utilizes unlimited shadow form, thanks to the shadow power. The fight can consist of up to five rounds, and the players must win three rounds in order to win.

Itu is also fought as an opponent in Chapter VII, Part I. The player fights him in the past to stop him from delivering the Accelerator Core prototype to Shadow. He utilizes the exact same equipment, perks, and special abilities like in the previous fights with him. Unlike before, the player only needs to win two rounds this time.



  • Itu can become invisible, as he demonstrated in Chapter I. He claims that he can do it because he is a Herald, although it is unknown if other Heralds can perform this feat as well or not.
  • Itu makes an appearance in the official trailer of Shadow Fight 3, along with June and Marcus. In the trailer, he is trying to protect the Sphere from Marcus.
  • Itu can be seen executing Kenjutsu against Marcus in the trailer.
  • Itu is mysteriously fought as "Unknown Person" in Transformation: Itu's Plane, with only his "Version 707" on Dynasty moveset.