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In Shadow Fight 1, all players had an inventory to either equip, apply, or disarm items; complete collections and even merge fragments of a weapon together to form another weapon. There were 3 categories in the Inventory:


All items earned by the player such as weapons, Seals and energy potions could be found in this section of the Inventory.


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In the game, players could earn collectibles to complete collections. Completing collections would help a player to earn gold and EXP.


After the player defeated a boss, they were given a chance to receive a fragment of that boss' weapon. If they succeeded, it would appear on the reward list and will end up in their Workshop, where they could also check how many fragments they had of a particular weapon. Players were able to merge five fragments of a weapon in the Workshop to form a complete, equip-able weapon. Weapons that could be merged included boss weapons and Klevstov.

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