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In a Safe Place is the name of main quest in Itu's Plane, the second post-game plane of Shadow Fight 3. It takes place in the mysterious temple, during the Void Room simulation.


They arrive at the simulation, and Jet comments at how weird this place is. Itu says that she is right, as this is only simulation. Jet is confused as to why Itu called her nomad girl, but they are suddenly attacked by someone. An image of an assassin to be exact, that Shadow and May used to know.

Fight Info

The enemy in this fight is an image of Assassin. He poisons the player on taking a hit. The rate of poisoning inflicted depends on the player's stability; the lower their stability, the faster the poison will deplete player's Health with each hit. There is no Shadow energy in this fight.

The fight can consist of up to three rounds, and the player must score two victories in order to win. The timer for each round is 99 seconds, and the players must defeat the strange opponent before the timer ends.

Enemy Info

  • Name: Image of Lynx
  • Fighting Style: Heralds
  • Weapon: Steel Claws
  • Armor: Arrowproof Vest
  • Helm: Vigilante Mask
  • Ranged Weapon: Heralds' Standart
  • Rule(s):
    • Venom Master (You get poisoned by every successful attack against your opponent.)
    • Shadow's Plane (There is no shadow energy in this plane.)
  • Recommended Power: 48300
  • Recommended Stability: 22950



A chance to receive just half of the damage he takes.

  • Time Bomb ICON PERK TIME BOMB.png

A chance to cause the player to lose health equal of his attack damage after 3 seconds.


Winning this fight rewards the players with experience points and 20 gems.

The amount of coins given depends on the number of:

  • Head hits dealt by the players.
  • Shadow abilities performed by the players
  • Critical hits dealt by the players.
  • First Strikes dealt by the players.
  • Maximum combo performed by the players.

2 cards (plus one bonus card) are also obtained. These cards can be either items, special moves, or perks with a rarity of Common, Rare, Epic, or Legendary.