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The relic of the Wolven tribe is this knife that was forged by a demon blacksmith. This knife only obeys to the strongest warrior.

Hand of Fire is a weapon in Shadow Fight 3. It is a relic of the Wolven tribe, which came from the Outer realms. Hand of Fire is a compact weapon specialized for close range combat, and is meant to be used to defeat the opponent quickly. Hand of Fire also has a short range, moderate speed, and moderate to high recovery.

Hand of Fire can be obtained by exchange with a Fire Token, a special type of currency that can be obtained by defeating the final event boss, or by completing level 50 of the premium battle pass.

This weapon, along with Mind of Ice and Immortal Heart introduced at the Jewels of the North event, is one of the three weapons included on the choices in the said event. The rarity of this weapon, however depends on the level of this weapon. The player can upgrade it's level with an amount of Shadow Seals. When the weapon reaches level 10, the player can upgrade its rarity with Amber Seals, untill it is maxed out to unique rarity. After upgrading rarity once, the player will have to upgrade it 10 more levels before the next rarity upgrade is possible.

  • Common rarity; Hand of Fire not have any shadow ability nor special move.
  • Rare rarity; Hand of Fire will receive Crush shadow ability.
  • Epic rarity; Hand of Fire will receive Butterfly shadow ability and Heart-to-Heart special move.
  • Unique rarity; Hand of fire will be available for purchase using Fire Seals

Attack Overview[]

Move Name Controls Base damage
Knife Stance Start of Fight
Knife Basic Attack SF3Punch, SF3Punch

5 Base damage

6 Base damage

Knife Heavy Attack Hold SF3Punch

8 Base damage


8 Base damage

Knife Spinning Attack SF3B + SF3Punch, SF3Punch

6 Base damage

5 Base damage

Knife Upper Attack SF3U + SF3Punch 6.7 Base damage
Knife Low Attack SF3D + SF3Punch 8.2 Base damage

Shadow Ability[]


Turns around and spins the knife telekinetically forwards, attacking the opponent if they come too close. The user then kicks the weapon's hilt, hurtling the knife along with a shadow energy duplicate of it into the opponent's chest, before telekinetically retracting the knife, slashing the opponent in the process.

Special Move[]

Icon Name Controls Move
ICON SUPER BIG KNIFE 1 Heart - To - Heart SF3F + SF3Punch, SF3Punch
Heart to Heart

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