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Golden Bud is a weapon in Shadow Fight 3 introduced in Chapter V. It is an Epic dadao and belongs to the Dynasty faction. Golden Bud has a high combo potential, high speed, and moderate to low range. It has 3 item slots, which can be customized with applicable Perks and Special Moves. It carries the Loop Shadow Ability. Golden Bud is the weapon used by Captain Phang, a nephew of Galen and the steersman of Master Okada's ship.

Players can buy Golden Bud from the shop for a determined amount of price. It can also be obtained as a random reward after winning any fight in Chapter V, by opening a Chest (better chests have higher chances), or by purchasing the Dynasty Booster Pack.

Other variants includes:

Attack Overview

Disclaimer: The preview below uses Dragon's Roar as the weapon. Since both Golden Bud and Dragon's Roar are Dadao, they share the exact same moveset, with the only differences being the rarity and design.

Move Name Controls
Dadao Stance Start of Fight
Dadao Slashes SF3Punch.png, SF3Punch.png, SF3Punch.png
Dadao Heavy Slashes Hold SF3Punch.png
Dadao Spinning Slashes SF3B.png + SF3Punch.png, SF3Punch.png
Dadao Upper Slashes SF3U.png + SF3Punch.png, SF3Punch.png
Dadao Low Slashes SF3D.png + SF3Punch.png, SF3Punch.png

Shadow Ability


Conjures a dragon made of shadow energy from the Dadao. The dragon loops upwards, then travels horizontally across the battlefield.

Special Move

Two special moves are available for the Golden Bud's item slots. Only one move can be equipped at a time.

Icon Name Controls Move
ICON SUPER DADAO 1.png Hawk's Feather SF3F.png + SF3Punch.png, SF3Punch.png, SF3Punch.png
Hawk's Feather.gif
ICON SUPER DADAO 2.png Accusation SF3F.png + SF3Punch.png, SF3Punch.png, SF3Punch.png


  • Dadao (大刀, roughly translates to big blade) were the war sword from China. They were made famous by the 29th Army of the Chinese Nationalist Army fighting against the Japanese invaders during the World War II period.
    • Due to their broad size, the Dadao are heavy and deliver a mean swing. Legend has it that they are so effective that heads could be cut off easily with ease, and the Japanese Imperial Army had to invent a metal collar to prevent themselves from getting beheaded in the battlefield.