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Glance of Tenebris are a pair of weapons in Shadow Fight 3 which were introduced during Champion of the Pit event. They are a Legendary War Fans and belongs to the Dynasty faction. They has 3 perk slots for Perks and one special slot for Special Move. It carries the Command Shadow Ability.

War Fans are a pair of weaponized fans used for combat. They're has quite moderate speed and range, but can be strengthened by the shadow wind so that it can drastically increase the speed and range of this weapon.

Glance of Tenebris is obtainable during the said event, available at the in-game offers for a determined price.

Attack Overview[]

Disclaimer: The preview below uses Wings of Perfection as the weapon. Since both weapons are War Fans, they share the exact same moveset.

Move Name Controls Base damage
War Fans Opening Stance Start of Fight
War Fans Slashes SF3Punch, SF3Punch, SF3Punch 1.5 Base damage
3 Base damage
2.5 Base damage
War Fan Heavy Slash Hold SF3Punch 8 Base damage
War Fans Spinning Slashes SF3B + SF3Punch 1 Base damage
4 Base damage
5 Base damage
6 Base damage
War Fans Upper Slashes SF3U + SF3Punch 4 Base damage
7 Base damage
5 Base damage
5 Base damage
5 Base damage
War Fans Low Slash SF3D + SF3Punch 4.5 Base damage
4.5 Base damage
War Fans Victory Pose After win

Shadow Ability[]

  • Command SHADOW FANS

The user teleports while flicking the fan, commanding the shadow wind to lift the opponent in a wind vortex, then slamming them to the ground.

Special Move[]

Icon Name Controls Move
Insult SF3F + SF3Punch Insult

Weapon Ability[]

  • Forged in the Underworld

Successful attacks increases the weapon attack damage by 1% (up to 50% damage increase) based on your combo counter. The damage bonus will go away if the combo is interrupted or after 1.5 seconds. The icon stack shows the current number of the bonus combos.


  • From the name as well as the appearance of this weapon, the Glance of Tenerbis may be related to Tenebris, the final raid boss of Tier 3 and the creator of the Eternals from Underworld in Shadow Fight 2.

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