Ghost is the fourth bodyguard of Lynx in Shadow Fight 2. He is a mysterious, quiet figure, who has learnt a lot from his last experiences and seems to know more about Lynx than anyone else in the order but Lynx himself.

When approached by Shadow, Ghost claims that he defeated Lynx easily when he met him. He removed Lynx's mask, and saw only a dummy. Then, the real Lynx dug his claws into the back of his neck. Ghost claims to have "served him ever since".

Ghost wields a Ninja Sword. He is clothed in black robes, and only his eyes are visible. He is the bodyguard in The Order who resembles Lynx the most. Ghost is fought first in Act I and again in the Interlude.

Quotes Edit

  • I beat Lynx easily the first time I fought him. However, when I removed his mask I saw only a dummy. - Ghost tells his story
  • Then I felt his claws digging into the back of my neck. I have served him ever since. - Ghost challenges the player
  • My defeat only serves to strengthen Lynx. With each battle he learns more of your moves, your skill, and thus, how to defeat you. - Ghost defeated

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Trivia Edit

  • Ghost is one of the only bodyguards who wields a gem weapon, the others being Cleaver who wields the Big Swords, and all Titan's bodyguards (except Guru) who wields various gem weapons.
  • He has been renamed 2 times.